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1 day ago

Some great views of the city. Well maintained trails, but need to hit aome streets to loop back.

It was a really nice area. However, the trails are not marked well. Thankfully, they all lead back to either each other or to the main road. It was a beautiful day, and everything was starting to turn green once again.

Beautiful trail. Not very long. Open and scenic ending with a picturesque waterfall. Great for children,dogs. Great for seniors except for the stairs down to the foot of the falls.

15 days ago

I enjoyed this with the dog. The paths were mostly dry and covered with pine needles. Very quiet.

Great trail for the kids

Easy trail. Nice walk with some water features.

Great hike. Cold, but sunny day.

A great hike. Very muddy today with all the rain, be sure to wear waterproof boots with your hike. Scenic hike along a stream! Very relaxing and easy loop!

A nice trail in an urban park. Some parts are surprisingly secluded from the city. However, the trail is very confusing and could use more signs for navigation.

Hike this almost everyday. Almost never see anyone. Excellent path network

We took the dog for a hike on a weekend afternoon. We entered the trail through the dog park where you are allowed to take dogs off leash. From there we did about an hour and a half of trail hiking through the wooded area connected to the dog park. It seems like a popular destination for dog walking and families. There are signs for horse trails, but we didn’t see any horses that day. We passed a few hikers and a good amount of people walking with their dogs along the way.
Wear your repellent and stay covered up. Ticks are abundant in the area.
Trails are well worn and easy to pick out. There are some steep and muddy areas.

Great trail and history. Old site of a mineral spring resort from late 1800s and early 1900s. Ppl believed the water had healing powers and came from all over to drink and bath in them.

4 months ago

A bit littered and muddy, but to be expected in a city hike. Nice views. Have to cross the road once or twice.

trail running
4 months ago

Diverse scenery and terrain. Enjoyable experience.

Definitely a challenge in the snow. Looked even tougher for bikers.

Though trails are marked for the most part, I went in per the map looking for Blue, Green and Purple. But, there is a Red trail I probably ended up on most of the time (ran 6- 7 total miles of trails). Think I also saw a sign for Lake Loop Trail. So, I agree with others in that the series of trails was difficult to follow. A couple key missing markers added to the confusion.

Still thought it was a very cool experience overall, but thankfully I was in no hurry.

nice for a city hike.

4 months ago

This trail is more like a walk through the woods than a hike...but what a walk it is. You are almost guaranteed to see deer, alot of deer! You may also come across horse back riders. I recomend this trail for families.

4 months ago

Easy trail for those with young kids. My 3 year old did the entire trail without stopping. My 2 year old could have walked it if she wanted but chose the easy ride in and out in the backpack. Trail is well marked and taken care of. There are wooden bridges over the stream crossings and a nice set of stairs that leads down to the waterfall base. Be prepared to get your feet a little wet if you hike in sneakers and want to go to the base. The stairs let you out in the stream so if it is at all high you’ll have wet feet. Looks like the area would be prone to flash flooding so be mindful of the weather and conditions before going to the base.

4 months ago

This trail was a nice ending to a beautiful hike on a more difficult trail. Easy on the feet and great views of the calm waters was a welcomed treat. I particularly enjoyed the dedication bench along the way, and took a moment to reflect. ❤

5 months ago

Pretty easy trail, did the whole thing with wife and baby in stroller. There were a couple of parts where we had to lift the stroller a little. Got a few real scenic views. The waterfall at the end is small but still kind of cool. Nice, relaxing walk.

Water in the falls was low. Would love to see it with a nice flow.

easy afternoon trail. nice view of the small waterfall about half way down the trail as well

Short but interesting hike to the mineral springs. Varied terrain, creek crossing, some elevation gain, lots to look at.

Great views. A little confusing at the west end of the loop just north if Greenleaf St,

These are really easy trails, but they end up making for a nice long walk. The overhead trees really shade the pathways so although it was 90 today, it didn't feel like it.

I 100% DO NOT recommend this trail if you have dogs who have long coats. I have a shepherd/husky mix and spent longer after the hike than we did hiking pulling off small thorns and spike-ball bush things (clearly I'm not a botanist).

Great dog friendly park! There's even a fenced in dog area behind the Observatory on top of the hill. There's also a beautiful clearing down at the bottom of the park with a stone pavilion. Quality city park best for quick trips.

7 months ago

Great trail with some scenic spots. Easy hike with only 1 or 2 hills worth noting. I'd definitely recommend it!

Nice park. Trails are well kept. Lots of dogs enjoying the outdoors. The trails can get confusing though and what I thought was gong to be a couple miles of hiking ended up being 8 miles and thee hours.

mountain biking
7 months ago

So muddy. Will go back for a hike to find that waterfall tho

mountain biking
7 months ago

Fun for mountain bikes...highly suggest bug spray tho!

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