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This is not only the most amazing place in Zion, but it’s one of the most amazing places/hikes in the country. The Narrows isn’t something you need to do in Zion, it’s a MUST if you visit there. Clear your day and make this an all day adventure! Find yourself by loosing yourself in the Narrows! Zen magic.

love love it! must do when your in Zion.

Loved this hike and would definately do it again!

Quick loop with about 1500ft of vertical of climbing. Currently the trail is 90% dry. Little mud towards the top.

10 days ago

Steep and quick. Nice little workout in under and hour. Decent payoff for the amount of work

Solid workout, great views!

Great hike, you can reach the top within an hour or so and hop back down. Trail was dry.

There's actually a looping trail here, but many people took the direct route to the elephant rock. I recommend the loop, as there is plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy.

You can use you Chest High Fly fishing Waders up to Wall Street. I didn't go past Wall Street. I don't know if there were any boulders to scramble over up to bug springs.

One of the best hikes of my life! More strenuous than I thought it would be because the current was stronger than I anticipated. Incredibly beautiful though. Must do!

25 days ago

I wouldn’t really call this a hiking trail. It’s a small short walk along the side of the main road right on the east entrance of the park. The rock formation is pretty neat though.

awesome hike, go in the morning to beat the crowd!

29 days ago

short hike with nice rock formation

Beautiful. And is closer to easy than moderate. Plenty of change but plenty flat

1 month ago

Have not been yet but if you are going to give a rating take the time to leave a sentence or 2 than just giving it a 1-3 stars

1 month ago

We walked the loop at this stop and enjoyed all of the amazing formations.

Went in early March. Saw maybe 20 people tops making this an incredible and peaceful hike. The water got waist deep at times. We rented our gear from Zion Adventures - full body, camera bags, and stick. Glad we did. The stick definitely helped balance us out. Overall moderate hike. Unlike any hike I’d ever done before.

So beautiful and very hard on my thighs and coordination! I fell in at one point (I’m not very experienced) but it was all worth it for the once in a lifetime views and experience.

I have done this Mystic Falls loop three different times of the summer. Mid-to-late June is the best b/c the snow melt is awesome; the water is roaring; and there are small waterfalls that are very nice that are gone by mid-July and thereafter. Every time I go back to YNP, this hike is a Must. A repeat.

this is actually one of my least favorite areas of the park. However if you cross the street from the parking area and go up the hill there's lots of fun rocks to scramble over and a pretty view of Lake Mead

Great hike with amazing views of the Valley. Great workout and worth making it all the way to the top.

2 months ago

Love this hike. It's very rewarding, steep and strenuous. Great workout! There was hardly any snow last week amd we didn't use spikes.

2 months ago

The headlamp hike to Jacks Mt last weekend was good. I love the tributes at the summit. Heart warming stuff. I decided to proceed to the to the ridge line behind to the east. WORST MILE EVER. I ran out of deer trails altogether and found out that rocks are hard and shins are softer. My own mistake. Socked in at the top so no payoff. I'll turn around after summiting Jacks next time.

2 months ago

pretty decent hike to make you lose your breath and keep you winded, but in the end it's an amazing hike.

Awesome way to experience Zion. Practically empty in January and the $45 package from Zion outfitters kept us dry and comfortable for the whole trip!

3 months ago

Pretty muddy this time of year, including icy patches. I did wear my MicroSpikes for better grip. It's worth the climb to the top, especially to watch a storm front roll in. This valley is even more amazing from above! The Buddha shrine and mail boxes at the top make it even more entertaining.

Nice walk! Go further up for nice view

3 months ago

Great hike. Short but strenuous. Awesome cardio on a time crunch.

One of the coolest hikes I've ever been on. My cousin and I had the whole trail and Geyser to ourselves after the falls as it started raining and scared everyone away. It was creepy not seeing humans for so long alone with the geyser and the beautiful geothermal creek leading up to it. Will never forget this one

Renting the hiking package is about 40-50 bucks depending on where you decide to gear up.

The shops are adept at explaining everything you need to know and will provide you with gear adequate for the season. Hiking in mid November at minimum meant the shoes, neoprene socks , dry pants and hiking stick.

The dry pants will allow you to hike up to about 3 miles in. After that you will need a wet suit to accommodate the water going up to your neck. But 3 miles is plenty enough to explore the best places in the canyon. Wall Street, the main attraction at about 1.5 miles will provide you with all your instagram needs. Be aware that a permit is required to go past 5 miles.

The shade of the canyon walls and the water makes this hike chilly. Layer up with a puffy jacket for lightweight warmth.

The hike is not very hard, but you'll move very slowly upstream. Hiking sticks are practically necessary to balance on what feels like walking over bowling balls. The river changes depths constantly and isn't immediately obvious where it drops, I don't think children should attempt this hike.

Rad place to come to and definitely shouldn't be missed on a trip to Zion.

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