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off road driving
1 day ago

Easy Drive, easier walk from the parking spot to Fonts Point, fantastic views of the Badlands from there!
Well worth the 4 mile drive once in the wash. Just be sure to stay on the driven road and you will be fine. I drove my 2WD Ram while my friend drove his Scion XB and we had no problem getting up and back.

just a great hike with shade and fantastic views

Great trail! Super fun and beautiful. Must have take a wrong turn though because the trail just ended..no way to make it through so we just ended up going back the same way we came in. Got stuck too!! Put the wife to work. Bringing a shovel next time. Hah!

Did this hike for the second time today and it is always fun and a really nice view. The first time we went, it was definitely a lot more difficult since the other trail down was much much steeper, but it is permanently closed now. I assume that was for safety reasons, but now the trail is a lot easier so I was a teensy bit bummed out about that. Not a huge deal though, still a wonderful and beautiful hike!

Nice hike, pretty easy/wide trail much of the way. Suggest taking the side Five Oaks trail for the best views and less people (even though a bit harder and narrower).

Fun trail and hike with good views. It's a pretty easy hike if you do any real hiking.

Took this trail starting down on the highway where you park. Approx. a 5000 ft elevation gain up to little round valley camp site. camped 1 night. About 9 miles to camp. another little over a mile to summit. Trail is steady incline almost all the way up. I would classify as strenuous. The views are great. Bring lots of water.

was beautiful can wait till spring hopefully when the water is flowing still so amazing!!

it's a leisure walk. very pleasant.

4 days ago

Beautiful view! People of all ages can do this one. It's the perfect hike as part of a day trip. Swing by Julian after for apple pie and cider.

4 days ago

Peaceful walk and beautiful scenery. The trail is blocked off towards the end of the trail right now it seems. It is also easy to lose the trail if you're not paying complete attention. But overall it is a lovely way to spend some hours.

A really nice hike, moderate in length and fairly flat. The oasis at the end was beautiful and peaceful.

7 days ago

Great short hike. We did the loop walking down through the slot first and the up the hill and along the ridge on the road. The slot is really fun!

I went in the morning of Dec 1, 2018 after some good rain. Still no water, but a great time as always. My Garmin watch clocked at 5.09 miles round trip. A bit of bouldering at the falls to get to the top but nothing too hard. The new path around the part where you used to climb down and up the hill made this trail easier in a good way. As always make your own way and be safe.

this is a nice Easy hike. 6.6 miles no big hills. only down fall is you can see houses and the road is only about 100 yards from eagle rock...

I enjoyed this hike very much! Easy, fun switchbacks, well maintained trail, however lots of hikers on the weekend. Astonishing views at the top of the summit! The space at the top is very small and can get crowded quickly. My guy and I did a quick walk thru than found a quiet spot on a rock away from the crowd to enjoy our view and snack. Please be mindful to share the space at the top of the summit for others to also enjoy the beautiful view. No need for you to hang out there 20min to talk about BS as others are coming thru. And please keep your dog on a leash. Parking $10 Paso Picacho Picnic abs Campground.

It’s an amazing hike is not that hard but take a lot of water with you

Hiked to the trestle today. Gates on two tunnels. Encountered railroad agent in service car on tracks. Was friendly, but let us know the tracks are closed and we were trespassing and subject to fines. Beware.

Stunning views on a beautiful fall day. Main trail is very family and dog friendly. A little blustery at the top but didn’t take away from it all.

off road driving
11 days ago

Great hike through an amazing landscape. The trail is quite easy to follow once you arrive in the parking lot.
The drive up the dusty road from the 78 is easy enough that 4wd is not required at all. A buddy of mine drove up in a Scion XB and had no trouble. Just be mindful of the patchy sand and be sure to stay on the designated road at all times.
This hike is well worth the trip. Best time to visit is November-April so that the heat isn't so bad.

Excellent moderate hike! Mix of forest setting and open space. Trail well maintained, marked, easy to navigate. Eagle Rock was awesome! Great run back to start off trailhead.

Some soft sand here and there, but the road is nice and fairly flat. A few areas of washboard. I'd avoid it after a rain, lots of the road is in the floodplain. The mud caves are really fun to hike. Bring a headlamp or flashlight.

i love the trail, it is a little bit hard but the view is amazing

Amazing hike and epic views. My GPS recorded the hike to be just under 8 miles, but I think the trail head doesn’t technically start right at the road and you can do lots of wandering around once you’ve reached suicide rock. I am a bit out of practice with hiking in higher altitudes, so I felt the fatigue after 8 miles more so than normal, but this is definitely a trail that even an inexperienced hiker could accomplish with breaks and proper hiking boots. Trail is pretty easy to follow and the views at the top are so worth the climb! I told the ranger when I got my permit what trail I was hiking and that I had my dog with me and there was no issue, even though other reviews stated no dogs allowed.

Great solo hike! The water was even flowing just past the junction.

Great run down hill!

Great hike! Then head into Julian for lunch

Did this in September. It was hotter and harder than expected, but still very fun. It was also completely dry, though we knew that going in. Will go back in the spring when there’s water.

A few warnings: It gets HOT, there’s almost zero shade, and the uphill on the way back is often STEEP/sometimes narrow. I’d say this is definitely NOT a great trail for dogs (several dogs have died on trails recently), and would be hesitant to take kids younger than 12-13 yrs. like everyone is saying— bring lots of water!

Nice hike up to the saddle from Devil's Slide. Just a short trip from here to Tahquitz Peak or a longer trek to Mt. San Jacinto. Great views of Suicide Rock going up. Don't forget to get a pass at ranger station in town. I believe this trail has a sign that says "No Dogs" but I always see lots of dogs on trail. Last time I was on her to MSJ I saw a baby rattlesnake. Great small hike.

Quite the adventure! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and socks because it was a long hike.

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