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Not as easy as the rating would lead you to believe. Lots of small but steep elevation changes. Rock steps are very slippery in winter - I was using my hands for stability at points.

Devil's staircase portion of the hike is great...but more than half of the segment is in the Riverside Park, and is substantially less interesting.

Best place to start is the Arbor Ridge segment, and end at the steps leading down to the Riverside Park.

Pretty icy right now, bring ice grippers...but still a great hike!

26 days ago

Beautiful trees, well-kept trail, and moderate hike.

on Ice Age Trail: Devil's Staircase

1 month ago

Great views but having it marked as easy is a little misleading.

1 month ago

34 degrees and foggy at 8:00am. Fog added a whole new look and feel to the trek. Incredible amount of brushing in planted pines along southern reaches of the trail. Encountered no one on the entire trek. Enjoyed hills between miles 6 & 7. A great workout. Great to be outdoors!

This was a nice hike with great views, but I agree with others that the hike being "easy" is misleading.

2 months ago

One of my favorite trails at this park. It’s challenging with different steps and elevations and the pictures rock cave is very pretty too.

2 months ago

Great early winter Trek. First measurable snowfall of the season. 1 to 2 inches. Blue trail. Beautiful!

2 months ago

Took a walk in late October, overcast day, temps in mid 40’s, great walk around the entire lake, will being my fishing pole next time a great opportunity to enjoy the lake from a variety of spots on the trail

on Ice Age Trail: Devil's Staircase

2 months ago

Amazing views and very peaceful hike. Be prepared for lots of uneven steps and very thin trail. Had a great time and will be back again.

Nice trail. We did the white trail with our dogs. accidentally started off in the wrong direction but took a narrow linking trail to get on track. Be careful of holes and sticks hidden under the oak leaves. We will be back but please leave a garbage can in the parking lot for those of us who bag our dog poop. there was some poop on the trail, probably left by people who know there isn't a can.

Very Beautiful fall trail. Got lucky with weather! Only downside is it wasnt marked very well.

It’s fee based area trails.

Nice day for a trail run. A nice mix of grassy and rocky trails, along with moderate elevation changes. My first time on this trail. The only downside is a trail fee of $8 for the day, but not a deal breaker. So, bring a bit of cash or check book. Enjoy!

4 months ago

Beginning of trail is a nice walk in the woods. Forest is quite dense so visibility in early September is not very far. Views of lakes are nice but shores are quite overgrown. Trails by lakes have been cut and are about 20’ wide on the entire walk back to parking lot. About half the way. I would rate it Easy.

Best trails close to metro area to hike with your dogs. Not as busy as Lapham Peak.

Great trail, wide paths, nicely maintained. I’ve been here several different weekends and it is not very crowded. A number of different loop lengths that intersect. We usually end up doing the blue trail and then switching to green to make up a ~6.5 mike loop.

Good trail with several loop options. Good for all levels of hikers including kids.

5 months ago

Nice wide trails, dog friendly (please pick up after them) great views and plenty of wild life. Moderate terrain. Only downfall for me is no dogs allowed on the trails in winter when cross country skiing is going on. Too bad for me:(

great hike. ....☺

Fun hike, nice wooded and scenic views. When I went the bugs were not bad at all which surprised me since it's so close to the river. Just a warning, if you see a trail that seems forgotten don't follow it, it literally dead ends at a massive fallen tree.

This is a nice trail, but I would not call it easy. There are a few places with uneven steps going up and down that were made easier with trekking poles. I am in my 60s but it can be tricky if you are not expecting this terrain. Also dogs are not allowed in Janesville parks from May to October.

Nice hiking trail, beautiful lake. Has some nice lake outlooks but does not follow close to the lake. My 60 some year old parents were able to walk it easily. Not very busy, went on a weekday and did not see anyone else on the trail.

This was a decent trail. I’m not sure I’d label it as easy though! It’s not hard but you definitely need to watch your footing. Saw a good amount of litter and glass along the way.

Excellent trail with nice views of Southeastern Wisconsin. Trail is well marked and great for all skill levels. Parking is $8 per day at the State Park.

There's Scuppernong Trail System and Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail (across from Ottawa Lake Camping area). This is a review of the former.
Synopsis: Consists of 3 trails, Red(2.3m), Orange(4.1m), and Green(4.9m). The Orange and Green trails break off at multiple points to form longer trails. There's an optional short Scenic Overlook Trail loop accessible by all 3 at a point when they temporarily reconnect. All start and finish in the same area. The Scuppernong Section of the Ice Age Trail(marked Yellow) intersects the Orange and Green. It's well marked and has posted maps along the way. The parking lot area has respectable pit restrooms.
Terrain: The trails are rock(some loose)/dirt with sections of sand. It's mostly inclines with little straight areas. The path is wide and allows for two individuals to walk together.
Scenery: The trails travel amongst the kettles which are heavily forested. The overlook loop provides a nice view. The forested scenery becomes somewhat monotonous.
Pro's: The trails are wide, easy to navigate, and are well marked. The inclines provide a decent hike and can be a tad challenging in some areas.
Con's: The scenery becomes monotonous and can be buggy especially later in the evening. At points, the trail seems like walking on a service path.
Recommendation: If you're up for a decent hike to get the blood flowing, this is the trail. The inclines get your heart rate up and maintaining a solid pace will get you sweating. A family hike might become dull. If you have kids under 8-10, I'd recommend the Red Trail and the Overlook Loop. Trail running might be the strong recommendation.

Beautiful area. And lovely trail. We did combo of red and green trails for total of 4mi. Lots of hills to keep reminding your legs that this isn’t just a stroll. Some runners but not a problem for hikers. Very family friendly trails with beautiful trail head facilities.

Beautiful place to spend a day. Lots of rental opportunities on the lake as well like, kayak, boat, paddle board etc. will do again!

easy trail, my 3 kids and I did it today. they are 5, 7 and 12. did the 5 mile trail in the rain, only saw 1 person jogging, it was very peaceful and for an outdoors man they view is awsome! the entire trail is through dense woods, bugs were no problem (assuming it was because of the rain). great trail, everything is marked very well

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