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22 hours ago

Beautiful day (sunny and sixty in mid November). Not many people out, and the trail was pretty well marked (some parts covered in leaves, but that is to be expected at this time of year). Trail head not conveniently located, but I was able to find the trail with the help of the app.

a lot of bang for your buck. Good parking and restrooms with running water. We stayed to the right the whole trail and was mostly a loop with an out and back at the very top.
Gorgeous place with the falls, mossy rocks, fall leave. Tuesday afternoon some people but certainly not crowded.
Picnic area too. So glad we went as a second hike for the day.

One of my FAVORITE trails this far! Numerous rock formations, waterfalls, and caves! What else could you ask for?!

One of my favorites in the area. Been here two times already, it never disappoints.

6 days ago

The fire tower was the highlight. The trees are taller than the tower, so there’s not much of a view from the top. The climb to the top of the tower is still worth the effort. Most of the trail is just a walk through the woods. There’s a few rock outcroppings and Bluff lines coming down the hill to the glade. Once at the glade there’s some decent views from there.

Great weather for a hike! We missed most of the fall color, but was still very lovely. The damn bridge is beautiful.

This trail was very busy, lots of leashed dogs, but totally worth it and all very courteous hikers.

Awesome! Bring flashlights to explore many cave areas.

8 days ago

Easy trail on 11/09/18. Good for beginners and children, especially wandering around in the lower caves, Jig Saw Blocks, Eden Falls and natural bridge. The more moderate up/down is at the top to the big cave; as said, probably not suitable for kids.

8 days ago

The trail was rewarding especially when you get to see a beautiful waterfall. It was a lot of fun!

Nice trail. Better after a heavy rain.

Nice hike. Cave is really open and has amazing features. Trail is easy to follow with water running through from time to time. We’ll bring my grandkids at Christmas time -although it’s moderate they’ll have no problem.

9 days ago

I have enjoyed this trail multiple times and never get tired of exploring it and seeing it in different seasons! Highly recommend for beginners and experts

11 days ago

Beautiful trail. Easy trail. Lots of beautiful scenery. The trailhead is located behind the Nature Center with lots of parking. The fire tower is awesome.

Great trail, the fall colors were at their peak, even with the parking lots full and cars parked along the road it was still a nice hike. Once you are on the trail people spread out and find their own places so it's not wall to wall people all the time. It is still nicer in the middle of winter when their are no crowds and you have the place to yourself ....sometimes.

Great trail great to see eagles on in January

Longest trail at roaring river great hike.

Great hike! Relatively short but packed with stuff to see. Really beautiful in the fall. Trail is well marked and well maintained throughout. Some slippery rock in a couple spots but no big deal. I'd recommend bringing a flashlight for the rock house, some cool areas you can explore in the back corners if you've got one.

Disappointed that almost everyone I saw out there had one or more dogs, there are other trails at Buffalo Point that you can bring your dogs on, no reason for this.

14 days ago

Beautiful fall hiking trail!

14 days ago

Absolutely stunning , crisp morning air a perfect day for hiking Nov. 3 2018

We started our hike behind the Nature Center, where you can park and pick up a map. There are also other places to access this trail. The first half mile from here is all uphill, but levels off after that. About midway is an old fire-tower that can be climbed if you want. In the winter, you would probably have a nice view from the top, but leaves on the trees blocked our view on Oct 3. There are some pretty rock formations along part of the trail. When you are going back downhill, you will walk through an area of glade type terrain, before crossing a highway and reaching the river. A short distance from there takes you to a campground and along the park road to return to the nature center. Nice hike!

We hiked this trail twice during the last week of October, 2018. The first day was a perfect sunny fall day. Two days later, we hiked on a cloudy day. On Monday, we saw 8 other hikers on the trail. On Wed, with a threat of rain, we didn’t see any other hikers. The fall colors were beautiful both days and the hike was very enjoyable. There are a few places that are pretty rocky, but other places with very few rocks. Most of the trail is fairly level, but there are a few easy hills and one hill that is pretty steep and rocky. You will likely be breathing hard as you climb that hill on the way back to the TH. Most people willing to hike almost 8 miles should be able to handle it OK. The tunnel is neat to see and walk through. I would advise taking a flashlight to help make your way through the tunnel, as there are some rocks that could trip you in the dark. There are several rock formations/bluffs and small holes/caves along the way to view and or explore also. We crossed several dry creek beds on this trail. If you hike this trail in early spring or after heavy rains, these creek beds might have water in them. We hiked in and out on the east loop, as I had read the west loop wasn’t as pretty or worthwhile. There were no bugs or ticks on our late Oct hike and only a few cobwebs. We did search a little while the first day trying to find the trail head. Drive to the spring, but don’t go over the bridge. Take the road that veers slightly to the left. From there it is a short distance to the TH. Great trail!

19 days ago

Awesome trail!!!

Great trail for the whole family.

Pretty little hike with small bluffs and lake shore.

Really great trail! Easy to follow and the tunnel at the end is worth the hike.

awesome awesome. BUT. The signs are pointed wrong! when you get to the first fork and says Eden Falls to the right, go LEFT up the hill. Staying right takes you to a beautiful natural stone area with water running out a cave, and you can go through the cave and lots to explore. but that is not the Falls or Cob Cave. Follow both trails, enjoy, but don't miss the real falls!

Very pretty easy fall hike. Varied views.

Very cool cave at end.

Nice trail

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