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off trail
2 days ago

The white trail was great, we enjoyed with the kids and dog. When we decided to take the orange trail, Jessie’s Trail, it became more challenging. Very rocky and uphill.

15 days ago

Very nice outing with our dog. Surprisingly we met very few other hikers.

This is a nice trail! Dog friendly! Lots of mud and sticks to roll through! Enjoy walking up hill and zooming through the leaves! ~ Mello (Dog Review)

19 days ago

Nice easy loop. Extremely muddy, you'll want waterproof shoes or boots.

I do this one several times a year as it’s close by. Get there early for parking and be prepared to share the trail. Great views at the overlook and the pond is a nice resting spot on the Ivy trail.

A nice easy hike! There are some inclines in the beginning and at the end but nothing major. I enjoyed the views by the water and that this trail is very well maintained. Definitely suitable for all ages and pups!

It was a pretty good trail. We only managed to do the red trail since my youngest fell down and got hurt, but we will be back to do the whole thing another day.

One of the best trails for the Gunpowder area. Open views. Many extra little paths. Gradual inclines but mostly flat. Not boring scenery.

It is what the name says.. a pleasant easy hike.


Beautiful hike. Steep at the beginning and end, but not hard. Good portion of the hike is along the river/stream, a few stream crossings, and a nice view!

trail running
3 months ago

First time trail running and it’s the perfect trail for it. If you’re going to run be careful on rainy days

3 months ago

Very enjoyable hike, not strenuous but there are some hills to traverse.

Hiking would be fine but biking no way, at least not right now. Overgrown and needs some serious TLC. Not to mention the bridge up at the end of ring factory is currently closed.

Started up at ring factory road and made it to Stockton Rd then called it quits. It seemed like every 500 yards or so we had a huge tree down or had to search for where the track continued. I was hopeful that with this being in my backyard that it would be worth while... Sadly it's not. Maybe in the spring I'll go out with a chain saw and some wood.

Bread moderate hike! Well maintained and good for a group with varied experience.

Nice hike. Well maintained and labeled. The trail was muddy in some areas as expected after all of the rain the area has been getting. We took the Logger’s Trail (red) to Ivy and S. James (yellow) to Overlook Trail (red/black) to Logger’s Trail (red) to Virginia Pine (green). There were quite a few people on the trails. Our dogs enjoyed playing in the water. Lots of benches to sit and relax.

3 months ago

The trail was clear enough to make it easy to follow. Intersections were not marked though so I had to use the map to stay on the right path. It was muddy since it rained heavily the day before I went out but it wasn’t impassable because of it. The dogs love it too! But there wasn’t a shallow water front for them to play in the water.

4 months ago

Well kept, many altitude changes. Not as close to the water as it seems on the map. The pay off is the beach. We started on Morgan Mill and took the left fork which took us around to finish at Loch Raven Dr at the beach.

Perfect hike with the family and our 3 yr. old Lab.

4 months ago

Lots of great finds for a mushroomer!

4 months ago

Good difficulty and length! Parking was extremely limited, but we happened to be lucky. I could see it being frustrating if you didn't get one of the ~6 spots right next to the trailhead (as it's marked on this map - there are several spots along the road where you can hop on here).

Good flexibility in terms of being able to add & cut some loops along the way - just nothing spectacular here, though it's also far from boring. My experience was also a bit colored because I was stung by a bee at snacktime...watch where you're kicking around under larger rocks. My girlfriend did find some pretty uncommon mushrooms if you're into that sort of thing!

Good trail. I took the yellow trail (the 4 mile one) and it was peaceful, only saw a couple of other people towards the beginning and end of the trail. There is a nice little bench and pond area about halfway where you can sit and relax. Definitely will do it again

it was fun and we had to fight it through

This was my inaugural trail with AllTrails app, and I was so happy I had it. Is a beautiful setting, forested, lightly used trail, but the trail wasn’t marked well. There was a dried up water way that looked like the trail so we followed it. Thankfully, my map on AllTrails showed me how far off we were. We back tracked and kept going. You can hear beautiful song birds and see wildlife. I had my 3yo with me and I thought it was easy enough for him to do most of the time.

on Sweet Air Loop

trail running
6 months ago

Great location for trail running.
Many trails, they can get confusing.
Park is very well maintained. Always clean and freshly mowed. The trails do have some erosion and exposed roots. Run carefully. Lots of hills of varying elevations and some nice flat stretches.
All in all a great place for hiking, biking, running, and horseback riding.

Awesome trail. Lots to look at!

6 months ago

1st hike ever and with my 9-year-old daughter. Overall it was an amazing experience, however we were disappointed as we were not able to hike to the dam, as many trails leading to the damn were obstructed. However, my daughter's experience of feeding turtles in the estuary made up for it.

6 months ago

Kinda hard to find. Enjoyable once you’re on.

Great place to take kids! Saw lots of wildlife and was a great loop.

nature trips
6 months ago

Hike is lame but there is an informative nature center

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