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this trail was fantastic! I'm an avid trail runner and this trail did not disappoint. Nice steady climbs with very runnable sections. the down hill was pretty sweet. It was nice to get up among some pines. I want to come back and do the 20 mile loop!

Great workout and really pretty views. Make sure to summit and write in the trail journals at the top. Beautiful sunset views.

My sister and I came here a day after it rained here. Everything was green and beautiful. This is a pleasant trail where you have many different trail options.

Great trails with a lot to see. However there were some parts that would be difficult for children or seniors to cross. Enjoyed the river and not so congested walk.

There are a lot of dead and dying trees so be aware qhen youre hiking. The rain and storms have dropped quite a bit across the trail, but its not unpassable at all. One of the drainages had quite a bit of water in it from the recent storms, and everything was really wet, so it was really pretty and enjoyable.

over grown
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3 days ago

I used this trail to get me from Fobes to the PCT Junction since I couldn’t find Fobes to Spitler. May very we’ll be a good reason!

Great trail. Perfect for a morning hike to get the blood flowing. Not difficult, small boulders in a couple areas. Small elevation climb towards middle. Beautiful and well maintained!

Definitely recommend this hike! Great cardio!

Ummm. I thought it was strenous due the distance. It's a climb. Not super steep but it's a constant incline all the way up. It was challenging but doable on the way up and not too bad on knees and toes on the way down. Great prep. for those higher elevation peaks. The trail is really easy to follow. Great views. It was beautiful and chilly today.

Nice hike, was surprisingly easy with only a few steep parts. It was a bit crowded, even in the morning. Some nice views but wasn't super breathtaking. Wouldn't recommend if you're hiking to see lots of nature. Good exercise, didn't take too long, and had some scenic moments. It was good, but I won't be rushing to do it again.

Great Hike! Lots of different terrains as you gain elevation. Went early morning and we didn't see another person until we got back to the trailhead. There was ice and a bit of snow towards the top, and some of the drier terrain wasn't very compacted so wear shoes with good traction. Bring lots of water, I'd recommend at least 2 liters because there is so much incline. But, didn't find it too hard at all, great for those getting into longer distance day hikes. Saw lots of mountain lion tracks which was neat. Also lots of amazing views. The trail was well maintained and we made great time. Definitely paid off!

Went on it with a few friends a few days ago, beautiful hike does get a bit chilly but bring a jacket this time of year, be prepared bring water. I 100% recommend this hike to anyone and be careful with the ground at this time towards the top it’s iced over in the mornings

A great hike! A challenge as you go up some really steep climbs and another whole challenge going down! Loved the 911 tribute placards along the way!

This is a beautiful trail. The incline is not very challenging so the distance was doable in about 5 hours round trip. If you go during the winter, bring gloves, and scarf and hat. The wind makes it very chilly and there’s snow in the shaded areas.

Loved this hike! Will definitely do again soon!

Nice varied trail with a little climbing over rocks and lots of optional detours that lead down to the river. Partially tree covered and especially nice if there has been recent rain to green up the vegetation.

21 days ago

Love the trail, took the college loop and was followed by coyote for a while but half way back from top on north side of the service rode I seen mountain lion 90yds below me on trail, another hiker told me he seen 3 lions and said it looked like mother and 2 year olds or so , so keep your eyes out on mentone side of mountain

We did two river crossings! Probably went he wrong way but it was a blast. Doable for all levels and a lovely Sunday afternoon stroll through nature.

Nice hike on clean, well-maintained trails. Have to walk from parking and through the campsite to get to the trail. Alltrails has Dripping Springs as a Moderate hike but Natl Park Svc rates it strenuous. Probably more moderate as anyone in avg shape should have no problem.

Made it halfway and had to turn around due to time. It’s a scenic hike, nicely shaded by Oaks at the start, but exposed for about a thousand feet of switchbacks. I plan to give it another shot this month to the Gorgonio summit. Parking is limited at the trailhead lot so get there early and know ahead of time that there are no restrooms unless you head up to the ranger station at Vivian Creek.

I did last week although it was awesome I wish I was more prepared. Make sure you have spikes as some parts of the trail are covered with ice. As for the peak make sure you take walking poles and gators so your feet won’t get wet.

Almost 11 miles of trail great for a day hike. I’ve hiked this trail many times and I never get tired of the views from here. A must see

Hello to anyone that reads this. There are many regular Runners, Hikers,Walkers and Mountain Bikers along with Myself that use these trails as often as 3 times a week. I’ve been noticing a lot trash and water bottles along the trails. Rule of thumb of being in the great outdoors folks, if you bring it with you... take it with you! Thank You

Maybe I'm a wimp or maybe it was the 22 miles I did earlier that day but this is a tough hike. The terrain is rough and steep but the views are decent. A great workout and worthy of training and building up endurance.

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails in the area - lots of shade on a warm day, beautiful Fall colors this week! we added the loop at the far end, starting just after the wrecked car, for a total of 5.8 miles.

Nice to go up, up and then pause and then go down, down, down!

Great hike for the Fambam a little bit challenging for my 7 year old daughter but she made it. Make sure to bring plenty of water and don’t forget to sign the log. Ok

I love this trail! I call it cactus gardens because of ask the wild prickly pear you see at the beginning after hopping the creek. I do it often but am frequently chased back down to my car by mosquitos before I can make it to the top.

1 month ago

Nice little backpacking trip if you want to do gear shakedown hike. Nice views, two established camps along the trail: Alger Creek and Dobbs Cabin. Some parts of the trail towards Dobbs Creek are washed out.

I had a blast. Mid week was best timing.

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