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decent, but wish I had visited after more rain and falls were heavier.

It’s surpassing to see that there was an incline in this trail based on the metrics but it’s there. This trail is an old road so it is paved to a degree although Mother Nature is working on taking back the area. When we went through the leaves were still falling and the pavement was a bit slippery in places. Overall, a scenic walk with some historical signs to read along the way.

The falls are absolutely beautiful!

on Raven Run Red Trail

1 month ago

Great go to trail-does get pretty wet when it rains, but it is easy and well marked- I never feel uncomfortable hiking it alone.

Hiked the trail today after 2+ “ of rain yesterday! The falls were fantastic!! We stayed probably 45 minutes taking pics and just enjoying the fall!! Great easy hike to go. Loved it!!

Part of the trail is out so you have to walk on the street for a bit. Most of the trail is well maintained. Only thing that makes it moderate is a couple hills. Beautiful view of the falls at the end of the tral. Well worth the hike.

We live in Lexington, this is our quick go to trail. We love it!

1 month ago

An easy trail with a history. Locals should do it at least once.

I was slightly disappointed in the trail. That could be because I am not entirely sure what qualifies as a 'moderate' trail in difficulty. The trail was rocky, meaning small to medium rocks everywhere making it rough to walk. Part of the trail is closed so there is no loop. You get to the falls and must turn around.

1 month ago

Went out there today, loved it. The scenery was great, the trails were great, and it was just overall a great experience.

Went early this October morning. Saw lots of deer and pretty views. Good hike.

Great long trail. You really need trekking poles to balance narrow muddy trail

2 months ago

Consistently one of my favorites. Variety in terrain and several nice viewpoints. Not overly difficult with plenty of spots to stop for a rest.

This was a great trail. The uphill slope was a great workout and the falls at the end were beautiful. I think it is worth mentioning the mileage is slightly off as part of the trail is closed off and you must follow a trail detour down the road a ways.

Went again awesome trail. Would love to go back when its changed more to fall colors.

2 months ago

Easy paved trail with some nice historic bridges and a creek running alongside it.

Great little trail, the scenery I loved!!

Go in the evening to catch some deer down in the springs!

The trail did not run beside the creak, about 10” from the trail there was a rusty old barb wired fence, and the waterfall at best was 2’! We would not do this trail again!

2 months ago

This is a great paved walk to do with little ones. It is suitable for strollers. There are leaves on the ground and some sticks, so a jogging stroller is best so the ride would be smooth. A nice stream follows most of the path and you cross it on three old bridges. The pathway dead ends at a gate into Fort Knox. Going out is a very slightly uphill most of the way, but it's all slightly downhill going back to your car.

Great little hike. The falls at the end depend on how much it rains.

Very cool short hike

We had a good time with our 8, 5 and 3 year old. Probably will do it again soon.

Good for trail running just watch out for bikers. Entrance is 0.7 miles from the gate on the left.

3 months ago

Wish I had my water shoes only complaint, water was high crossing streams. Fun trail perfect tranquil time in woods!!!

Not bad for a paved path. Probably a better hike in the spring when it’s wet season and more flowers are in bloom and the water is flowing better in the creek.

This trail was awesome! We took the white trails that branched off the red which i highly recommend and added over a mile to our total. The white trails have the really great parts! The creek was great! There were butterflies everywhere that landed on us! We saw several deer that had no fear of us at all! This is a beautiful, peaceful place.

The trail was stunning. Trees as far as the eye can see, and occasional little ponds made for a peaceful and beautiful adventure. The trails themselves were clean, and clearly marked, making it easy to navigate. I truly wish I had known about this hiking trail while I still lived in Georgetown.

However, there are a few things I wish o had known going into the hike so I could have been better prepared. First, you have to park next to a church, a ways from the trail head. To get to the trail head, you have to walk along a narrow paved road for some time, and pass conflicting signs: one claiming to be private property and the other claiming to be the trail. The trail head is past the private property sign, and once on the trail it is easier to navigate.

Also, because of the nature that is around this area, ticks are a huge problem. I was wearing tall socks and long pants, and I still had ticks everywhere on my legs. Be sure to use some type of tick repellant and check closely for ticks as soon as you arrive home.

4 months ago

We do this trail frequently when we have a short amount of time to be in the area. The kids love seeing the springs in different seasons and it’s a nice, easy walk on well maintained trails.

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