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I’ve done this hike once before and I’m excited to do it again tomorrow! Very fun and gorgeous views!

Love climbing the rocks

Challenging and long! Beautiful views.

went yesterday and was amazing. my phone died so my recording all got half but it was beautiful ontop. everytime you think you made it, you didn't. the best 360 degree view is a little before you reach the summit. it wasn't too hard but it did take awhile because I stopped a million times to take alot of pictures. I really think if you try hard, anyone can do this hike. my husband isnt into hiking like I am. .so he is a little out of shape...but he did fine with me helping. I also saw kids doing it. the trail is pretty easy to follow. you have no service up top but all trails always works no matter service or not

$10 entrance fee but you can walk right up to the overlooks from the parking lot. It was a bit too crowded for my liking but beautiful views. The trail was pretty easy. Really cool experience if you have never been here before!

What can i say that hasn’t been already said. Must do if you’re in Shenandoah!!!

5 days ago

Always a must.

- start out as early as possible, 10am the lot is packed
- show ranger your NPS ticket so you don't get ticketed
- porter potties at the start, but there are two
outhouses near the top.
- lots of water, at least 1 liter per person
- brings snacks to munch on at the top while enjoying the views
- definitely suggest boots for ankle support
- you can get easily lost chasing the blue paint marks but it kind of makes it fun
- the natural jungle gym is incredible, yes challenging physically and mentally, but after completed I wish I would've enjoyed it more instead of stressing over my next footing or body odor
- creatures seen: Turkey vultures, bald eagle, crows, smaller birds, raccoon, bunches of insects larger beetles to moths, and a juvenile black bear!

-only negative is the amount of people, hence arrive early or camp overnight.

Challenging but super fun. Started at 8.30am on Sunday and did not see anyone, maybe because there was forecast for heavy rain but that stayed off until we were making our descent. Lucky because the rock scramble would have been so much more difficult in the rain. Took us 4.5 hours. I went with a friend who was strong and able to pull me up two times when boulders didn’t have foot holds. No way could I have done this trail without his help!

Awesome hike

Great hike! completed in 5 hr. Definitely need some upper body strength if solo hiking.

Nice hike. I did this hike with my 5 year old

8 days ago

Lovely fairly easy

Awesome hike! Very challenging. Difficult for shorter people or those without upper arm strength. If bribing a bag, make it a small one as some of the rock passes are very narrow. Went in late March and had to pay for overflow parking as it was so crowded.

Great scenes, hard to find for us though. GPS took us to 3 wrong places before we stopped and asked a county worker for directions. We’ll definitely visit again though

Did it in the rain and the clouds are the top we’re breathtaking. Want to do it again when the sun is out. Beautiful!!!!

Amazing view at the top! The climb through the rocks remains the highlight of the hike.

This hike is a beast but a beautiful and rewarding beast. Go early and prepare for it to be an all day excursion, especially since it does get backed up with this hike being so popular. Wear the right shoes, bring plenty of water and snacks. The beginning is uneventful switch backs that feel like they never end. Then you will have a few moments where you think WOW I've finally made it! But be patient, because you in fact have not. Don't lose hope because the view at the top is OUTSTANDING and worth the struggle. Love love love the challenging rock scrambles, so much fun! This is definitely an accomplishment and one for the books!

Who hasn’t hike this mountains. Strenuous it is the switchbacks in the beginning can be boring but once you get to the scrambles the fun starts. Fantastic views at the summit. Just when you think you reached the summit you realize it’s a false summit.

Start early or be patient! Extremely popular hike where trail jams start to happen as the crowds line up to get through the rock scramble. Fun hike and one of "old" time favorites. I've done this a bunch of times, but it's almost too crowded these days. Popular hike for a reason! Best time to go is in the fall.

was there yesterday..i loved it..Berkley Springs is a great little town full of history

I did this hike for the first time a few weeks ago. It is an outstanding challenge that rewards the effort with fantastic views. It can be crowded so I would recommend going early or if your schedule allows on a weekday.

Not bad. Come prepared and wear pants and you should.be fine as the trail is over grown.

Great views maintain trails marked areas a lot of historical points

This trail is difficult mostly because of the time it takes. The time would be reduced were it. It for the number of ppl on the trail who are obviously unprepared.

It’s a good hike that gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Mentally, be prepared for false summits. You’ll swear that you’re at the summit five times before you get there.

Hiking alone may be problematic in a couple of places unless you’re taller or agile on the rocks.

Fantastic. Scaling those rocks though was terrifying. I made the mistake of taking this trip alone and got stuck between 2 rocks. Luckily another person also doing it solo came my way from the other direction. I told him since it was raining and so late in the afternoon there’s no way he’d make it all the way through before night fall and it definitely wasn’t safe. So we went back his way and it was super easy on the way down. So of coarse the obvious is don’t do this hike by yourself and be super carful. I would like to say you do get some cell service up there if you need to call for help. The views are so worth the hard work on this hike!

Just got back from my 10th trip to Dolly Sods. Bear Rocks, Raven Ridge, Rocky Ridge are still my favorite trails to be on. I actually like Dobbin's Grade too, including the swamp area! I consider it the mark of a successful trip if I get through the swamp without having water get in my boots. This was a successful trip, and my advice to anyone is make sure you have a walking stick, and each time you get to a tough spot, start poking in the water for hard spots. Almost always you can pick your way right through the middle by looking for firm spots an inch or two below the water.

26 days ago

Did this hike with my wife and really enjoyed it. We did the clockwise loop and wouldn’t do it any other way. The more difficult part first. Bonus was seeing a Black Bear and her cub foraging, only 10 yards away. She was clearly use to seeing visitors and was not bothered. We didn’t take pictures, just moved along minding our business.

Did a 3 day backpacking trip starting at Bear Rocks and going as far as Lion’s Head and back. Great trip! Amazing views! Kinda rocky so make sure you’re wearing some good socks and you tie you shoes up tight!

I've hiked this trail numerous times. It's sort of a central Virginian prerequisite. The trail is well maintained and is not super trafficked- as long as you go on a weekday. There are some serious rock scrambles towards the top that are a lot of fun but would be nearly impossible for dogs or small children. Pack a backpack with some snacks and a lunch for the awesome view on top!

mountain biking
27 days ago

The tunnel was amazing. I biked up to town hill and the ride was very nice and peaceful.

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