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7 hours ago

Very lovely and easy paved 3/4 mile walkway directly to the falls. The pathway is filled with beautiful plants and flowers and the falls, although small, is refreshing, and a beautiful vibrant blue color. As many mentioned there is a $16 charge, but nonetheless, I would suggest this to anyone looking for some leisurely fun.

19 hours ago

Took the dogs on this hike one evening and started with the upper portion. It was gorgeous and shaded, not to strenuous, and easily traveled. The tunnels were unique, we didn't go past the third tunnel as daylight was fading but plan to go back. As for the lower section of the trail, it is poorly maintained and muddy. It probably didn't help that it was getting dark but once we got to the stream we weren't sure if we needed to cross or go along the side. GO ALONG THE SIDE! Obviously if it had rained recently we probably wouldn't have had a choice but that was the most difficult section to navigate. Definitely just stick to the upper portion if you're looking for a cleared path.

We will definitely be going back though.

2 days ago

beautiful hike, so worth the view at the top. easy going and people are friendly.

waterfall a bit overrated. not worth paying almost 16 bucks.lol. nice family walk

Loved this quick little shaded trail! Perfect for the dogs, just a little bit of mud. Really make sure you go clockwise to get the best view. Took us about 2 hours to complete.

I'd also park at the beach and walk up. The parking isn't designated and you don't want to park in someone's yard or something on accident.

Have to find someplace to park about 1/2 to a mile down the road. Not very many people go so it's not too hard. Pavement walk after you get around fence and then just one decline down with ropes to help to get you to waterfall.... worth the risk and just an easy walk

2 days ago

Took a 6 and 9 year old on the upper waimano trail. We found the 3 tunnels that others had mentioned in their reviews. We followed the trail through the third tunnel instead of turning for the loop and found 2 more tunnels (the last was flooded and had a bunch of still water - lots of mosquitoes). The trail was beautiful and would actually be a good running trail. Overall, we had a lot of fun!

2 days ago

A nice, easy trail. I recommend bug spray.

unless you plan on doing the stairway, the trail kind of ends lackluster. Be prepared for lots of mud after a mile and a half. Good hike though. Fresh air.

Many homeless, although I had no issues with my kids.

4 days ago

Great for Beginners and people looking for a nice trail for fellowship.

Lots of mud and shade. Will be back to look for the Plane Wreckage.

8 days ago

Great hike, with beautiful views! Short and to the point. Try to start the hike prior to 9 am and you won’t be cooked out by the sun. Easy to get to and there is parking. Easy to miss the trail when driving it’s located about 9 light poles from the last intersection you turn on. Enjoy!

9 days ago

Great walk with younger kids with great views of the ocean. Watch for overnight rain as the back portions can get muddy.

Great hike! A little muddy in certain spots but good steady incline and loop.

Beautiful walk! Plus it has some really interesting history. My dogs loved it. There's a section on the trail that is difficult to find once you get past the industrial stuff and close to housing if you started at the USS Utah but other than that great historical walk or running loop.

12 days ago

super easy and fun. my 3 year old did it with no problems!!!!!

14 days ago

This is the same as the Ehukai pillbox trail. Do not go when it has been raining. There are several areas of mostly incline with tons of super slippery mud. It’s a blast. Lots of people go barefoot.
While this trail is marked as easy I hope this little warning is heeded by anyone who isn’t confident in their skills, I am overweight and out of shape and this was a big challenge for me. There are portions of all steps leading upwards. There was a rope near some more of the rough areas but the rope wasn’t that sturdy. The payoff was amazing. I cannot stress enough how worth it the view and experience as a whole was. Though I wish I had known how challenging it would be from the beginning. I wouldn’t have made it down without my friends. And of course this is just my personal (overweight and out of shape) experience!
There were people of all ages, shapes, and sizes on our way up!

15 days ago

Short and sweet! Worth it for the views. Fast climb, but easy with breaks.

Short, easy and quick trail. For the next time I will just go to upper trail, with views and caves and will skip the lower trail, what is very muddy and has a lot of mosquitoes.

17 days ago

Love this hike!

Short, easy, with a lot of mosquitoes and homeless people.
Will not go again.

Took my son today and it was a very nice day with some wind. Easy and family friendly. I wish there was signs to better explain routes because paths go several different ways and some are dead ends.

I'm sitting at the top of Lahilahi as I write this. It is short but sweet. Easy, but not kid friendly. I come up here to chill and write and fly my drone.

18 days ago

We went before sunset. It’s a quick steep climb, you will be out of breath even if you are in shape, but you shouldn’t need to stop much. There are around 5 bunkers at the top! All super beautiful and great photo opportunities. Full views of the west side. There were maybe 5 other people on each bunker. Super dry climb with a few loose rocks, so be careful to not slip. I semi- rolled my ankle on a turn going down but was fine.

nature trips
19 days ago

Beautiful nature walk through to Waimea Falls. Falls are a little over rated. I’ve seen much bigger and beautiful falls in my hometown in Australia, however the walk was peaceful and tranquil. We arrived at 9am, and it took about 1.25 hrs, slow relaxed pace. We didn’t swim in the falls, didnt feel the need to. I would recommend arriving before 9:30 though as when we were heading back, the amounts of people that were on their way to the falls were growing rapidly.

21 days ago

Decided to hike for the first sunset of the new year... So did lots of other people -locals and tourists, young and old, human and dogs. I imagine it isn't this busy on any other sunset or sunrise hike, but because people tend to start the year off excited with hope and promise of what the year will bring... And trying to fulfill resolutions of health and activity.

The beginning was much steeper then I anticipated, but leveled out after 5-10 minutes. Took about 25 minutes to reach the pillboxes. In total it was about an hour round trip with all of the people and descending in the dark.

Gorgeous 360 views from the top. Complete ocean and valley and ridge views. Unobstructed from the top.

I would definitely do this again, but I would never recommend hiking at times other than the morning or near sunset. The trail is completely exposed and on the mountain side with no shade. Because of the heat and dry conditions of the leeward side, it would be too much for your beginning hiker or someone who is under prepared.

Beautiful from the top. Saw small children and a woman in her 80’s, many rocks to step up on and through so I was impressed to see people of all ages making the trek. Out past the pillbox that is after the pink pillbox you can walk along the top ridge with drop offs on both sides, if you are afraid of heights don’t do it! I had to bear crawl back....but was fun!!!

22 days ago

Beautiful views of the West Side of Oahu. Went with a group of folks with varied activity levels and took us awhile to get to the top. Path was somewhat overgrown and steep so be careful!

23 days ago

Fairly easy. Natural “stairs” most of the way up. Gorgeous view at the top. Saw all ages going up and down but would be apprehensive taking a child under 4.

24 days ago

Great spot for a sunset hike.

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