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Always a great trail have done in all season and winter is the best

This is my favorite hike in the Smokies. Beautiful views and lots of amazing natural wonders to take in. Can be difficult at times but is well worth the effort. Can't wait to do this again when the wild flowers are in bloom.

4 days ago

We did not go all the way to mount leconte. My hubby and I stopped at the bluff. From the trail head to the bluff, it’s about 2.2 miles. What a great hike. Really loved this trail. The mossy trees and creek were amazing. The arch was super cool. The bluff had icicles hanging that were falling down like missles. Loved it. This is a very popular trail so go early.

This trail had a bit of everything. the view from the top was amazing too! just beware of the ice all over the trail this time of the year

I have so much respect for this mountain after hiking this trail. Definitely one of the hardest hikes I've done, but also the most rewarding. There are so many beautiful landmarks to keep you inspired along the way.

My wife and I hiked to Mt. LeConte via Alum Cave Trail. We have never gone this way before but have done it several times via Rainbow Falls and Grotto Falls. No matter which way you go, it is beautiful. The foliage was gorgeous.

This hike has it all! Great variety of trees, views and difficulty including the cave, stone steps, and exposed rock where you will be thankful for the handholds. Be sure to wear waterproof shoes and once you get to the Lodge keep going for better views from the Cliff Top.

Don’t miss this!!Absolutely amazing!!! Majestic views. It’s a long hike, start early so you can stop and take pictures along the way. It took us 8 hours round trip moving at a goos pace and making a few stops. Don’t eat the sack lunch at Le Conte lodge, it was horrible. Pack your own food and plenty to drink.

11 days ago

Me and my sweetheart Hoss went on this hike and it was beautiful,the climb is so worth it!! Beautiful views and cliffs.Seen the first snow of the year! The view from the top was beautiful,it was cold and windy. But cant wait to do it again. I couldn't ask for a better hiking partner,he wore me out!!

The drive in is not nearly as bad as previous reviews.....typical National Forest Road in good condition. 2WD is good to go. There were at least 6 cars at the trailhead when we left. None were 4WD. Hike is short and only tricky towards the end. Beautiful falls!

My favorite trail in the smokies. This is also my favorite route to mount leconte. During fall and spring parking can be full so leave early. Beautiful trail during the fall!

Awesome trail. The views are excellent. We did the full loop clockwise, which I would highly recommend. Going down into the gorge was very steep and rock filled. The gorge itself was lovely, and the river was flowing pretty strong. The way back up to the rim was not near as steep as the descent (again why I would recommend clockwise). Overall a good challenge but very doable if you are active.

Great hike especially later in the year. You get to see multiple layers of the forest on the way up. Beautiful at the top. Moderately tough hike up, but if you go at your own pace it’s more than doable. Wear good shoes. Weather can change throughout the day.

Trail to the bottom of the falls was closed for repairs. Would have liked a little bit of a longer hike but the trail was really nice.

Awesome trail. We logged 14 miles adding the two additional trails at the summit/lodge. Cliff tops is a must do for the views. Lodge is super quaint, check out the Lamas by the dining room. This is a strenuous hike with a good elevation from the base to the trailhead. Nice resting spot at Inspiration. Don’t forget to look for the eye of the needle. Others have mentioned it is very popular and well trailed. There are two parking lots at the trail head.

Great hike. Nov 03, 2018. Dark and cold start but beat the crowd. Very foggy, pretty cold ( about 22 degrees)
Snow at higher elevations, really pretty. Great hike because it’s up and down. Kinda easygoing and pleasant because it isn’t straight up. Fog cleared lots of great views. My new favorite. It was a Saturday traffic coming out was bad. Peach season Saturday.

This was great trail with a couple of variations for length. Like others said, it seems to be minimally tended to so there are areas with trees down and a few spots you have to climb or traverse. Our 70 lb boxer was able to handle it well. The stairs at the beginning might be the hardest parts with really uneven step gaps.

The waterfall is worth the short (but steep) off trail venture. Absolutely stunning.

Views are outstanding right at the beginning.

16 days ago

My wife and me climbed it on October 30th. start at 10 am. parking lot was packed. trail so crowded. if you keep climbing through Boulevard Trail you reach the Mt Le Conte top.

An awesome trail!! Beautiful views and amazing hike. Don’t be fooled by its popularity, it’s tough, but worth the climb!

We’ve hiked in Colorado, California, Patagonia etc and think this is one of the best hikes we’ve ever experienced. Beautiful streams, gorgeous views and so well maintained. Highly recommend!!

Great hike! Lots of variety along the trail, and you can’t beat the views from the top! There’s also a great little building at the top to eat lunch and enjoy some hot cocoa before hiking back down. Highly recommend if you have the time and are pretty fit. Take lots of water! If it’s icy, be sure to take spikes. It’s very difficult to walk on the rocks without them.

Great trail - some of the best views in TN.

This is a hard strenuous trail which runs beside the river until you reach the half way Alum Cave inspiration point. Mount Leconte summit is 2.7 miles from this point. This is a good turnaround point too.

Mt Leconte Clifftops, Leconte lodge and it’s library are amazing places to check out.
Coffee, Lunch, music, books and board games are available for hikers

Nice hike!

Even in the rain, this hike was beautiful. Water rolling beside most of the trail going up/down provided gorgeous views. Hiking shoes/boots highly recommended in the rain as the roots and puddles will be tough using anything else. Will do this again when the wx clears. Not many people on the trail today and was able to find parking in lot around noon.

Last year we hiked into to Alum and weren’t prepared to do LeConte. We promised ourselves we would come back. I’m so glad we did. It was a great hike. Lots of black ice and cold that morning but the sky was so clear. The hot chocolate at the lodge was even better bc we worked for it.
Great hike. Can’t wait to try another trail to the top!

Definitely a strenuous trial to the top. Trick is go early, in the rain with 40mph wind advisory. Very few on the trail. Very slippery as lots of water flowing down the trail. Sadly with all the rain wind and fog. View was non existent. All in all worth the hike. Trekking poles highly recommended!

hiked this a few days ago for the 2nd time. took me 2 hours to get to the lodge. great snacks in the dining hall.

Absolutely beautiful! We set off super early to get parking at the trail head (it’s insanely busy) and we basically had the trail all to ourselves. It was definitely hard but I’m not exactly fit either way it was worth it. No view at the summit though but we did the 0.3mile offshoot trail to the “cliff tops” and got some awesome views there. It was so much fun navigating some of the more precarious parts of the trail and with so much beauty around you, you could barely feel the pain of 5 miles strait uphill. Definitely worth it but get there early to beat the crowds.

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