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12 days ago

Decent walk.. Wouldn’t say I thought it was fantastic. Views were ok. There are better walks close by. We went in January and trail was quite Treacherous.

The trail North of fifth concession is fantastic. Great place to hike.

Beautiful and well maintained trail with clear signs.

Love this trail

Parts of this trail are very interesting but it is almost all paved and there is too much time walking on roadways. The trail was closed in a couple places forcing us back onto roads. Probably a good route to bike.

trail running
1 month ago

Great trail for running a few hills and moderately challenging.

2 months ago

Great area for a long or short hike, there are different loops from a 45 min loop, to several hour loops.

trail running
3 months ago

Nice trail. Good for a lil jog and to take pics in the morning. I went during a week day about 8 am. Sketchy characters and homeless in couple parts of the trail. Reassuring to see other runners and walkers on the trail considering I’m from out of province. Goes through couple schools as well.

4 months ago

Thoroughly enjoyed getting right into nature on this hike. The path is narrow and for the most art, not maintained. In some areas the path was clear and there were boardwalks for short distances. The scenery was awesome! Fields of flowers, tall trees, babbling river — worth coming here for a nature trip! Wear comfortable shoes as the terrain varies quite a bit. And yes, there are a lot of red ants so comfortable shoes AND socks is a good idea. I’ll definitely be back to explore more!

on Seaton Hiking Trail

4 months ago

hike this trail every day ....best trail in this area

it could be a nicer place. IF dog owners would pick up after there dogs more often
also the portable washrooms are in horrible condition. they are not attended too as often as they should be.
also I really wish "DOG WALKERS" would not bring 5 PLUS BIG DOGS in the SMALL DOG off leash area as small dogs have gotten hurt

5 months ago

Went yesterday for a walk with my pup and the trails were covered in red aunts, I’ve never seen so many.

Trail head in Locust Hill is infested with Red Ants. We had to get our dog into the river to get them off, ran back to the car after and still had to pick about 15 off of her. We must of disturbed them on the way in because they were everywhere on the way out.
The trail seemed really overgrown this time. We havent been in a couple years.

5 months ago

I made my own South Side Loop and it was great! A lot of variety from smooth paths to rock scrambling! There's even a river crossing! Rough, Rocky, Slopey, Bushy. Wear long pants! There might be a beaver in the area. Pack atleast 1.5L water, Sandwich, 2-3 Cereal bars.

mountain biking
5 months ago

good trail as fun for biking

I love it

5 months ago

Good for group hiking. Easy to get lost

Great spot for a quick hike. Was great to get away from the every day hussle and enjoy nature. While I wouldn't really say this is a moderate hike, I think it's more on the easy side, but over all great spot. By the way we did see some dogs off leash, yeah not that great but most of the owners quickly called their dogs back and held them until we past.

Enjoy the outdoors!!

Nice scenic trail along the river. No signs around. Got lost a few times.

6 months ago

Was there recently and the trail was seriously overgrown and there is Giant Hogweed around the northern part of the trail. Construction under the 407 also makes it difficult to access. We did however see a beaver.

Not all tax-payers are dog owners and publicly-funded trails should reflect this.

6 months ago

Two words: Dog Spray.

More of biking trail than hiking but it was okay.

A paved trail that takes you through wooded areas. Spent only an hour walking and came across a couple deer, a beaver, many bunnies and the tiniest squirrel I have ever seen (no, not a chipmunk). Several benches along the trail to take scenic breaks. There are fire pits and BBQs as well as a splash pad and jungle gym near the main parking lot. I have lived very close to this trail for 2 years and had no idea this place was here until the app pointed it out.

Our family visits with our teacup pupps weekly enjoying the off leash section and leashed section. we have never had an issue. but for those non dog lovers i can see there being an issue and really should not come as you have to see our dogs in the off leash section before you even get to your walk. I reccomend you coming and enjoying this beautiful place for yourself and you decide if this is the right walking area for you. Also with all the walking areas that we have that are leashed i believe we dog lovers deserve and area as well. and this one has done my family quite will. our children love this place and have never had a problem.

7 months ago

The first km of this trail was a trail, dirt/ground. The next km was a bike path, so asphalt. I only went 2km and then turned back (short evening walk). The scenery was very nice, overlooking the lake, passing by a beach. I just wish that it had been all trail.

Don’t recommend this trail due to all the irresponsible dog owners and dog walkers allowing the animals to run free despite signage clearly indicating they must be leashed. You are forced to be in close proximity to these dogs due to the narrow trails and I was attacked twice by uncontrolled dogs during one hike. Very dangerous environment for young kids, the elderly, the infirm, or anyone unable to defend themselves from these dogs. No evidence of any enforcement. Will not go back.

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