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Beautiful day on the hiking trails - Started on the No Dogs trail cut over to Ticketron to Fence Line to Slow and Easy to El Moro Canyon — 3.5 hours. Elevation climbed to ~1000ft., plenty of elevation variations but ending at El Moro trail is best because legs start to get tired. Definitely quieter on the Eastern side of the trails which is perfect! No snakes, whew! The $15 fee was a surprise but honestly it’s a very fair price to enjoy the hike and view.

1 day ago

Make sure you go LEFT at the forkbat 1.25 miles in. you can either go left and go DOWN or go right and go UP. To the right looks more offcial because its the Sullivan Fire Road but it will not take you to Murphy Ranch. It will actually take you to a boy scount camp (dead-end) and mountain biking trails, NOT Murphy Ranch. I will be going back to try this again :-)

I love this trail on my bike man it’s so beautiful and you can get some amazing speed

1 day ago

Thoroughly enjoyed this hike! We arrived around 7:50am, which was perfect for parking. The scenery was incredible and there were a couple of challenging moments but overall pretty easy and chill. To be honest, we were a bit confused at certain forks in the trail, but that’s just because it was our first time. Will definitely return!

Fun short trail ideal for kids, supervised of course due to rattle snakes and holes on the trail. The trail starts on the east side (right side) of the museum building. The first mile is a dirt trail that passes various historical and operational oil derrick pumps, and the second mile is a paved access road and regular sidewalks. It’s nicer to turn around half way (at the Olinda Trail sign) than to take the loop.

There are 15 markers on the trail that reference information in the trail guide, sometimes available in the white boxes at the trail head (parking lot) or at marker 15 (where the Olinda Trail meets Santa Fe sidewalk at Carbon Canyon Road).

Museum parking is free, with posted trail hours daily 9 AM to 4 PM.

trail running
2 days ago

Great moderate hike, lots of scenic overlooks and some small monuments to enjoy and rest at.

The was a beautiful hike. I loved being able to enjoy both the mountains and the water, the view was gorgeous the entire hike! Bonus-looking at the ruins of the old mansion that was burned down during fires and a small waterfall. We saw a lovely group of deer up on the mountains which was a pleasant surprise! Will definitely go back again! Moderate Hike with some steady inclines (we did the loop).

Very beautiful and scenic trail in Malibu. Parking is really hard to find in the designated trail parking area. However, you can find “precarious parking” just 2-3 minutes from the trail entrance. If you want to park “precariously”, don’t enter the road that leads to the initial parking. Continue going up on the road you entered from the Pacific Coast Highway. Other than parking, this is a beautiful and relaxing hike. Not intense at all. The Rising Sun trail does have a pretty steep incline, but definitely doable.

Take the alternative loop back instead of simply turning around at the waterfall. It’s a challenge but you WON’T regret it! The views are incredible. Be on the lookout as this is a natural reserve and rattlesnakes (as well as others) reside here.

awesome brings me back to my love days

5 days ago

One of my favorite hikes I’ve ever been on! Of course I love graffiti and abandoned places full of mystery so... with a nice mix of beautiful nature that’s not too overcrowded when you go off the main paths! Can’t wait to come back

Beautiful and relaxing. It’s definitely an easy hike. Great for kids and dog friendly. Saw a couple of quails running on the trail for a while. So close to Malibu Seafood for after hike lunch.

Great trail with lovely views. Enjoyed the scenic markers and history lesson along the way

8 days ago

Great, well maintained trails. The difficult trail is more, IMO, moderate. We find counter clockwise more strenuous then clockwise on this trail. Clockwise ends with a wonderful view of the ocean on your way down. Watch for snakes, look well ahead of you. We had one pass about 4 yards ahead of us.

the trail down to the waterfall has a lot of shade but coming back is a lot of uphill also we got within 75 yards of the hermit Falls and the last part of the trail is almost too difficult none of us wanted to go up it but next week we're going to do Sturtevant Falls it's worth the trip

beautiful trail, short and sweet. Good quick workout.

Really nice trail. Enjoyed the morning with a good view of the city.

This is a 4.75 mile hike, not a 3.45 mile hike. When getting there you need to park up the street DO NOT continue down the narrow road to to left. The map on this hike is different. We followed to road until we saw spray paint on the road that said “Murphy’s Ranch” pointing to the left. Followed that half a mile to a “Y” in the road, we went to the right, which loops around to the left path we didn’t take. Great hike! Will be back now that we know where to go!

Super amazing hike for the little ones.. talk about exploration and not having to worry about them falling off an edge.. this hike was meant for the little ones with it being 95% flat grounds, having a cool climbing tree by the lake full of koi fish and turtles; accompanied by some ducks and a slightly larger lake with cool swamp growth to look at. Oh not to mention your surrounded by the lush green hills in my favorite place in la.
Fun fact: the Andy Griffith show was filmed here ;)

mountain biking
17 days ago

This trail should not be listed for mountain biking, or at least rated as a black diamond for biking (definitely not a blue). There is a sign that says no mountain biking along the trail as well, and the entry to the Hogback trail is essentially unmarked and is not maintained. I had to go off trail to avoid the no MTB section and missed the Hogback trail entry twice.

17 days ago

Very flat and highly trafficked.. lots of dogs, bikers, runners etc. We even came across a stray cat, which the dog-friend didn't quite like. A lot of the trail butts up against people's back yard. We hopped on the trail and just did a quick down/back for a few miles.

Nice loop for beginning hikers. Lots of shade and some nice scenery. Can be combined with Mt. Zion Loop or even with hike to summit of Mt. Wilson. Lots of options.

nature trips
22 days ago

I missed it every day.

22 days ago

parking is no good. nice medium trail

Nice view...

Beautiful! Perfect hike for kids, waterfall and old mansion at the end are great motivation for little hikers!

boy we found a shortcut that has a lot of overgrowth but it's very steep and it cuts off almost a mile of the trip to mount Hollywood Peak

Rattlesnake in the grass on easy street. Narrow trail gets you close to their territory. Nice views. Pretty intense climb for “easy trail”. Enjoyed it.

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