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Nice short hike with a great payoff at the falls.

This is a great little afternoon hike. I have done this trail repeatedly over the years. Is seems long due to the elevation change. You wind closer and closer to the unseen summit, a few rock scrambles, the trees get lower and lower, then a rhododendron tunnel on to soild rock with beautiful over looks. Take plenty of water and a snack. Use some caution, this is one of those place where seemly short trail distance let people lose track that this is wilderness. My last hike here I encountered a timber rattlesnake crossing the trail at slow unhurried pace, a minute later a family in flip flops and tenni shoes, pounding down the trail, little kids leading the way. Of course I provide a subdued warning and of course the parents had a look on there face like "no one removes rattlesnakes from the trail". Any trip to this trail is not complete with a visit to the mountain crossings store at Neels Gap. If the gap area is busy you will have to park at the trailhead area just down the road and take the approach trail(Byron Reece Memorial Trail). This is a nice trail through tall fur trees and climbs to meet the AT at Flatrock gap. Then follow the AT due south to Blood Mountain.

Trail well maintained. Pup loved it, a few streams to cross and the falls are gorgeous. Bring the bug spray.

This was an amazing start to the many trails we covered this weekend. The trails are navigatable but I used walking sticks to help a little climb up and down the terrain. Going to the bottom was well worth it. A family brought a picnic and sat on the rocks at the first area of falls to enjoy the scenery. So worth it if you want to try your skills at hiking along tree roots to get around.

Love this hike- a North Georgia classic. Did this with my wife and two girls 5 and 2. 2 year old hiked about 60% of the way up to the top of Blood. 5 year old did the whole hike with minimal complaints, however bribes were leveraged for this. All the same proud Papa and Mama.

Very nice views. I love water falls and this trail is amazing!

Very beautiful trail, people say it’s well trafficked but when I went one day during the week, and barely saw people out there. I went later in the day, passed by the campsite and there were people down there but I only passed 2-3 people/groups on the trail, so the seclusion made it even better.

Just like people say, it’s pretty anticlimactic if you choose not to make the little extra climb at the end to get up to see the waterfall, but you still pass by some on the way,

great hike in early spring when the flowers are blooming...great hike all around..bring a picnic lunch and have it on the flat rocks. you're welcome

One of the more difficult hikes I’ve done, but truly a great time- amazing views.

Difficult at times, but well worth it. The view is awesome at the summit

17 days ago

Beautiful Trail gradual incline well shaded. The sounds of the Creek is wonderful. Several really nice camp sites. We did our full pack shake down hike took our time. We spent an hour at the Cliff Falls had a snack filtered a liter
of water with a our Versa Flow. The round trip took 4:20 including our one hour break. Being beginners and the fact I am 54 and my wife is 53 and I am use to sitting on my brains for a living. We had a blast. Tomorrow we will try our first Backpack overnight.

Awesome trail and very crowded . So go early .

BREATHTAKING ! this hike is more like 4 miles I would say and it really should be categorized as moderate. Alot of tree routes and some uphill on the way back. We definitely worked up a sweat! Now one thing that really disappointed us was the restrooms. We wanted to use the restrooms before starting our hike but as soon as we opened the door, we literally ran out! There was poop everywhere! On the floor,walls and toilet. That was shocking. But you know, we forgot about it once we saw the awesome falls.

Absolutely beautiful! I’m new to hiking and out of shape but it was easy for me. Very short hike, but took a bit of time to get to the bottom because of careful footing. So worth it!!! After parking, it took just a couple minutes to the Falls. The trail to the left leads to one waterfall, then to the right 3 more waterfalls. Camping areas were spacious and fairly clean (especially for being the day after Labor Day.) It was pretty muddy and rocky but so much fun. Bring LOTS of bug spray

The trail is very beautiful, amazing mini waterfalls along the way, but the ending is not worth it, decided to climb all the way to the top but is very dangerous, be cautious and watch your step.

19 days ago

Trail markings are sub par, so basically go through fence, keep cutting through several fields, then eventually on the right corner of the field there is the entrance to the actually trail.

Trail itself is in decent shape but still poorly marked.

However, the falls are TOTALLY worth it. Bring a camera and hammock!

Beautiful falls! The trail was challenging but fun. My 11 year old was a little nervous going down but we made it. Great swimming at the bottom.

This was awesome. I loved that it was not paved...a real hike! you have to look down a lot because of tree roots .they are everywhere but its what makes this so great! you get a real work out. dogs are welcome and all were very well behaved. you get to walk along the water and there are several water falls along the trail....it was awesome to get to the end! beautiful place.

Good trail. Beautiful whole way.

Good hike; if you do geocaching like I do, DO NOT TAKE THE LEFT FORK! It is as stated, a cliff. The climb back up wasn’t worth it for me. The hike was easy but fulllll of silk weaving critters that seem to have silk throughout the entire trail!! I had to walk with a branch out in front to catch most of the silkies.

Hike itself was very nice. Waterfalls throughout were scenic. Very busy, however.

wonderful hike in the fall thru the spring...bring a picnic lunch and sit on the rocks and enjoy

25 days ago

It's a nice walk down to the falls. They are worth it. Right now part of the bridge is closed because if a downed tree. Happy trails all.

I loved this trail. It's a long one, but totally worth it. Okay, so the waterfall at the end honestly wasn't worth the walk for me personally, but the walk itself is wonderful. Most of this walk is absolutely beautiful. Trees provide great shade and it's a slight incline all the way. It's noticable but barely. At the end there is a rock scramble you can go up. I didn't just because I had asked a few people and they said it wasn't worth doing it. I got some amazing photos and It was well worth the trip. Happy trails all.

it's a beautiful hike. the waterfall is georgous. the trail is well maintained and is marked well with orange blazes. It has 4 creek crossings on it. with all that being said I think the trail should be marked as a moderate hike. the hike out is uphill most of the way.

25 days ago

Really great hike! I took my dog (3-legged) and we both enjoyed it a lot. Only struggle was climbing back up the trail from the bottom of the waterfall. Also suggest longer pants for anyone with plant allergies as some parts of the trail are a bit overgrown. 100% worth it for the views.

Nice hike, go early to beat the crowds.

26 days ago

Nice easy hike, no one on the trail, pretty waterfalls along the trail

This was a great hike with wife and another couple. the first half of the trail has great views of the stream that it follows. Very easy hike and should not be rated as moderate. make sure when you get to the cliffs, you go up the steep trail on the right to see the falls. beautiful falls that appear imbedded deep in the rock cliff. watch your step on the way down the upper falls as it is steep.

Down hill stroll all the way to the falls and an uphill hike back. Great for the family and not to difficult. Nice big falls at the end.

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