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For first time hikers i definitely wouldn’t label this hike as “moderate” it might be fairly hard for some. My husband, my self & our 2 year old did this hike in 2.5 hours, no shade and really sunny bring lots of water & sunscreen (i got very burnt). I got light headed on the way up so bring a protein bar! Overall it’s a great workout,family fun activity and not to mention the breathtaking views from the top! Very steep on the way down with loose gravel so be very careful and have good shoes with support.

Steady ascend to the overlook filled with beautiful views all the way up. It was fairly warm although we started our walk @ about 830 am., so I suggest starting the trip earlier in the day.

decent trail, well kept

I’ve done every trail on this mountain at least 5 times, if not more. Great hikes with lots of single tracks. Great for everyone and dog owners too.

Ensure you watch out for snakes in the summer months, as they are plentiful but usually not in plain site (off the trails). There have been mountain lion sightings and we saw a large bobcat at night, but I don’t know of any interactions with humans or pets.

Have a blast out here and enjoy. There are a lots of trails and lots to see.

Was a great hike. It gets pretty step right in the beginning for about half the hike and then it smooths off some. Great view at the top and as of yesterday the flags were still there.

Beautiful trail! Super easy! We go when we want to get a quick easy hike in before starting a super busy day. There is the river that is just gorgeous and there are places off to the side for a quick snack break. Love this trail!

Good trail, went up without climbing shoes and that was my mistake. It says highly elevated at the end, which is true but basically the entire trail is uphill. Definitely not a beginners trail if you are just trying to get it done. Rocks here can be hard to get a grip with your shoes.

People keep saying it's a quick hike, but it didn't feel like that to me lol maybe because it's all a crazy incline. But an amazing hike- challenging, beautiful and a great hike with your pet dog. The last 0.8 of the hike is a really good challenge hiking up to the peak. If you take the east trail it's A LOT easier!

Quick hike with amazing view at the peak. Be sure to check out the dam after, its beautiful. Last bit of the hike is the toughest.

14 days ago

This was a fun trail!! I highly suggest doing it in reverse so that you can camp at the meadow area. This was about 7 miles from the start going in reverse otherwise if you do it the way it suggests it is about 3.5-4 miles into the trail. It is really pretty and although you cannot see far you are surrounded by mountains

Quick but steep trail with amazing views at the peak. Worth the climb!

Super Bonita caminata, la vista preciosa. Un poco resbaloso al regreso por que te resbalas con las piedritas.

trail running
15 days ago

good workout, able to jog throughout, tons of rocks most of the way if you are jogging it watch your ankles! Great incline and View at the top! no shade, bring water.

It's a great hike with amazing views.

People! If you bring dogs, don't leave the dog crap-bag next to the trail. Pick it up and don't be lazy. BETTER YET, leave your pet at home.
Trail was decent, not crowded, and had benches here and there.

so much fun. i love this place. its local and more fun/ less crowded than cowles.

I’ve hiked on this trail with my two dogs and it’s a nice trail!

Beautiful trail! Just watch out for the Poison Oak...there is a lot of it.

Beautiful hike. Not well marked.

A very pleasant hike in early spring. We didn't start the hike until around 11 am. It was sunny but there was a nice cool breeze almost the whole time, so it was very comfortable. It's easy to see how it could be brutally hot in warmer weather though. You can choose to hike the steep trail straight up if you want the incline. We opted for the switchbacks to get a little more milage. The main reasons for not giving it more stars were the lack of trail markings, the heavily eroded trail with all its loose rocks, and the view which, while nice, was nothing spectacular. Overall, it was an enjoyable outing, but nothing to write home about.

P.S. The flag is still there

I took my kids on the this trail! We took the botanical route back, and it was beautiful! We walked across the stream and the running water was amazing! Just stay on the trail as there are poison plants off of it—but there are warning signs everywhere!

Great for trail running. A lot of different options here also. Look for "Cardiac Hill." There is 0 shade anywhere so make sure to bring water and wear sunscreen. I'll definitely be going back. I linked up with the trail that overlooks the 67, the ridgeline trail I think? I saw deer in the middle of the day. Very rare in SD.

Fun trail..... a little short but wicked steep at the top!

Short hike but a really good climb! This was a really fun hike!

25 days ago

Great spot, good elevation in the beginning

Great hike. There is a ranger station to use the restroom and refill water close to the end.

Started with the Way Up Trail and we ended it at the Escondido overlook. There was still tons of other trails available. We then came back down and took the Botanical Garden route and ended it at the Creek overlook, which was a great ending!

So beautiful I will going again very soon

Went on yesterday with a group of people and 2 dogs. My brother in law invited us because he regularly goes there. Awesome view throughout the hike and got better on the top.
Once you get to top there's no other way back but how you got up. Don't make the mistake I did trying to find another way down. It looks like there is but there isn't. A 3.5 mile hike turned into a 9 mile hike haha good times

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