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16 hours ago

Beautiful area to hike-- the first time I walked it, I got completely lost because the trails, while marked, are very confusing. They intersect many times and the colors are hard to follow.

The second time I hiked here, I used my phone much more, which helped me stay on track but robbed the experience of some of its serenity as looking down at a screen isn't an ideal way to be out in the woods for me.

I plan to familiarize myself further with these trails because it is a beautiful plot of land with good changes in elevation.

picturesque and serene. great place to take my 2 year old and 5 year old!

4 days ago

Excellent trail

on Devil's Bathtub Trail

5 days ago

6 days ago

A very nice trail! Well maintained and easy to tell where the trail is as it is marked consistently with green markers to lead you back to the entrance where you started.
Watch out for the occasional horse poop though!
I was also able to spot 6 Deer in the woods. Thankfully, no bear at all.
Great change in terrain and a good opportunity for trail runners. Overall, very enjoyable trail with decent views.

(P. S.) The waterfall really doesn’t exist.

Nice easy hike! Nice views. There is one area that is a bit tricky if you have limited mobility, as it is a staircase that is not well taken care of but it is short. Did spot some poison ivy along the side so be cautious.

Good trail and it was well groomed.

uneven but good trail

11 days ago

The trails aren't exactly marked well. The overlook trail really needs some help, vandalism is apparent once at the top of the hill. Definitely will want some bug spray, couldn't keep the flies off my poor pupper.

very nice easy trail.

29 days ago

One of my favorite trails to snowshoe!

1 month ago

First time hiking in Mendon Ponds Park, there is a variety of trails to choose from. Choose the East Esker Trail due to being a moderate trail that is dog friendly with hilly terrain. The trail was better than expected, a great workout! Did not see any waterfall, but there was a swamp & a pond. Definitely coming back in the fall time for the foliage!

The only downside was the horse poop in the middle of the trail, but the dog enjoyed smelling it!

I thought it's was very fun and fairly easy. Great for mountain biking.

good variety of intensity. loved taking my dogs!

1 month ago

Hit a hive a ground bees on green trail off of this trail...very bad...just warning anyone who takes white trail to be careful they swarmed us and stung us

1 month ago

Love it a great short easy walk to get outside and a waterfall at the end

Nice set of trails. Word of warning to watch your foot in if it just recently rained. Trails can be very slick and steep! Very nice walk with the dogs however! Definitely recommended for a nice trek and many trails to weave through! Also watch for dogs off leash apparently!

1 month ago

Somewhat overgrown and very muddy.Probably better earlier in the year and not after the rain we just had.Very buggy but gave a good workout!

on White Trail

1 month ago

I went on the White trail at first and then went on the Red trail so I could have a view of the bay. My mom and I ended up getting lost, but we had a fun time. There was so many bugs.

1 month ago

Two radically different hikes/walks in one loop. Definately a crowded park!

Beautiful trail and scenic waterfalls and streams.

The bridge is very cool but most of the trails are overgrown with vegetation.

Good workout for beginners but no waterfall

Trail let’s you hike out of the noise in the rest of the park. My dog loves going in and out of the creek!

Nice trail and well shaded. Perfect for a hot summer day.

2 months ago

Great family friendly hike. Parking can be an issue so get there early. One last thing, people should really take there bags of dog poop with them. I really don’t think it’s the town responsibility to pick up after hikers dogs.

Took a 4 year old and a almost 7 year old and they loved it! The trail is marked so you can’t get lost. We made it into a treasure hunt finding the markings!

2 months ago

beautiful walking trail, easy to walk without too much elevation. once you get to the water there is a great binder full of history of the Glen including pictures dating back to the 1900s.

Small parking area, accommodate less then 10 vehicles. More then half of trail is well shaded. Railroad borders 1 side of trail, great to orient oneself on the trail. Easy walking, minor elevation changes. Excellent water features, water friendly.

3 months ago

Great trail. Nice variety of terrain. Not much wildlife on our day

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