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Hiked Oct 21, 2018. Trail a mix of hardened snow, ice, dirt and mud. Crampons very useful for beginning ascent and absolutely required for going down to falls. Some areas challenging due to broken trail of hard snow and deep tracks. Elbow Lake is totally frozen. Folks walking on. Nice leisurely hike after initial ascent.

An easy and relaxing hike with some pretty views. It was 17km which is a lot of walking but good if you want to take your time and spend the day out there. Lots of water spots for the pup to play in!

6 days ago

Super easy trail - it’s perfect for a late afternoon if you want to get out of the city and see some nice scenery. Its perfect for dogs too I took my male dog and hiked up to the hoodoo and back. This area can get busy so it’s best to go at a later time in the day.

7 days ago

NAFTA and dairy quota talks aside;Trump and Trudeau supporters alike would find this hike enjoyable. It is an easy to moderate hike; we went well past the waterfall and saw some gorgeous boulders in the creek. There was a RC car group driving their toys on the rocks, for whatever reason. One and done for me.

Awesome hike in the Fall! Constant climb from the trailhead but it doesn’t last long and once you hit the lake it’s pretty flat the rest of the way! Views are insane! Lots of snow already, snowshoes would have been good but not necessary! Saw maybe 7 or 8 other hikers all day on the thanksgiving weekend Sunday. Saw some lines in the distance that would be good to explore on the split board including an intense couloir in the far off horizon!

Arrived a few weeks ago at 630am on a Friday. Parking lot was full at that time. Amazing views of the peaks. Some of the most scenic backdrops I have seen in a larch forest. Make sure to continue to Sentinel pass for more amazing views.

Went on Saturday, it was beautiful. definitely need gaiters.

It is a long trip taking more than 6 hours (with lots of photos). We saw lots of different mushrooms along the trail’

This hike requires to be in a good shape.
You will find incredible views.

My friends and I we left the car in a parking lot that is located 5 minutes ago. In the parking lot there are free buses that takes you to Lake Moraine and this hike. I heard that this hike will we open until 8th October.

I loved this hike! The views were pretty spectacular. The first bit of the hike was uphill which can be a challenge for beginners but I promise you it is worth it, and all easy from there! Absolutely blown away by the lake and the sights along the trail. We were lucky to pass some fellow hikers along the way so they gave us some advice about the falls and made it easy for us to find, but as it was snowy we did not attempt to take the trail all the way down to the falls, just stayed at the top lookout. Will definitely be going out again!

Did this hike sept 29th and it was great! Larch trees looked amazing with the snow too. Wear good shoes as people started to slip due to freezing conditions and whiteouts are happening more so check conditions before going up

Great hike, wasn’t the best weather today as soon as we got into the larch valley the snow started, making the way up the pass a little sketchy. Crampons 100% necessary. Saw people slipping all over the place even with hikers. Back down the patch between larch valley and moraine lake got super slippery as the snow started to pack on the trail and we saw a ton of people going up in only sneakers...*shakes head*. Took us a total of just under 4 hrs, with a mini break in the larch valley for food. Didn’t stay up at the pass due to the snowfall and whiteout conditions. I bet the views are unreal on this hike in good weather, will be going back next summer to enjoy the 10 peaks as we unfortunately saw none today.

Great hike, beautiful scenery and a variety of terrain. Like others have said, it is long. Took my 14 and I about 5.5 hours. Time well spent though.

Did this hike 3rd week of September and was incredible! Valley of Ten Peaks appeared on and off through the clouds. Snowed for 3/4 of the hike But we didn’t mind! Two Aussies in the snow! We couldn’t complain! The larch trees were super neat!

Always a favourite of mine. First time seeing sentinel while the larches were out, one word — WOW!!! Completed on Sept 19, 2018. Starts with steep switchbacks, opens to the valley which is stunning. You make your way to the final stretch to reach the pass. The views of the 10 peaks are one of a kind. This hike can easily be completed by people of all ages and skill levels. We had poles and our shoes spiked, and they definitely came in handy, once the sun came out the final set off switchbacks became quite slippery. As others have mentioned, slow and steady wins the race! Bring snacks, stay hydrated and your golden.

If you want to park at Lake Moraine, it’s VERY limited. We got their at 7:00A and grabbed literally the last spot. The shuttle from lake Louise runs every 15 minutes and it’s free, so that’s a solid alternative. If you’re thinking of a 5-7 hike to do while in Banff, you have to put this one on your list!

23 days ago

Completed Wilcox Pass on Sept 23, 2018 on the way to Jasper. Fantastic Hike, well worth the stop! great rewarding family hike if you want a bit of a challenge too. You’re at high altitude so slow and steady wins the race! Completed in about 3 hours with plenty of stops to take pictures.

