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Absolutely beautiful

Nice, easy trail with a few hills involved. Not much access to the pond but i did find an area for the dogs to take a dip. Didn’t see many people on the trail. Bring bug spray!

Beautiful trail and scenery.. unfortunately, too many off-leash dogs makes it an unpleasant place to hike.

I would definitely recommend going when it’s cooler. I’ll be back to do more of the trails in The colder months. There were just way to many bugs to enjoy it. The trails were good. I would rate it moderate more than easy.

beautiful trail that leads onto the beach. lots of seals frolicking in the water. a great family trail.

This trail was pretty nice but takes so long because it's not marked at all with lots of other mini trails in and around it. l spent most of my time looking at the app and backtracking. Unless you don't mind walking around and not knowing where you're going, you will like it, lol. There are roads all around and throughout but still no clue which way to go.

Small, but very quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. Took us about two hours to make the biggest loop, and that included many stops at the waterfront and bridges. It's mostly shaded and a nice walk, just beware of tree roots across the path. Limited parking and very narrow dirt roads to get there, but once you're there it's a nice hike.

trail running
29 days ago

Nice and wet but the rain held off today. This is a great place to hike/run even in the rain. Did both summits and saw a beautiful doe/deer deep in. She caught my eye...then she was gone!

Easy trail for mountain biking. Flat, only a couple hills;nothing too difficult. No rocks. The trail is slim and windy but I would say it’s a good beginners course. Very fun ride.

1 month ago

Did this trail 7/8/18. It is well marked and really nice. thd bluff overlook is awesome. be sure to stop in the building for a map. The woman at the desk was very helpful. I will be back.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Intermediate to expert level riding. Easy on and off trails. No need to carry anything besides one bottle of water. Food and spare water can be kept in the vehicle for quick breaks and back on the trails. I consider this a great free gym for a short workout. Can’t always go to the very long trails especially after work or busy weekends. I tend to ride on Saturday and Sunday early morning for an hour or two. Then off to start the day doing other things.

Bug spray during summer, also wouldn’t necessarily call this easy. One of the few trails I’ve walked in RI with any elevation change to note

A nice little walk, big downfall were the bugs. It must of been the time of year, but literally had to jog because the mosquitos were so bad. End the walk quicker because they were so bad. But good parking lot and easier trail

Love this trail. Beautifully diverse.

Good after work trail along both trail sides of the reservoir but the busy road portion through me off. Don’t wear trail shoes, you just need regular shoes!

Great trails! My 5 and 9 year old handled it with easy. Easy to find. Good parking.

Blue route was poorly marked and I only ran prob a half mile on the trail and the rest was on the street.

Fun way to get a quick ride with some different terrain choices.

Nice, peaceful walk through the woods. We didn't run into anyone else while there. This is a Wildlife Refuge, so dogs are not allowed. Trails are well marked. Lots of of roots and rocks, so watch your footing. (and don't forget the bug spray).

Kids and I loved this trail. We will definitely be back.

Just got into hiking and I really liked this trail. I wouldn’t exactly call it easy, as it can get hilly in some areas. But I loved the setting in the woods. Path crossed the stream multiple times and was moving at a good pace at some parts. Watch out for mud though! May just be the season but some areas were quite muddy

mountain biking
3 months ago

Nice ride

There’s a loop that goes around the whole park but you’ll be walking on the road through the park, still surrounded by trees and offers beautiful views of the lake. There are also trails through the woods that are more true to hiking, also offering great views of the lake. Some of those trials still cut through the road briefly depending on the trial you take, but are mostly through the woods. Wonderful options for all seasons however less parking is available in the off-season. The sunset hiking trials and whole park in general offers great views around sunset. The foliage in autumn is also worth a visit. You can also rent a picnic area for a couple dollars and hang out, if you want to make a day out of it. Easy trials, kid and dog friendly. The road trails get pretty busy in nice weather but the dirt paths are less populated.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Great mountain biking. There are trails shared between hikers and mt bikers, so look out for one another. There are narrow trails that are for mountains only. I dont know about other bikers but Im flying and would never have time to stop if a hiker. sooo please please please, if you are hiking stay off the mountain bike trails so no one gets hurt. Also mountain bikers, keep a look out for dear. Had a close call not too long ago.

Very fun

Great park! Hiked here yesterday for the second time. There’s a visitor center with bathrooms and trail maps. Trails are well marked. Did the West Side Trail, French Trail, Granite Hills Upper Trail — which are all moderate with streams and rocky terrain. Finished with the Pond Walk which is more like an unpaved road. Lots of walkers and dogs on the Pond Walk. We hardly encountered anyone on the more rugged trails (though we did see a turkey in the woods).

Really good trail.

One of our favorite trails. Plenty of parking, beautiful views of Cape Cod bay, and a very clean beach to relax on at the end of the trail. We frequent the beach in the summer as it is less crowded than WH of Plymouth beach, although a little rockier.

small, but beautiful. was there on April 20 seen a good amount of birds even though it was early before migration. birds included was Kestrel, wood duck, pine warbler, towhee. I think it will be a really good birding hot spot for the spring migrants. Beautiful pond.

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