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Decent outing but the cliffs were a little underwhelming - even by southern ontario standards. Still made for an enjoyable hike

Always love Mono Cliffs! It was snowing and beautiful up at the Lookout off McCarsten Lake. Magic.

Nice trail that meanders along an out of service rail line. I have heard that bears have been seen in the area of the Fort so might be an idea to wear bells or have spray.

Really good trail. Peaceful in winter. I am definitely going to return to either cross country ski or cycle in the spring/fall.

Great trail.

mountain biking
3 months ago

This was a great ride and a wonderful trail. Also some spots along it said it was equestrian, which I suggested an edit with. This is the third trail i've tried in the area and now my favorite.

Good views and good trails. Very busy trails and sometimes horses.

the trails were well marked and easy to follow, but it would have been nice ìf the main attractions of the park had directions on the trail signs, lots of people were asking directions to get to the cliffs. The main trail that's marked in red is fairly easy but once you get into the cliff or Bruce trail there is lots of steep climbing and decents. High traffic on weekend, the parking lot was almost full by 11 am

Took 4.5 to do this whole trail from Hockley Road to Dunlop Rd. Quite steep, lots of up and down the hill. Lots of creeks which was nice. Markings were very poor. Parking was very bad, took 45 minutes to find a spot. The second parking lot was closed.

Nice trail for hiking, seems to be popular among mountain bikers as well. The hiking loop isn’t always well indicated so hang on to your map.

Worth the trip to this park especially in fall. Parking was $7.50 at the pay meter. Trails well marked and maintained. Enjoyed the side trails of the Bruce. Awesome to see horses also using these trails

Beautiful place to hike...

Very nice trails, not very hard, close enough from Toronto. I was alone all day on the trails, very beautiful and peaceful.

Great trail half hour from GTA( Toronto)

trail running
6 months ago

Really liked this course minus the $2.50 for parking, not marked the best but now have a better idea of the route.

6 months ago

Beautiful hike with the family. Will definitely come back.

Parking cost $1.50 / hour. Trails are great for kids with some elevation. Bring bug spray as there are plenty of spots with standing water and mosquitoes. Recommend wearing older or hiking shoes as they are muddy portions on the trails. We followed white trail to Keele then attempted to divert to the blue. Ended up doubling back on blue and returning to car on white trail. We travelled about 6km in 2 hours with 3 kids in tow.

Pleasant day hike. Not overly scenic or challenging, but a nice day out on a trail.

Trail is very overgrown and not maintained. We have hiked this trail many times without issue, but perhaps the heavy rains have washed out areas of the trail which were not cleared. We did not hike as far as we would have liked due to very tall grass and trees blocking the way.


Great trails. Well marked. Good for all types of difficulty, anything from easy to hard. One of my favourite places to hike!

Visited on July 28, 2017. Beautiful trails. Well marked. Great look outs.

Great easy trail, flat

Hiked the trail end to end. Some parts of the trail are closed and under construction, but you can take a different route.
The last 2/3 of the trail (if you start your trip from Edelweiss Park parking lot) are not well traveled or maintained often, the trail is overgrown with grass and weeds up to your neck in some spots, and hard to see where to go, due to missing trail marker posts or visible path. Bring AllTrails app or GPS with you, if you don't want to end up in a swamp, for those hard spots.
Some sections were flooded after rain and muddy, but there are ways around it.
Trail varies greatly, from deep forest, to river clearings, to farm land, to hills, to fields or fern...
To go from one end to the other and then back (I had to detour last 2/3 of the trail on the way back, and just walked along the road), took me over 4 hours.
I'd recommend long sleeves and mud-resistant footware.

I took my 3 kids for a trail walk. the maps take you into the grounds of Seneca College where you have to pay for parking to drive into the grounds to start your hike. there are several entrances into the trails off of Dufferin but nowhere to park your car if that is how you have arrived. once we paid for parking and got in the trails were just infested with mosquitos!! we couldn't even complete 0.5km and were bitten everywhere! very disappointing.

Paved Trail with km markers, good for running with dog

8 months ago

Walked from Flos 7 to Phelpston. Trail is level and hard packed gravel, good for hiking and cycling. Lots of bugs. Church in Phelpston (St Patrick) is open in 2017 in the summer on the weekends, a lovely church. Pleasant trail with rural scenery.

Excellent walk through woods and clearings, rock cliffs and ponds. Low people traffic in early morning.

Download the map of which trail you want to do as multiple trails connect and trails are marked okay but unclear. Majority of trail is well spaced for multiple hikers. I'll be back for another hike.

Absolutely amazing!

Please note; the directions for this amazing hike were SO wrong!!! The directions pinpoint you to the Bolton Recreational Centre...it was once we decided to forget about this place, and just go towards the trees, away from the city, is when we randomly saw the sign for this trail off a side road...I believe that side road was Duffy's Lane!!

I couldn't change the directions or upload where we were because phone was low of battery!

Regardless, this trail has many personalities...meaning rivers, and WHOLE section of ferns that make you feel like your in a Universal Studies Movies, well maintained by the private organization, pine tree spots, and farm fields.

What made it perfect was the bench that was placed in front of the riverbend (built by the HVHTC) and NO ONE WAS ON IT! Whole thing was left to us and our little guy Zeus!

We covered 10km worth (5km In and 5km Out)


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