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One of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done; incredible mountainous views the entire hike. Gorgeous lake, big fluffy white mountain goats. The trail becomes a boulder hill the last mile or so, so watch for the carrans (stacks of rocks that have been strategically placed to show you where to climb) or follow other hikers for the best way to the lake if you're not sure.

I didn't think this hike was that difficult. Long? Perhaps. But it's so breathtaking that every mile should be savored as you take in the views.

6 hours ago

As of today no snow on trail via the ridge, there are some parts on the ridge that require scramble experience. We tagged east and west summits, 12 hrs car to car.

13 hours ago

Challenging. If the weather isn’t great - there’s not going to be much of a view of the lake. I would do it again on a clear day.

This trail is incredible. It’s is also incredibly tough in sections. The scenery is superb and quite other worldly. You will not have solitude on this trail. Rangers told us they recorded over 300 hikers on the day we went. My trail recorder said over 23 miles on this trail, so don’t believe the estimate that trails.com gives. It’s a long long slog out of the lower enchantments from the top to the snow lakes trailhead. There are several areas that drop straight down over boulders and slick rock surfaces. Aasgard Pass going up is a climbers trail. Straight up. My wife and I did the whole thing in one day. Never again! It took us from 6:45 am to 9 pm at night to get out. Via flashlight. Yes. It was worth it because the upper core enchantments is stunning. It was too long for one day though. We stopped for lunch and took our time in the upper area which might be why we were late. Long miles though! Do it!

1 day ago

In town for work and decided to go hiking, 'cause you know, I could use some exercise. It is a tough hike if you are out shape. But, it is worth it. The parking lot, as everyone else mentions is packed. I got there around 8:30 and had to park about 20 yards down the road so there is a lot of traffic on the trail. Well worth it, though. If you are looking for good pics. later in the day is better to have the sun at your back for the views of the surrounding peaks. The trail goes around the lake but it can be lost at times so you may have to bushwhack it a little. While I may be walking pretty slow tonight and I look a little funny walking, the hike is worth it. Definitiely recommend it.

Great hike! Saw some goats. Lots of rain but worth it for the sights... autumn colors were popping. The larch trees are turning too. So happy we stuck it out for the next morning because it was sunny with some awesome moody clouds above Mount Stuart’s peak

1 day ago

Easily the best day hike near Seattle! We got there a little late in the day, around noon. The parking lot was full so we parked about half mile away from the trail head. The hike starts off easy, the first 1.5 miles are easy but beware of roots and rocks. Once you cross the Stuart and colchuck lake intersection, the trail gets a little harder. The last patch gets pretty rocky. The views are amazing! We went on a sunny day, although it was cold and windy near the lake. I didn’t think the hike was hard as such, more like a long moderate hike. Also, seems like the trail is longer than the distance on all trails. My tracker showed 9.8 miles out and back. This didn’t include the walk around the lake or the walk from my car to the trailhead. It took us 3 hours up and 2 hours back down. Amazing hike! Definitely go for it!

Great post-Labor Day time for a hike, thought the lot was still just full when we arrived around 9:00.
TRAIL - Good steady uphill on a fairly rocky trail, but it is kept up perfectly given the obvious traffic this thing gets. As you can see from the recordings, the thing gets a little sporty at the end. I'm 55 and in okay shape, but my heart didn't get worked so hard I couldn't speak.
LAKE - crazy color to that water, even with overcast lighting. Lots of places to take some lunch and explore, with a great flat rock just left(south) of center when you get to the lake.
OVERALL - wonderful view, no bugs, cool weather; what's not to love

Amazing lake!!

trail running
2 days ago

A beautiful but difficult hike. Planned on 10 miles as some of the reports indicated, but it turned out that AllTrails is accurate. I got 6.8 miles on my Garmin watch. I trail run several of these Mountain Loop hikes, and am very confident this one is about 7 miles long from the trail head. This does not diminish the fact that this is a difficult hike though. Give plenty of time to complete it. The benefit of this hike are the views most of the way up. You could really cut it short at any point after mile 2 and you would still get your fill of the beautiful terrain. Headlee Pass is an experience worth the pain of getting there. 20 or so switch backs in a small gap.
Many portions of the trail are over rock fields, we got off trail a few times, but as long as you understand the big picture of the hike, it’s not hard to get back. Overall the trail is in really good shape, and well worn.

Went up there two days ago. It was sunny, then cloudy, huge wind all night, and snowed yesterday morning. We stayed in the lookout. I dried out the funky mattresses, opened the shutters and a couple windows and aired the place out. I repaired a few catches and secured all the shutters properly. We left our little domino set up there. I swept it all out before we left. The place needs some of those tea candles. It was wonderful. It’s steep, but hell, I’m almost 68 and it wasn’t bad at all. The road up was worse than the trail. Sign the guestbook when you get there.

marked as difficult, but didnt feel that way. I'm a complete beginner. steep and narrow spots, rocky, but overall I thought it was a moderate to easy trail even with all the elevation gain in a short 2 miles. we were clouded in the way up but got pockets of good views randomly. still a great hike and it didn't rain on us

Beautiful trail! Easy to follow. Some hard elevation gains but worth every moment.

