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well worth the hike to make it to the end amazing scenery especially in the fall

amazing hike,very steep incline for a short distance hike but you are alongside the waterfall for the majority of the time and there is a couple rest spots if needed, went right after a rain storm and the falls were flowing hard, nice view if you go alittle further past the fall

$10 entrance fee but you can walk right up to the overlooks from the parking lot. It was a bit too crowded for my liking but beautiful views. The trail was pretty easy. Really cool experience if you have never been here before!

This was a fun day hike! It was a little too crowded for my liking but overall an awesome experience. It is quite a climb up all of the stairs but worth the views and it is nice and easy on the way down.

We did the Lower Trail in and Upper out. If you are looking for a basic walk in the park take the Upper in and out, for much better scenery take the Lower but be prepared for a much more strenuous hike with climbing up and down. Visited on a weekday afternoon and still lots of people and no opportunity to get nice shots of the falls without people in the water. Lots of kids from VT on the trail.

Easy to moderate hike. It can be slippery if it is shortly after raining/raining. The first part of the hike is going downhill and the second half is all uphill. After getting to the overlook of the falls (pretty but far away), I suggest taking the fire road hike down to the base of the falls - watch your step going to the base of the falls as it can be quite slippery. There is plenty of parking at the trailhead and bathrooms. You do have to pay the entrance fee if you enter through the Swift Run Entrance.

Just wonderful. Take the lower trail if it's open!

Hiked this on labor day and got stuck in a down pour for about 20 minutes right at the base of the falls. Beautiful and well worth the wait for the rain to stop.

10 days ago

It’s a nice uphill hike that follows the creek with nice lookouts onto the waterfall. The first part of the hike has nicely built stairs. It does get crowded but there’s a nice vista at the end onto the valley.

Definitely a popular hike and for good reason. The view at the top is breathtaking. The knob is fun but there will always be lines of people waiting to take pictures on it. Find a secluded spot and enjoy the amazing views!

Great trail. It was really crowded. It has paid parking. I would've given it 5 stars without the huge crowds.

15 days ago

This is a great trail that follows a scenic stream with a beautiful waterfall and several places to take a quick dip in the cold water. Access from skyline drive is super easy and it's very close to the visitor's center and big meadows campground. I did it with my 12yo son on a balmy hot day in July. The heat and humidity made the hike a little harder than expected but it was still really enjoyable. I plan to do it again with my wife, 10yo daughter and son again in September.

on Cascades Falls Trail

17 days ago

a very nice up and back trail for the family

17 days ago

Beautiful trail following streams and waterfalls along most of the way. Plenty of places to wade and play. 7 yr old made it, but just barely. 3.5 miles is a little misleading because at 3.5 you connect with the fire road but it’s about another mile back to parking.

One of the better defined and marked trails of AT. Something to note when hiking this trail is ‘breath’. It’s a consistent climb to the top, and if your not a regular hiker or have gained good breathing techniques through maybe yoga... It’ll feel like the air is getting thinner as you elevate. And you will likely stop frequently to catch your breath. But so worth the view and getting the shot of yourself on the knob... you’ll be glad you did!!

Great little hike. Plan the extra time to go to the base of the falls. The falls have a single drop and then an intermediate pool about half way down where it splits into two. Probably my favorite waterfall in the park based on the access and beauty. The view from the observation deck with foliage on the trees is limited. The falls were running pretty heavy for this time of year due to the substantial storms we have had recently. Well maintained trail. The grind out along the roads is slow and steady.

Great hike! We Did it with a 5 and a 6 yr Old as well. We went All the way to the base of the falls which was nice because the view was the best down there. I will say if I did it again with the children I would probably turn around at the concrete overlook rather than continue on. The kids were spent when we Got back to the fire Rd. They took turns riding My Shoulders all the way to the top. The fire road is a steep grade straight up the mountain whereas the original trial down is switchbacks. I Would Imagine that they're equally as challenging to get back up. Just a preference thing. Bring plenty of water and a snack to eat at the bottom as it turned into a 5 hour affair.....without young kids probably a 3 hour trip

Great hike with an amazing pay off. Completed today with two slower hikers and made it up and back in 4.5 hours with a lunch stop. Recommend going early as it started to get busy. Also recommend taking trail up and fire road back - trail is worth it on the way up and you’ll appreciate the ease of the fire road when returning.

A worthwhile hike, despite the crowds. Parking lots was overflowing when we arrived on a Sunday morning around 8:20am. There are clear "no parking" signs along 311, but we found parking on Old Catabwa Road, only a short walk away. Cross 311 from the parking lot to begin the trail. After about .3 mile, there is a fork. You can choose either path. On the left is fire road and on the right is a proper trail. We took the trail up and the road down, which was a nice, gradual descent. The Knob is actually just off the trail; look for the "overlook" sign. The rocky outcroppings go a ways past the initial overlooks. If it's crowded, go down a ways for a little more solitude. There are port-o-potties at the parking lot, but remember to bring your own toilet paper/sanitizer if desired. No fee to park.

Great views maintain trails marked areas a lot of historical points

Beautiful hike! Make sure you have $3, exact change per car. The sign said the lower trail was washed out but it no longer is. It's easily passable. I figured if I ran into an area that was washed out and impassable, I'd just turn around and take the upper trail. The rocks were slippery so I took it slow. There were very few hikers on either the upper or lower trails before 1pm. As I made my way back, on the upper trail, there were quite a few people. Everyone was friendly. the upper trail is well marked if you leave the observation deck going up the little winding stairs. Once you get to the split it's well marked which way to go for the parking lot. It was a hot August day and I could have used a second water bottle or a Gatorade. I enjoyed this hike very much. I'd agree it's moderate on the lower trail but probably easy/moderate on the upper trail. The falls are spectacular. I didn't swim because the signs warned it was potentially dangerous and I was hiking alone.

Great hike! There is a $3 fee per vehicle and it was totally worth more than that! I'd definitely say it's a moderate level hike. there are also plenty of beautiful spots with benches to stop and catch your breath or give the kiddos a rest.

My favorite so far

My favorite waterfall in the park. Not worth just going down to first view only. View is obstructed. Might be ok after the leaves are gone.

The reviews are accurate. The view is great at the top.

favorite hike!!!

26 days ago

My favorite short loop in the Park. This is my 10 YO daughters and I go to hike. I always opt to go down Rose river trail first. The trail quickly meets up with the water and sticks with it all the way to the bottom. The return hike follows the dark hollow run up to the base of dark hollow falls. Down and back are a bit rocky but the elevation gain can be broken up by stops at the various cascades and pools. The proximity to the water also produces a cooling affect especially if you can catch a little breeze. If you have the energy you can take a quick trip up to the base of Dark Hollow Falls. The hike ends with an easy walk up the fire road back to the trail head.

26 days ago

We went with my husband is our second time going to this park and we love it

Highlight was to see a timber rattler between switchbacks - great climbs and views, nice to see a lot of upgrades being done to walkways and viewing decks.

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