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The wooded trail is in great condition considering a very rainy day. Got to top of Upper Falls and kept going to Wallace Lake along forest road. Forest road has places of snow cover. Returned to parking lot along Greg Ball trail. Very wet due to rain. Let’s just say the trail was a very very shallow creek. All in all very rainy day for a hike. But enjoyed the hike just as well.

It was definitely difficult for us but so worth it!

April 2nd: Gorgeous hike!! I set out at 7:00 and enjoyed the trail to myself. After reaching the Greg Ball trail there was snow on the ground. By the time I reached Wallace lake it was ankle deep! The trail is well enough maintained that it was easy to hike in the snow. I almost made it around to the north side of the lake (pebble beach) but a section of the trail was flooded.

The trailhead parking lot is very nice with real bathrooms. A Discover Pass is required, or a $10 day use fee.

This hike is awesome! Right now it starts to get icy just before the falls. The falls were partially frozen when I was there. After the falls it gets very steep. You have probably 20-30 mins of a rocky terrain and after that it's all powdered snow until the top. Fantastic views from the top. Be careful of the cornice at the top. The hike down was a nice change of scenery from the hike up but it felt like it dragged on forever. All around a great hike! Will do it again!

Hard but worth it

Awesome hike on a sunny and clear day. Might be a miserable hike with rain or snow. Once above the falls the trail is straight up. The trail is in excellent condition in my opinion and easy to follow but steep so be careful going both up and down as any slickness could cause an injury. Shortly after we started on the ridge line we went to spikes and soon after to snow shoes. This can change though. On the day we chose the sun was out and we started to post hole. Also there was a crusty layer of snow with power beneath so the snow shoes provided the best form of travel. If you prefer to post hole every few steps then you can leave the snow shoes at home. They did help on the way down as we took the longer loop trail which DOES NOT drop in elevation very quickly so it was a long walk down with the snow shoes, but they were worth carrying. We made the top in three hours and the long journey down in three hours. Pretty respectful winter times for feeling under the weather. Weather and conditions change on the upper part of this hike daily so make sure you are prepared. I would consider the section between the falls and the summit "hard" for many as they are calling Mt Si a "hard" hike on here. This section is straight up for s short period of time and you need skills and confidence to do this safely.

My son and I did this hike two days ago, it was beautiful, snowing and so much fun. We have done this hike in the summer a few years ago. It is a completely different experience in the winter. I really enjoyed it. Trail was easy to follow, you need extra traction in the snow there was some icy areas.

2 months ago

I went in November and trail didn't have snow till half way up.we didn't have right shoes or microspike but we able to go the top and great view!

Well worth it... start hiking 5:30 from old parking lot (school bus turnaround), made it to the top at 9am, micro spikes will be useful last 20 min... had amazing view of Rainer and north cascades...

Road to the trail head is closed for the season at Heather Lake trail head, be prepared to hike an additional 5 miles up the road to Mt pilchuck’s trail head.

2 months ago

One of my husband's and I's favorites!

this particular hike was a great hike to challenge your body to hike some hills. far as the look out point, well it was a disappointment.

avoid starting on the lower trailhead. The climb up the ridge to the upper trailhead is very steep and easy to lose the trail, at least at this time of year. Bring snowshoes for the upper forest road and microspikes for the trail. Really nice forest to hike through!

This is a tuff climb! We decided to put spikes on around 800 feet below the summit… The snow was a little sketchy at times especially towards the top but if you know what you’re doing you should be OK

Nice hike but very difficult at the end with snowshoes. A lot steeper than expected, but looking forward to seeing it in summer. Weather wasn’t great for us, but a good challenging hike nonetheless. We parked in the summit west lot to get to the trail. Glissaded down the steep part at the top - I’d say it’s too steep to even safely walk down unless you’re walking backwards.

Definitely over 6 miles. More like 7.5 round trip.

Fun trail, took the dog on a nice hike to the upper falls. We both had a blast!

Good snowshoe hike, steep at the end but really pretty. Next time we'll try to get to Red Pond.

difficult to say the least with the 4 or so feet of snow currently on the ground, but I was surprised at how many people I saw. The usual parking lot is blocked by a snow wall from the plow so you'll have to park somewhere else which adds a bit to the walk. overall very beautiful but dangerous in parts, bring appropriate gear.

4 months ago

love it here so much

koo koo machoo

Well went hiking. They closed the trail head and I had to start all the way from heather lake. Snow was crazy but I wanted to do it. I had to stop at the 2 mile mark because my party got too tired. I am going to do this again.

Trail is closer to 4 miles and be ready for a steep climb

25NOV17 Hike, great weather & views. Snow startling between ~3,000-3,500 feet. Ok without spikes, bit “greasy” in spots coming down. Poles & spikes recommended. You can do it in trail running shoes apparently, as some were doing but that seems a recipe for cold, wet feet. Fire tower covered in ice, last bit to the ladder & the ladder itself a bit slick but ok without spikes if you are careful. Love this hike, will be doing it in all seasons.

Awesome trail.

5 months ago

We went slow and took breaks as needed - it wasn’t as difficult as I expected! The beauty is incredible, both at the top and on the way up. Definitely recommend!

5 months ago

This place is absolutely beautiful, the hike up is great. I ventured out on the trail at 4 am to get to the lake by first light. this was more than enough time. Hiking times personally were 2 hrs and 45 minutes up and 2 hrs down. Highly recommend this one!

Love this hike but I came under prepared. Make sure u got good shoes and lots of water. This hike was one of my hardest. It's nice uphill walk. When u get closer to the top it gets rocky. The husky dog and two kids came as well. View was amazing at top.

Amazing hike. The Alpine Lake is something to see. I would say this hike is difficult but worth it

I enjoyed the hike. Very rocky though. Amazing views. I would hike this one again.

5 months ago

We went last September and still talk about this hike!! We took it slow and had lunch at the lake. The weather started to turn on the way back down, so we were glad we had layers.

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