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The trip was great! Our group made it a small weekend trip. We hiked into Martha's Pretty Point Campground Saturday morning and then relaxed most of the day. We got up early Sunday morning and hiked down to Virgin Falls and back out. It was a nice weekend and there were a lot of people there. A lot of the people seemed to be day hikers although the campgrounds fill up fast, so book in advance if possible. I recommend making the journey up to Martha's Pretty Point overlook. It is an "extra" bit of incline hiking but the view from the top is worth it. As many other reviewers have stated, the hike down to Virgin Falls is worth it but can be deceiving as it's mostly downhill. The hike back up the trail can be a long exhausting trip for those who aren't physically fit. I consider myself a fairly active 26 yr old and it was tiring but I've definitely done harder. My recommendation would be to make this a two day trip if possible. There are a few campgrounds along the way (all with a beautiful setting) and this makes the trip a little less tiring, especially if you can make the hike to Virgin falls without any gear. Happy hiking!

Great hike with several types of viewable waterfalls and cascades.

2 days ago

superb and inspiring.

2 days ago

NOT EASY. This is definitely a moderate hike—especially closer to the falls. They were beautiful and well worth the effort. The Debord Falls are on the same trail, so stop and see them on your way.

2 days ago

My family had a great time. Hopefully they fix the couple destroyed viewing points. We want to go back when the water is down so we can swim at the bottom of the big fall!

4 days ago

Went last week to get a feel for the trail and made it just past Big Laurel Falls. Tough hike on the return though! Wish I had arrived a hour or two sooner to complete it. Will be back in a couple weeks!

Love this trail. It has become more popular lately and can be a bit crowded at times. Great for swimming!

Beautiful! Really steep though

Breathtaking views and great hiking! Love this park.

7 days ago

Amazing spot! My tracker measured as 10.5 miles. Difficulty is correct & you hike uphill a significant part of the return. Be prepared & don’t make them rescue you from out here.

it's a tough trail but worth it!

Tough going on the way back, but my middle and elementary school-aged kids did great. We went after a week of rain and the falls (all three you come to on the trail) were worth every step it took to get out and back.

We'll be going back to hike to some of the overlooks and explore the spurs.

11 days ago

This is my all time favorite "quick hike."

12 days ago

Beautiful waterfall and the best part is being able to walk behind it. A lot of people said they had trouble finding the trail to the base of the waterfall. Here is how you get there: continue on the large main trail until you get to a place where you can see a trail to your right and a more hidden trail to your left on the opposite side. The trail to the right takes you to the top of the falls. If you go on the trail to the left, you will eventually see a place where you must climb down some rocks, they have put a sign there. Make a right at the base of the rocks and continue next to the cliff on your right till you reach the falls. The trail to the lower falls is quite difficult, but very short. I was surprised that the lower falls were pretty much the same size as the upper falls, but you cannot go to the bottom. I highly recommend these trails!

Beautiful waterfall on a little side-trip on our way home from Nashville! Totally worth it!

great hike. .not to long
going back up is another story lol

Wonderful hike

This place was awesome. Almost didn’t go since the staircase to the bottom is closed but it was worth the drive out anyways. The water level was extra high and very impressive. I took my dog along and he seemed to enjoy the trail as well, we’ll be back!

Beautiful falls and the drive in is scenic as well

Greeter falls was great. We hiked it with our 9 year old daughter and she loved it. It was slick in some parts with mud as we walked after a decent amount of rain. There is a narrow metal spiral staircase that can get wet with rain but it added to the adventure for our daughter. Loved this falls

22 days ago

Great trail. The falls are so pretty after a rain event.

Great trail. Directions posted on here made it very easy to find. A little rocky and slippery when it’s been raining but the falls is beautiful!

23 days ago

This trail is beautiful. We went after some heavy rain and the waterfalls were amazing! We ended up filling a few side trails to explore also and hiked about 4 miles. It was moderate in difficulty. Not bad. I did it with an 18 month old on my back and didn’t struggle. I recommend this hike a million times!!

23 days ago

It has been really rainy and the trail was rather slick, but we really enjoyed the view. It was a little strenuous for my out of shape self and still managed to walk the trail in about an hour.

It was great!!!!

25 days ago

Short easy spur off Panther Branch Tr. Rocky footing. Pretty waterfall after a rain. 3mi roundtrip up Panther Br. to access. This is on old roadbed & adds Debord Falls & pretty stream side hike.

The trail runs alongside Bald River above Bald River Falls and the Tellico Gorge. Only gets prettier the farther you go as you get to several hidden waterfalls. The water was high when I hiked it thanks to recent rains so there was a lot of water to see.

26 days ago

Definitely made it into my top 5. We went after a few days of heavy rains but the trail wasn't any harder. The river crossings were a little more interesting and we definitely utilized the cable rope at the second one. Chacos would've made it easier, taking the worry of wet feet out of the picture. Took my boyfriend and I about 5 hours including a lunch break and a snack break, we walk really fast though. Come prepped with water and a snack you'll need the carbs for the return trip. The going there wasn't too bad more moderate but holy crap, the way back, we took a lot more pauses. It's way more incline on the way back. Wasn't crazy crowded even though it was President's Day. A couple solo hikers and 3-4 groups but everyone was great.

27 days ago

The trail itself is short but the falls are worth the trip. I was in awe. The Ranger gave me pointers on an even better hike nearby, said it’s all better come April. (It was rainy).

Nice little hike with some great views. Right now though the main overlook and the stairs to get down to the bottom of the main falls are closed. The hike is still worth it.

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