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17 hours ago

Fairly easy hike, was able to do this with my 4 year old daughter and wife no problem. Tons of folks out there on Sunday 1/13/19. not a quiet hike, but enough space on the trail for everyone. Hardest parts are just crossing streams here and there on the way to and from the waterfall, very doable for all ages and dogs are allowed too !

Great Sunday Hike enjoyed it for sure doing this hike again.

4 days ago

Beautiful views with waterfall!

Está chingon para ir de hiking

6 days ago

great hike, VERY crowded. went on a thursday, a less busier day but still saw a lot of people on the trail. parking wasn’t difficult, they have a lot as well as an overflow lot. half of the hike is relatively easy on a paved road. take a left when you come across both forks. the second half of the hike (after you get under the bridge) get significantly prettier and shadier. you cross the stream a few times before the waterfall. the water flow was good. too much graffiti but honestly not a lot of trash. makes a great skill level for beginners.

Easy hike, mostly flat with little climbing involved. My Fitbit measured it to be 11.3 miles in total. You’ll definitely get wet when crossing the River a few times, so bring water shoes or a change of shoes/socks. Water was up to my ankles in early Jan. Took us about 5 hours in total.

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon afyer a winter rain, and would be even more lovely on a quieter day during the week. just the right amount of stream and boulder hopping for a fitst day back after the holidays.

This trail was so much fun and it has some amazing views! As a first timer, i give it a 5 star. For a Saturday morning, it wasn’t packed. If you’re looking for a moderate workout or just a spot to enjoy a nice walk, this is definitely the place. It’s super chill, has some steep hills as well as some the regular cool walk trails. Our dogs loved it! & there’s also a little gated dog park across the street for when you’re done with the “workout” the dogs can run around safely and play.

12 days ago

Cute little waterfall at the end of the hike. Pretty easy terrain to hike on, especially with a dog.

Great trail and very remote. will definitely come back and use it as a jumping off point for ascending the upper peaks on the front range.

13 days ago

Relatively easy, but pretty long. There are lots of nice spots along the trail. Especially near the river. Free parking but it is very limited. Dogs can be on the trail but the juerros complain if you let them off, no matter how well trained/behaved your dog is.

it was one heck of an adventure.
from beginning to end, crossing the stream and climbing over rocks. definitely not for beginners as I heard a lot of people complain lol and short of breath.

Beautiful trail and so many birds to watch on the way. There’s also a cool little koi pond about 800 feet from the start. Great incline and jaw-dropping views.

14 days ago

nice and easy local trail

I am visiting from the east coast and decided to give this hike a try. Pretty solid overall and the many stream crossings kept it interesting. I completed it in just under 4 hours with a short break at the bridge for pics. It is difficult to follow the trail at times but rather easy to get back on point. The trail notes in AllTrails were very helpful.

My garmin had it at 10.24 miles.

One oddity is the number of homeless that seem to make the trail home. There appears to be a rather large camp close to the beginning and then I saw a couple more along the way, including upon my return own actually had a fire going. It just seems like there is lots that could go wrong and I am not sure why the rangers allow it.

4 stars for a great hike but the homeless and lack of trail markers keep it from a 5 for me.


A great way to start the new year

I live near here and come here weekly for exercise. It’s worth going to the top of the ridge line for some of the best views in the west hills. It’s never been crowded when I’ve gone. Early mornings are best to see the sunrise over the valley.

15 days ago

I turned this hike into an 8 mile adventure by doing the loop around Rocky Peak. You will see in the map that there is a loop at the top. I hiked clockwise, and it was very enjoyable. I was the only one on most of the trail. A very easy 8 miles except for the last half mile of the loop back up to Rocky Peak turnoff. That was very steep. I climbed up it. I think going down would have been just as hard, but I have bad knees. It was a good hike.

Great trail to take with kids, especially for a first time hike. It’s pretty heavily trafficked, so you may be annoyed if you like quiet hikes.

It’s very good app for hiking I love when I go to live a experience knowing the way and the beautiful panoramas

The lake is a pleasant area once you get to the top. For the nature of the hike, it was fairly good but there is a lot of litter along the way. The views of Downtown LA is the best part of the hike, I went at sunset which left me overall pleased with this hike.

17 days ago

We had fun did a little over 4 miles round trip. Got pretty close to the falls but became tough for my wife at 30 weeks pregnant.

love this trail..

18 days ago

This was my first time hiking in the Simi Valley Rocky Peak area. I really enjoyed it. Instead of simply doing an out and back to the peak, I did the loop at the top - continue north on Rocky Peak Trail to the next fire road, then back down to a fire road cut off to the right (at the big tree stay to the right.) This additional loop turned a short 4.6 mile into a nice 8 mile hike. I was alone throughout most of the loop. Cool rock formations, peaceful surroundings, great hike.

18 days ago

Easy trail. I did not care for the amount of people and the dog deposits on the trail. It was good for a quick outing.

super easy hike. very very over crowded, especially during the summer. your lucky if there is even water falling from the falls. the trail is easy, its always busy so u just follow the crowd as u go.

Love this hike! Our 14 lb dog did great, nothing too steep or rocky for him. But still a nice challenge. Beautiful views of the entire valley, downtown and the Pacific Ocean :)

A beautiful long hike, with some good photography opportunities.

We parked at Hummingbird Trail head, and did a slight variation after Chumash. Instead of going on the road, we took a minor trail starting at the base of Chumash.

As others have said, bring water.

this is a random trail behind a shopping center. u walk about 20 mins down a trail. when u approach the cave u will then climb a heavy duty hill to the entrance of the cave. to get into the cave u will climb up the face of the cave about I would say 18ft, maybe more. when u get in it's very small. there is a very dark room to the left that has lots of bats (dont shine lights in there) unless u want to stir them up. to get out u have to go up and over the boulder to the right, then out and pretty much around the outside of the cave and down. there are some sketchy parks if ur afraid of cliffs/heights but over all it's beautiful.

Did it from the neighborhood side. short hike from there.

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