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13 hours ago

The trailhead to the canyon is bare, no crampons required until you get to the canyon creek. Slushy in some spots on the creek bed yet overall still frozen. 30 minutes from the start of the canyon to the cave. Great, easy hike on a windy day... don't forget those crampons though, others didn't have them and were slipping all over.

18 hours ago

Jan 20/19 - Always a fun little hike. Trail is in great shape. Spikes are recommended for the creek portion but we managed just fine without them today. Went all the way past (to the left) the frozen falls through the canyon to a little cave. Was fun to climb up to but watch the loose dirt.

6 days ago

Very nice hike. Took me two hours to do full loop. If you are wanting to do a shorter walk there is a shortcut midway so would probably take about an hour. Saw deer, wood pecker and lots of squirrels.

Some large trees fallen across path on the south side of road but easily navigatable around.

Had a great time exploring this hike! Fun to walk the frozen stream if you’ve got spikes on. Can’t wait to see it in the summer.

10 days ago

Hiked in August. Trail was dry but lots of tree root rutting. views of lake were great at the end- in this case the destination far exceeded the journey.
Great intro hike for visiting European family members.

My favorite hike! Push yourself to get to the top! I was nervous about doing the switchback at the end because it looked steep with loose stones but I went up anyway and the views were incredible, so happy I did.

18 days ago

Absolutely a beautiful hike to Kinney Lake. Minimal elevation gain and great views.

My husband, son and 5 year old grandchild and I hiked about 2km out and back again. Beautiful views, blue skies but lots of snow. Rolling hilly path which was a bit of a challenge for a 5 year old. We will definitely be back to hike it again and hope to complete the full loop! Trekking poles were helpful. We hiked to Rawson Lake in the summer so seeing part of the path in winter was a beautiful change.

Beautiful area. We were snowshoeing and it was just lovely. Lots of snow, beautiful views and forests. Can’t wait to come back in the summer.

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21 days ago

Beautiful trail along the canyon to the falls. Be sure to take the trail down the the bottom of the falls with the rope. And the bathrooms were open at the campground.

22 days ago

Great Hike- we had to ditch the snowshoes about 2km as there was not enough snow. But it would doable all the way up with them.

23 days ago

A great short hike. I definitely encourage hiking crampons rather than city/daily ice spikes.

Great little hike. End of the hike over looks where I believe water should run. May see more of that in the spring, we hiked it in October and water was dried up!

Minimal effort for some great effort.
Completed December 9.

Cute cave to enjoy a drink.

1 month ago

Decent hike once you get past the factories.

Awesome trail with incredible views. Only thing I found was there was minimal signage along the trail with made it difficult to stay on track in the winter. On the other side though the trail head and the road to the parking lot were very well signed. Summer time I’m sure the trail would be more visible!

I did this hike July 8, 2018. It’s not difficult, other then waking on small to big rocks the whole time, you just want to be careful so you don’t twist your ankle. It was a busy trail the day we went, but not crowded. Many people were rock climbing too. Once you pass the waterfall it gets quieter, most people turn around and head back there. We continued on and passed inukshuks people had made. The trail opens up into a big valley. We kept on hiking until we got tired, but we wanted to see if we could reach an end to the river valley, but there was none in sight.

Nov.25th - steep for the first 20-25 minutes but easy once you hit the lake! Waterfalls are beautiful.

2 months ago

Nice views around the middle and a little waterfall at the end. Not a long trail.

The water/ice sculpture created by the freezing waterfall makes this moderately easy hike a 5/5. Wearing micro spikes proved helpful as the start of the hike as well as the short path down to the waterfall were steep.

2 months ago

Nice and simple hike. My boyfriend, dog and I hiked out to the 3rd waterfall which is about 8km from the trailhead. Great views the whole way and easy trail to follow along the river. Recommend this hike to anyone!

04/11 Would recommend as an easy winter hike with a very special waterfalls treat at the end. Required spikes for majority of the hike thanks to an icy trail. The climb down to the falls is very sketchy so recommend spikes and poles.

2 months ago

Amazing views from the top! Be prepared for switchbacks though, as this trail is full of them!! I’ve done this hike a few times now and have enjoyed the “reward” at the top every time!

I did this in the summer however! Just late to rate it.

An easy hike. Went on Nov 4, weather was good; overcast with sunny periods, temperatures around 6-8 degrees. Mostly walking through trees, not a scenic hike. Once is enough. We lucked out with the weather, once back in the vehicle it started to rain.

2 months ago

Trail was ok. Very rocky. Starts out near the lefarge plant.. kinda interferes with the nice scenery part. Waterfall is small. Nothing in the cave. Meh

Crescent falls will always be a favourite - try to visit at least once a years and have been down there in basically all types of weather!!

2 months ago

Loved this trail. Took us not even 3 hours of leisurely walking. Trail was marked with ribbon most of the way. Nice walk for the end of October.

2 months ago

Easy walk with a small waterfall to view. Not to many people around either. Path is clearly marked and bathrooms at parking lot

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