Well maintained switchback trail, once you pass the red Muskoka chairs the trail thins out but is still easily identifiable. We also saw the Herd of big horn sheep! Stopped once we reached the pass — noticed quite a few folks pushing further up (set aside 4-6 hours depending on your skill level for that.

We reached the pass where the tundra opened up and the views were breathtaking. Seeing the glacier on one side and an open tundra on the other is like no other! We even found a Geocash! So cool!

23 days ago

Amazing experience! Hard and slippery but so worth it!

This has got to be one of the most incredible views I have ever seen. I didn’t actually know what was at the top other than the larch trees with beautiful gold colored leaves (needles?) due to the changing of the seasons. I visited the last week of September. It was a cloudy day with little visibility, and very few people on the trail as it was still pretty early in the morning. The trail up to the top is a series of pretty steep switchbacks. I didn’t really see much of Moraine Lake heading up. Once you reach the top, it flattens out a bit, and you will see the beautifully colored larches. It was quite foggy when I went, and I couldn’t see too far, but as I continued on and headed up a more gentle incline, the fog seemed to clear and it appeared that I was above the clouds. The incredible and breathtaking view of mountains surrounding me on all sides appeared. It was truly stunning. I’ve heard that they call Moraine Lake the Valley of Ten Peaks, and now I know why. Truly, truly stunning, and a must-do when you’re at Moraine Lake. There is also a lake which you will see if you glance back down to your right after you reach the valley where you can see the peaks. This trail continues on towards Wenchemmna Pass which hopefully I’ll have the stamina to reach one day.

Nice short one... especially good after getting beyond the Baymag plant. As others have mentioned, it is worth continuing up the river bed past the end of the maintained trail until you see the hoodoo. We were back at the car by noon and by then the trail was starting to get a lot busier.

short, but very cool hike! views are great!

Great, but long! might be too long for the kids(our kids were 4 and 6! they were champs, but there was some complaining! lol)

Great hike, one of the most scenic and rewarding ones in Banff area, especially doable for not such experienced hikers. Anyone in moderate/average shape can do it (you just go slower). People of all ages including children and toy dogs were even making Sentinal Pass! The trail starts with a incline, turning into switchbacks to ease the elevation gain (this makes it a lot easier for the average person). It then opens up into a much flatter valley with larches, incredible in late September with golden colors and a super view of the 10 peaks. The flat valley gradually opens to a slight incline over a km or two until you reach some lakes, one at the base of Sentinal Pass. When I went in the morning on Sunday Sept 23/18, Banff area had a week of rain/snow and there was fresh snow that fell that night. I did use my microspikes due to the snow/ice up the pass (I also had poles), and it made the trek far far easier. The incline up the pass is steeper in parts with scree slope down the sides but looks worse at a distance than it is. Having the right equipment makes it very easily managed although some people were going up the pass with just sneakers but were slipping and sliding more. Most people that went stopped at the lakes and did not go up the pass that day due to all the snow/ice and poor traction. Extremely busy on a weekend in later September (larch season) shows just how manageable this trail is for most anyone. Go on a clear day for outstanding views and have the right equipment just in case. The weather can change as you go up, too. It was raining as we went up, changing to snow but luckily cleared by the time we got to the top rewarding us with great views. Enjoy this classic hike that will make you want to get out even more!

29 days ago

Did this hike mid-sept and it was outstanding. Great views thru Larch Valley and even better when you get up the scree path (steep, but not scary, nor dangerous) at Sentinel Pass. We stopped there and did not go on to Temple Mtn because that started to get too steep for us.

Such a beautiful hike and great views from the pass. There was lots of fresh snow on the hike from the larch valley up to the pass, micro spikes for your hiking boots are really a must in these conditions and on that type of slope.

great easy hike but really interesting to go through the canyon and see the rock formations

Lovely little trail to take with dog and husband. Extra loop north of the bridge on the East side was worth the diversion!

A-ma-zing. Even with bad weather (snow today) very well worth the trip. The last part, to Sentinel pass, is quite icy...so watch your step.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I personally have done hundreds of hours of trail maintenance on the Jumping Pound – Pinetop Trail to keep it navigable by youngsters and senior hikers and a place for beginner and intermediate mountain bikers. I have removed those beautiful formed cow pies that get on your boots and bike tires. Yes, the trail is slippery when wet. The trail also is easily damaged when really wet and muddy; not so much when the trail is reasonably dry or frozen. If you are really hard core and want to get out no matter the conditions, do what I have done, go in behind Mt. Robson solo for ten days. Don’t be a cow!

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