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Beautiful!!! But quite hard considering I’m out of shape & it’s up up up the whole way to the lake!!!! Worth it though!!!!

My favourite hike of all time.

Amazing trail, we hiked it a total of three times. Bring plenty of water, sandwich and snacks. Make sure to pack a light rain jacket or a wind breaker, it gets much colder up near the top than it is on the bottom. We went through all weather on the way up. From hot to cold. Wear sunblock and carry bear spray, we saw grizzly and the rams were aggressive too, even though we gave them lots of space and never approached them. Try to stick with other people. Amazing views the entire time. It is a challenging hike.

Stunning views the whole way!

Crowded but awesome trail

Magnificent trail. I’ve hiked all of New England- Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and a great deal of the West. Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho. Nothing I’ve seen in the States has come close to comparing to this trail. And it’s a surprisingly easy hike for how incredible the views are. If you live in the states it’s a hike you’ve got to experience.

Awesome views

1 month ago

Best views ever. Great trail if you can find it

1 month ago

An amazing hike - we did it mid-July and the upper section of the trail still had snow in a couple of places and a waterfall falling right on the path. There was a warning about "snow danger" in place too even though none of the snow patches could have possibly been dangerous in any way.
The views are absolutely stunning throughout the hike, and the lake with the glacier at the top are just beautiful. We saw some bighorn sheep too.
Definitely one of the most beautiful hikes we've done!

My favorite hike of all time...so far! Accidentally took the ranger led hike down to the shore of Grinnell Lake, not knowing the glacier trail head was by the boat dock. Did see a black bear cub and we all were a bit nervous because we didn't know where the mother was located. Finally got back to the trail head after the 2-hour ranger led hike and started hiking up towards the glacier. Only got about halfway up the trail before heading back due to time, but the views were simply amazing! Moose, deer, bears, big horn sheep and other small critters are up there in late June. Beautiful!!!

2 months ago

First, Glacier National park is a treasure. Be prepared for sights and colors and sensational scenery!! This was the most incredible hike to a vanishing glacier. Start early in the morning. You will be stopping frequently to snap photos. Also, you will get wet. I hiked this in July and there was still snow patches and water to travel over and under!! Bring a water filter system so you can drink glacier water. I saw many animals... a Wolverine, for one. Bring bells and bear spray. Be prepared and you’ll have such special memories of this hike!

Absolutely stunning views. We went in June and part of the trail was still closed for snow.

2 months ago

My favorite hike of the visit
End of August 2017, a bit warm and some smoke due to fires but air quality during our hike to Grinnell was fine
Saw moose in lake Josephine , grizzly meandering across trail, and many big horn sheep !
The views are spectacular both from the trail throughout and also at the glacier/ lake This is a must do hike

2 months ago

Hiked May 2016. The view was worth the trip, absolutely beautiful! Many Glacier was my favorite area of the park!

2 months ago

Went snowshoeing today with my dog, it was really nice. Couldn’t do the full hike because of avalanche warnings but we hiked to the point which had beautiful views.

3 months ago

Gorgeous hike, seemed like a well maintained trail. It got snowy in the afternoon which made the trail a little harder on the way down. Be aware there's a decent distance between the parking lot and the start of the trail so it will probably take a little longer than expected. The switchbacks were long with a relatively constant small incline, which made going up challenging, but the view at the top was so worth it. Breathtaking spot.

3 months ago

Got a late start and had to turn around, spur of the moment thing. I will try again in spring and get a much earlier start.

The steeper part of the trail has long grades between switchbacks and although altitude is not a problem for me, the constant climb was had on my knees.

I did this on Remembrance day. It was beautiful. The snow was up to the thigh at some point. On the way back, I could hear the avi sounds. So, just be careful out there.

4 months ago

A truly beautiful hike with amazing scenery. It's not a hard hike to do, however towards the end of the hike there is a serious amount of snow that made it basically impossible to make it all the way to the glacier. Still a great hike.

4 months ago

My favorite hike in Glacier. It does get quite challenging at some points but once you reach the top, it won’t matter! Beautiful 360 degree views! Saw many mountain goats and big horned sheep on this trail. Had to back track until it was safe to move off of the trail for a mountain goat that was walking right toward us! It is a great trail to get away from the large crowds.

Beautiful scenery. Lots of variety. Definitely need the right gear at this time of year with all the snow. Stay left of the rocky gully on the way down. It’s a bit sketchy with the snow and ice. Take the adjacent avalanche gully. Much easier and faster decent.

Hiked: Mid-October 2017
Weather: recent snowfall and VERY windy
Wildlife: goats, elk, grizzly, deer
Boats were not operating at time
Bathrooms and picnic tables at the trailhead

Arrived about 11am. Enjoyed getting the heart pumping with a brisk walk bc boats were done for the season. Lots of canopy coverage at this point. The trail becomes slightly steeper, but definitely manageable. This is about the time you look back and get gorgeous views of the lakes.

At this point in the hike, other hikers pointed out a bear much further walking up the trail. We continued on to warn hikers in front of us about the bear, which we thought was black. We were about 1.5 miles from the end when we viewed the grizzly bear at a safe distance. Waited about an hour before turning around bc the winds were supposed to be even worse that afternoon and the bear was still eating about 100+ yards from us, but about 50 feet off the trail ahead. Hey... a bear’s gotta eat and I can definitely relate! Still sad I didn’t finish a hike I had planned for so long, but the journey was still wonderful.

Will definitely be back to complete this hike in the future!

4 months ago

FYI In route you will travel on an unpaved road with a one lane bridge. No bathroom at the trailhead.

Went in the afternoon. The start of the hike is in a once burned forest in recovery not steep at all. Spots of shade. Lots of horse poop. I mean LOTS! The majority of the trail is exposed so be prepared for lots of sun and/or exposure to other elements.
Long distances between switchbacks on the steepest part of the trail. Decent sights along the way. View at the top of course made it worth it. Bring plenty of water and a snack for the summit.

Easy peasy but beautiful.

This was a great hike and the views from the ridge were 110% worth every step! It does get steep going up from Rawson Lake to Sarrail Ridge and the trail got muddy and slippery on the way down, but between the parking lot and Rawson Lake was fine.

Did this one Oct 15, 2017. Well established trail, first part along Upper Kananaskis Lake is a gradual incline. Then gets more steep as you go away from Upper Kananaskis Lake towards Rawson Lake. Used crampons on the steeper part and they were so helpful. Highly recommended. A little snow and ice which gradually got deeper towards Rawson Lake. I would rate the trail from the parking lot to Rawson as easy but I would rate the trail from Rawson Lake to Sarrail Ridge as hard. It's very steep. I wouldn't attempt it without crampons but there were lots of younger people doing it in runners. To me that's too dangerous. The snow at the top was about knee deep but the views of both Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes was gorgeous.
Btw there is a potty at Rawson Lake but make sure to bring your own toilet paper.

Gorgeous views but one of the hardest hikes I have done so far.

The trail is currently snowy which results in an easy to follow trail, but it gets wet and slick so prepare accordingly. There will be some snow scrambling and the views are incredible. The Ridge was very windy today and I didn't have extra clothes so I turned around at the false peak (started clockwise). I'll be back in summer to complete it! I would say the scramble is more difficult that "moderate", though.

5 months ago

Top of the line views! I couldn't quite reach the summit do to ice on the scrambling sections & I was hiking in knee deep snow by about 3 quarters of the way up. I could have easily reached the summit if I had better gloves and crampons. Amazing hike tho!

Spectacular views! A lot of snow on the trail this past weekend. I was disappointed there was no water going over the falls though. Looking forward to tackling it in the spring again!

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