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Fortuna Bear Super blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse. Awesome

20 hours ago

AMAZING walk! Perfect for a Sunday when you have lots of time to stroll around the city and balboa park. I loved the bridges and next I want to explore the beautiful canyons underneath them! :)

trail running
4 days ago

It’s steeper than the other peaks in Mission Regional, but with a good pace, can use it as running trail for a real good work out

Really fun hike. We crushed it yesterday

Easy access. Paved

on Lake Miramar Trail

11 days ago

Beautiful place and easy, flat trail

Not bad, went with a friend and we were able to chat easily most of the way. There are some good inclines /declines that are steep. Tread carefully :-)

road biking
13 days ago

It’s an ok location for road biking however there are some sharp turns and the amount of people walking impedes bike travel making it hard to get a good workout in. Go on a weekday and be careful of the amount of potholes on the road.

14 days ago

Great loop walk starting at the bridge by the Rose Garden in Balboa Park, walk through the main promenade of Balboa Park, Bankers Hill and Hillcrest. My two favorite bridges are the wood trestle Quince Street Pedestrian Bridge built in 1905 and the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge built in 1912. The Vermont Bridge in Hillcrest has 28 laser cut stainless steel and colored plexiglas railing panels with icons and quotations that refer to the metaphors of time, walking, and bridging. Some of the quotations include Dr. Seuss, Audrey Lourde, Irving Gill, Kate Sessions, Pythagoras, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Highly recommend this walk.

17 days ago

Excellent hike! Highly recommend hiking boots and gloves!

Took our kids (7 and 9) down the trail to the beach. Recommend wearing good shoes vs tennis shoes. Was a fun experience and really cool rock features.

21 days ago

Easier than expected. Definitely suggest going clockwise, because otherwise you’d deal with a hard section going up to the South Fortuna summit. This is a pretty easy and pleasant trail!

Challenging trail run but so worth the effort, BEAUTIFUL.

A little steep and rocky for a mountain bike going up. The service road route is much easier. On a clear day you can see everything!

27 days ago

There are parts of this hike/walk that need to be omitted. My fault for not checking other sources. If you really feel the need for hiking through Florida Canyon, great, go for it. I would have rather stuck on the sidewalks and enjoyed an urban adventure. Would recommend avoiding Florida Canyon and go straight down Park Ave. The most interesting bridges, in my opinion are the ones west of Balboa Park. Enjoy!

Excellent 5-mile paved loop (with desert, hilly trail options). Easy to get to, easy to park. Great view of city and sunset from the dam.

1 month ago

Went 2 days after heavy rain. Our first rime. Surfer recommended going barefoot, he was right.! super slippery at bottom by the rope. Took Gliderport stairs back and the ridge back to HoChi Minh. Views are amazing. I agree w moderate rating. Real fun, oh yeah, for those new to area Black’s beach is one of the best breaks in area and the North side is a swimsuit optional beach.

Several things I love.
1) Typically not crowded
2) Many paths to each peak which offer their own delights
3) tons of thriving vegetation and wildlife
4) Some paths can be a bit of a challenge and leg burner
5) Some pretty cool hangout spots along the way that are peaceful and secluded

Downer: at times south fortuna is crowded at stairs, luckily several paths and theres north fortuna, significantly less crowded.

I once hiked down North Fortuna after dark without a headlamp, by myself, with several paths intersecting. DONT DO THAT scary as heck.

oh, leave a gift of poetry at North Fortuna too

1 month ago

I did this hike several times and enjoyed it very much. Assess from all four different directions.

1 month ago

My first visit was in the summer, it was hot and trail was in tact - had good fun. My second time was after rains, the trail has become little more difficult than before because of the erosion. But I would say the fun element of this trail has increased because of the erosion. A shoe with good grip is a must have.

The feeling when you reach the peak after climbing the stairs is pretty great

An awesome trail for running, and working on steep inclines!

at his south trail killed me going up the stairs!!!! someone said to me the stairway to heaven, it was to hell. I was dying my dog made it! he loved it!

Awesome workout. Great view. I recommend ample water, a snack for the top and a lite packable wind jacket for nov/dec/jan/ feb - stairs were awesome, but trail is best on a weekday morning ( less people)

1 month ago

Easy to follow, fire/utility road is main trail. Some good elevation swings make it challenging!

Great hike got lost twice trying to find stairway to heaven.Don’t expect directions to it just follow directions to south Fortuna you will see the Stairs in the distance

Great hike for kids and dogs!

Good workout, decent views for so close to downtown SD. Pretty boulders and stairs to climb. VERY crowded.

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