This is one of the best hikes in this area - and probably the best day hike. We did this along with Stuart Lake and the mountain views and the water color were breathtaking


7 days ago

A few too many people for my liking. Hard hike but the view was pretty.

so gorgeous!

8 days ago

This was my very first hike and the fellas and i really had no idea what we were in for .. If you aren't a regular hiker (like myself) and aren't in top shape , be prepared to push yourself harder than you ever have . The trail was beautiful, the views were beautiful . There are some very steep areas that will test your quads . Personally i had to take lots of little breaks to let my legs recharge . It was hard mentally and physically to accomplish but well worth it in the end. It was a great accomplishment. It was just under 12 km from where we Parked so about 23.5 km round trip ! My biggest regret was not having buying hiking poles.. it WILL save your legs

8 days ago

Incredible hike, started off on Sunday with it snowing and headed counter clockwise. If you really wanted to you could finish this hike in three days and still enjoy the beauty! The next few days were really nice, very cold early morning. After a few minutes of hiking you warmed up quickly! Lots of up hill on this trail. Dicks creek camp is small and was the most disappointing camp on the trail, avoid if possible.

9 days ago

It looks like they are working on the road to the trailhead. All types of vehicles are able to make it to the parking lot and trailhead. Very nice paved road until you get about 12 miles from trailhead. From there, no big rocks/ruts, but very washboard! I drove very slow much of the way in a Corolla, some people cruised by going 30mph. Very nice trailhead area with bathrooms. It was full with about 20 cars along road as we left.
4.4 miles, 2 hours roughly to lake, another .5 miles to the far end of lake.
Dress for fall, on our way back, saw people going up in shorts, tank tops, sandals, and little gear. They were already looking and commenting on being cold. It was cool and breezy at the lake.
No mountain goats out today.
Didn’t catch any fish. Had a bite. Tried some slow spinning flies, spinners, and power bait. We’ll have to do more research before fishing there again.

One of my favorite hikes in the PNW. It's a very popular trail, so get there early. Leave yourself at least 5 hours to complete the trail, but give yourself more time if you want to stay at the lake for a bit. Try to go on a sunny day as the water looks a brighter shade of blue in the sunlight.

This is an amazing hike worth every step. I highly recommend this trail.

Sooo pretty! The trees are changing colors so it’s perfect for your larches fix these next couple weeks. Follow the cairns and in the core zone, the trail usually hugged the lakes until it takes you back up to the left down down down many boulder fields. We clocked 20.1 miles with 5,534ft of elevation gain. 12 hours even with three breaks. 1 hr 45 minutes up aasgard.

Great hike! was apprehensive to do old trail....but we made it in 3 hours and would gladly do the old trail again on the way up. Took the new trail on the way down... very well groomed but long. But was a knee saver. Well worth it and would do it again.

13 days ago

We attended to reach Camp Muir, Mt Rainier on August 26th, 2018 from from the base at Paradise at 5400’. We started on the Skyline trail around 9:00 am and went via Panorama Point and all the way to Pebble Creek Trail. The views of the mountain are just amazing. The hike was snow free until we reached above 7200’. On the way we met one of the volunteer rangers who un warned that thunderstorms may be coming in late afternoon. We continue our hike on the snow a little late in the day and we made it all the way to above 8500’. At this point was already passed 3:00pm and we decided to turn back. It’s a considered a strenuous hike, but doing it is way harder than that. I’ll be back to finish this hike soon! Manny


9-10-18 The sign at the trailhead says 3.2 to the top, however the top is not the top but more half way, there is another 3 miles to the actual summit. Took us 6 hours to hike. According to our Fitbit it was 13 miles Round trip . It was raining and not too slippery absolutely beautiful and lots of blueberries and huckleberries!! Absolutely a must do hike. Will do again on a nicer day. Pack warm clothes!!!

A tough hike but well worth it once you leave the switchbacks and forests behind. The views of the surrounding mountains is the warm up for getting to see Blanca Lake. It truly is worth the gruel and I will do it again when the seasons change in a few weeks. Two things 1) Don't give up and 2) coming down takes half the time it takes to get up.

14 days ago

This is more difficult than it looks on paper. Only 2500’ but requires a lot of focus on your feet with all the rocks. Zero bugs and 72 degrees, absolutely perfect. Still plenty of water for your pooch, but beware of the cute Pica - they are endangered so don’t let your dog chase them.

Allow lots of time for pictures and videos. Arrived at 8:30 am on a Thursday and already a dozen cars in the lot.

Road is chip seal so easy driving - parking lot is paved. No outhouse.

I have been wanting to do this hike for a while in one day and last Saturday 9/8 /2018 started at 5 am from Stuart Lake Trail-head where my wife dropped me and finished at 7 pm in Snow lakes Trail-head. Asgard was definitely hard for me . Doing this hike in a day certainly pushed me to the limit and more , however the reward is fantastic , the landscape is very beautiful . I clocked 23 miles in 14 hours. An amazing hike !

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