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6 days ago

Beautiful hike. I didn’t see another hiker but I did it in Aug and it was 105 degrees. Pretty easy until you get to the end of the 4 wheeler trail and then it is a moderate climb until the last 1/4 mike to the saddle which is steep. Fun hike.

This is my second trip to the preserve this summer. Love the fact that there is shade everywhere courtesy of the many cottonwood, mesquite and willow trees that envelope you as you walk. The preserve contains several short trails that intersect and loop around. All are easy and well marked except for the Lyke's Lookout trail, which is moderate and takes you an elevation that overlooks the entire area. There were 2 problems with that trail. First, it is not marked and difficult to find the entrance. I was unable to find it, but fortunately a volunteer there steered me to the entrance. The second problem was that the plank crossing the river (more of a creek, actually) was washed away by recent monsoons and will not be replaced until monsoon season is over. So shoes got muddy getting to Lyke's Lookout. The place is surely serene, but did not see any wildlife although plenty of different bird calls were heard along the way.

10 days ago

My dog Bruce and I had a great time!! If you start just before sunrise you’ll get a really great view of all of north Phoenix by the time you reach the top!

14 days ago

This is a good one to do at night during the summer. Trail is wide and clear enough you don't need a flashlight. For the extra workout go all the way down the south side of mountain to 15th Ave. then climb back up!

Great running trail. Plenty of moderate ups and downs to get good workout. I've been using this trail, among others in the area, for 35 years.

The only drawback to the peaks of North Mountain Park are the towers and clusters of communication apparatus. Lots and lots of people on these trails.

29 days ago

Awesome workout

Was a little skeptical at first because of the footing, but you get used to it. Great workout and view of the city is nice also

1 month ago

Absolutely loved it!!!

mountain biking
2 months ago

Amazing trails biking with the wife

great trail with a dog, nice hike

Great with my dog for the 308 path

A fun little in town hike.

I hesitate to call this trail "easy," because my mother with knee issues would definitely struggle at certain parts of the trail. It's not difficult, however. It's much flatter than the summit trail, but is a longer distance. The difficulty is going to depend on which path you take at various points. If you take the lowest path, it's much easier. I think it took me about 45 minutes and this was my first time. It's very easy to get lost, but all the trails bleed back into each other eventually. You can go pretty far without seeing a 308 sign, but they pop back up eventually. One thing I did appreciate is that there is WAY less loose rock on the circumference trail than summit. You can also shortcut to summit at least 3-4 different points on the circumference.

I would rate this trail as "hard" instead of moderate. There was no clear path, just open land with tons of crossing "trails", and no signage. If you do find the trail that leads you up the mountain, its quite narrow and also have to do a bit of climbing over big rocks to get there. when I got back to the bottom, there was a lot of overgrowth and I couldn't see the lot where I parked so I got a little lost. Beware! I feel like this is a trail better suited for atvs or dirt bikes.

3 months ago

Saw 3 wild burros about a quarter mile from the start! Spot #9 on the map is where we started and it was $7 per vehicle to get into the park. Lots of cactus, but nice weather.

My four and a half year old and I did this trail together. Very rocky, make sure you have good shoes. No shade, so wear hats and sunscreen. Good trail!

Friday evening, sunset hike just on the outskirts of town. Had the trail to ourselves the whole hike, has lots of turns and inclines. Hung out at the top a while taking in the view of the canals and the farm's green grass and water reserves. Was really windy which was nice.

Compared to some of the other hikes in the Valley, the signage and trail markings were a bit more difficult to follow. I was very glad to be using AllTrails for additional direction. The view at the top was fine, but surrounded by cellphone towers and power lines. A definite stopping point would be the old restaurant that burned down - great views of the city and surrounding areas and neat to see the old structure. We went clockwise and it seemed counterclockwise would have been easier for the incline, but a good workout overall!

3 months ago

one of my favorite trails. the first mile and a quarter or so is in a wash then up a jeep trail. if you have a good 4x4 you could bypass this part. the actual climb starts easier and then gets continually steeper all the way to the saddle. from the saddle on up it gets delightfully rough, many parts are hand and feet climbing. be careful near the top there are two routes. today I tried the less exposed one and it was a class 5 climb for a short section, view from the top is worth it though.

Actually burros visited.

very nice this morning. nice cool

Awesome trail. Great view of the lake.

I like this trail. great incline first 2 miles and then descending last 2 miles. Get out there early. it starts to get crowded.

Brisk 20 minute ascent to the summit. Nice view and minimal foot traffic

4 months ago

Great desert hike with elevation. Cactus flowers are in bloom. Beautiful view at the top!

4 months ago

Gorgeous hike through canyons and along the lake ending with quite a view of Lake Pleasant. We finished the trail with an eight-year-old and a four-year-old and it wore them out. Highly recommended.

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