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Great views. In addition to the carvings

1 month ago

Short walk to a really nice waterfall.

These falls are very cool ... from the parking lot there is multiple trails you can take, so you could hike for a couple hours or just hike the 5 minutes to the waterfalls.

Tough initial hill, smooth sailing after that.

Of all the trails I’ve done, this one here is my absolute favorite. How cool to go searching for the carvings of the Worden Family from the 19th century! Great hidden gem in Ohio. Very under-rated

Highly recommend this trail. Walked further than the 2.1 miles. Other trails to explore beyond this. Best this time of year. First day of fall!

I have grown up going to strawberry lane for family picnics & squires castle for high school hang outs. Now I have introduced my daughter and dogs to the wonderful trails through this beautiful Metro park area. We just went yesterday and did the loop on the bridle trail around and down to the back of the castle. A lot of incline and tree roots, you really feel like your hiking. Hidden bridges. There are alternates paths you can venture on. Careful not to get lost. If you start the bridle trail right when you get into the parking lot, take the incline and follow the blue flower symbol in the signs. You will wind & twist threw the woods up and down and across bridges. No water back through this trail. Then you make the decline down to the castle. Take an easy route down or do some climbing to get down, your choice. It’s a great way to # getoutside #climbthings #explore. We take our 2 Rottweilers, very pet friendly.

3 months ago

One of my absolute favorite parks close to home. The falls are AMAZING. This is definitely a park to go to if you want to get wet! The natural rock slide through the Via Duct is AWESOME. With or without tubes, it's a great time! If you're not a strong swimmer, remember there is safety in numbers!

One of my most favorite places to hike through! Gorgeous scenery.

Trail clearly marked & well maintained.

Easy to get lost. Recomend having a compass.

Walked this trail with a 4 year old and an 8 year old. It was nice. Nothing spectacular but nothing challenging. It made for a nice simple walk.

A web of trails. Better to the All Trails' GPS if it's your first time.

4 months ago

Beautiful hike and beautiful falls.

Lots of cool birds doing the flying activity, including two bald eagles doing a little fishing. Plenty of herons and turkey vultures too. The lake is a cool backdrop to the hike, even if the terrain isn’t challenging. Too many people though.

paddle sports
4 months ago

Rented kayaks here with a few friends and went out to the lake. Was a fun trip and a great workout. Many great views of the the beautiful homes in Rocky River.

5 months ago

It was such a beautiful day today to go. The paths are so pretty and the Creek is so beautiful. Didn't see alot of people till the end. It was very peaceful and relaxing.

Beautiful along the river. The rest of the trail is pretty, but that was my favorite part. Also didn’t bring my horse, because I’m not wealthy and don’t own a horse. Pretty long trail. Might only wanna walk a third to half of it. Doesn’t really end anywhere interesting. Also, there’s currently a detour on the trail (it’s a big loop near the end).

A bit confusing and muddy but overall a good hike

nice trail

The trails were marked terribly and there was a crime scene in the parking lot- bloody clothes. I would not recommend!

Well maintained trail around the lake we enjoyed it very much

This place is absolutely beautiful. You definitely need to pay attention to which trail you are on though because it does get a little confusing. We ended up starting on the bridle trail like the map but never cut over to the castle trail and ended up going about 4.9 miles instead, which had some amazing sites. Kinda steep in places though but the scenery is so worth it! The castle is too cool, highly recommend this hike.

Definitely would have been better on horses because it was a long trail. Ended up only going 5.3 miles since we went during the heat of the day. Still a nice quiet hike where you forget you’re in NEO. I do wish the trail stayed closer to the water though.

Beautiful and quiet - not a lot of people on this trail on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Went off the parkway path into the woods - climbed some of nature’s stairs. Quite serene

7 months ago

I love this trail. So much to see. Last time I was there there were so many huge turtles and fish jumping out of the water. You can also kayak here and take a dip in the dam reservoir. It’s a nice long hike and it’s just so beautiful. I’m going back tomorrow.

7 months ago

The creek and waterfalls are beautiful. It was a great 1-hour walk and exploring time with the kids (8 and 10-years). There are lots of seashells on the shore for the kids to find. You can really see the different rock layers along the river, and there is a plaque describing how the layers wear differently to create the rock formations. There are also plaques explaining the history of the place, as it used to have a mill and hydroelectric plant. The only problem is some trash and graffiti.

A scenic out and back trail with wild flowers and a serene creek & Falls. We loved it!

Amazing, historic, scenic park. A must-see. Great for kids, too. We loved it!

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