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As a lot of other reviews state, the trails could be marked a bit better. They’re a little muddy after all the rain we have had, which is to be expected. If you’re looking for the waterfalls, you need to take the red trail across the road from the parking lot. Then the easiest way I found is to keep taking any trail going to the right to stay along the creek.

Beautiful waterfall. The hike is easy but there are steps. I did this hike years ago with my family when I wasn’t in as good shape and i did it easily. My young children 6/8 at the time did it with no problem. It is a definite must see. Bring your camera, you won’t be disappointed

1 month ago

I'm in my late 50's and not in awesome shape anymore...this trail was my first since breaking my ankle last year and a few days after throwing my back out : ( so it was challenging for me, but so worth the effort! Lots of wildflowers and a few birds and chipmunks along the way. The view at the bottom is spectacular!

if you want to make this a much better hike and not pay the high price of $6 for parking right on old stage road you'll see a small parking lot that can hold around 10 car or you can parl along side the road if full. this spot will take you too 2 great overlooks. you see on the this map the dotted line call high point road. the second overlook is were hang gliders jump from. then take escarpment trail that will take you into the park and you'll be on Indian trail. this will make your hike a 100 times better.

This is a nice, easy set of loop trails my family and I completed on 7/14/18. Unfortunately, this area has been very dry for the past few weeks to a month and the waterfalls are mostly dry rock with small trickles here and there. The trails are well marked and very well maintained- easy to follow. Due to the dry conditions, the stream crossing from the Blue Loop to the Orange Loop was on dry rock all the way across. We look forward to returning later in the season to hopefully enjoy the beautiful waterfalls this trail is known for.

Took kids and they enjoyed it, except thorny bushes in the one part of loped trail!!!

Beautiful views and rich history. Loved spending time with my husband and kids here. Lots of picnic areas as well once your off the trails.

2 months ago

This trail was recently re-opened after a closure of about a year. The park did some trail work in the down time which included re-surfacing and scaling some of the cliffs. Stairs, boardwalks and trail surface were all in good shape. Great to be back "below the cliffs".

2 months ago


2 months ago

This was a nice easy trail that took less than an hour at a leisurely pace. We are from Portland Oregon area and this was a great falls to see on the east coast! I would recommend it to anyone who would like an easy view point or enjoys a short hike.

nice walk

very pleasant, more than the one loop, going back again to walk the rest of the trails...

Trail is poorly marked. Guns firing nearby the entire hike really took away from the experience.

had lots of fun here, lots of waterfalls of all sizes to see, the blue trail is extremely lacking in trail markers so taking a picture of the map is definitely beneficial

Nothing special, just a quick walk in the woods. No complaints.

Its a nice walk. a Bit of confusion on the trails. Eater falls on fantastic when there's an abundance of water. first time I went great water falls this time just a small amount of water. All in all a good place to be in nature.

It is a nice little outing in a very pretty setting but I agree with others who posted here regarding the trails and markings. Despite the fact that they are well marked there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason the the color markings.

It seems like the trails are just a spider web of paths that cross each other at varoius points.

You might start on the yellow trail which quickly turns to white. You follow white to another color and cross the road. Then maybe a few more colors then you pick up the white trail again...

Definitely print a map or pick one up in the registration box or you could just wander around for a while.

2 months ago

Easy downhill hike with a great view of this massive waterfall. It also has some interesting history.

3 months ago

Nice short hike around the waterfall. The bridge down the fall is a great viewing spot.

Great hike. Trails weren’t too confusing to me, though it’s spring and the leaves haven’t grown in on the trees yet. Because of that I was able to see the tree markers just fine. Only thing that threw me off was the road crossing sign. It was the same color as the tree it was on and I walked right by it. Also a few muddy spots, but with decent hiking boots you’ll be fine.

Only somewhat difficult part of the trail that I want to call out is the stream crossing on the red trail right before the bench. There’s a down tree you can use to cross, but the water was high the day I went so I walked up and around (next to the railroad-be careful.)

So if you’re looking for a quick hike with a tad more adventure that is a little less traveled, this is a great spot.

*If you’re a geocacher - it’s a PERFECT spot for it. Just be careful because of ticks.

Pretty waterfall, reasonably large. But....more of a picnic area than a real trail.

nature trips
3 months ago

Since there are no trail markers (except the last 10th of a mile), we didn't know where the trail started. During the time we hiked (late April), for the first 2/10 of a mile we followed a muddy, shallow stream that was actually the trail but snow melt created this running stream so you had to walk on the side of it. The stream reappeared in several locations throughout the hike, especially in low-lying areas, but the trail was pretty easy to follow. Other than a couple of steep inclines to walk, it was a fairly easy hike. There are a couple of overlooks along the way where you can see the lake through the trees. At the end, the trees part so you get a great view of the lake on a rocky bluff.

3 months ago

The single path trail was fantastic, really enjoyable with great views. The loop, however, was incredibly difficult due to multiple gigantic downed trees and poorly placed trail markers. The loop is obviously not well traveled as it was hard to see. We lost the trail multiple times and ended up having to just give up and find our way to the road. The preserve map was little help as it does not really give you the trail route, just tells you where you are in the park.

Really easy, nice walk. Kind of confusing trails. Beautiful nonetheless

Nice hike, but the trails are pretty confusing. Glad I read previous reviews so I was prepared!

3 months ago

Took our dog and enjoyed it! The south trail was much better than the loop but kinda short if you just did that so we did the whole thing :)

Great trail, but confusing. We ended up on several different trails attempting to find the falls. Muddy with a little bit of snow left near the water. Kid, big dog, and small dog friendly.

3 months ago

They have this trail labeled as "Easy" but I would rate it more as "Moderate". It wouldn't be a trail that would be easy for the elderly or very young, due to the following, and one of the most important, in order to stay on the trail you have to cross the creek, which can be hard to do, if not impossible, depending on the depth/height of the water. When we were just there, the only way for us to cross was to shimmy across some fallen trees and then find our way back to the marked trail. There are some steep grades and a lot of the trails are uneven due to exposed tree roots. The trail markings aren't the best which can make some parts of the trail hard to follow. This is marked as "no dogs allowed" and that's also posted right at the beginning of the trail, but there are definitely people that don't pay attention to that restriction. I guess the big highlight to this trail is the waterfalls, if that's what you're looking for, it's not a long walk to get to them, maybe 15-20 minutes.

They have this trail labeled as "Easy" but I would change that more to "Moderate" - I say that because it was excessively wet in a lot of spots. I did this loop in the Spring, so you do expect some wetness, but not to the extreme that I experienced. Also, a lot of the trails are uneven, due to so many tree roots. Don't get me wrong, I had no troubles, but for some people, and those with limited mobility, this would not be an "Easy" trail. If you stay on the same side of the road as the parking lot, it's relatively flat, but if you cross the road to the other side, you will be walking up hills, so for these reasons, as I mentioned, I would change the grading of this trail from "Easy" more to "Moderate". I noticed other reviews have mentioned that the trails can be confusing, and I would definitely have to agree with that. The trails overlap and criss cross throughout the Preserve, especially when you cross the road. Luckily, I had a GPS map of the trails with me, so it was much easier to navigate. I guess the highlight of the trek are the Falls. My recording of the trail has pics attached, and it will let you know where on the trail the Falls are, if that's all you're interested in.

very nice hike and great waterfall spots..not the greatest for kids when there is snow near the falls ..very narrow and only a small cord to hang onto that makes it very unsafe for kids but there are other trails that are safe

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