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This is a popular trail but it’s worth it!

Not too difficult, not too easy either. Love this trail though as it is super close to my home.

Easy get lost.
need post which way.

A great family hiking trail!

Fantastic Trail, Beautiful Forest. Many great trees flowers and wildlife. Rated 4 stars due to the trails only being marked one way. Be prepared for some wet feet as you cross the creek twice there is no foot bridge. Much easier than Hemlocks Trail. Also I recommend a stop by the Cave trail, it's not far from Meeks. https://youtu.be/9IM-0uHrHz0

14 days ago

Nice, relaxing walk with some pretty water features. We went with our 2 y/o and dog on a Saturday morning, but it started to get a bit crowded in the afternoon. The park was clean and well-kept, however some of the fellow walkers were a bit rude and unfriendly.

short trail but very beautiful. The trail is carved along a small creek with neat sedimentary rock formations with several waterfalls.

21 days ago

about 1/3 the hike is following deer trails.

It was kinda muddy and had to cross through 2 shallow creeks but loved the trail. Pretty easy 2.5 mile loop

Seemed more moderate to me with some steep descents. Muddy when we were there.

Nice trail. Paved, crushed limestone, urban and rural, hilly and flat, it seems to change character every 5 miles. If you are riding, get there early. Foot traffic is heavy Corapolis to the tunnel. Past the tunnel, traffic drops significantly for the next 15 mile. You'll forget how close to Pittsburgh you are. The trail is well maintained and you'll see volunteers out nearly every week. Give them a big thank you and send in a donation!

I was a little skeptical because it was such a popular trail and I was thinking it.kight be a let down... and I proven wrong. it's a great walk/hike with absolutely gorgeous scenery. you're only hurting yourself of you don't go!

Nice 2 hour ish hike around the loop, there are a ton of trails connecting each other and it gets confusing because some of the yellow markings take you off the more worn paths which make it easy to miss. The trail is marked with different names, glad I took gps to double check route. Now to find out where all these other trails go....

Easy hike for families until you reach the falls. Steep stairs but there are hand rails.

on Fall Run Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful trail, lots of nice bridges, falls are terrific. Fun for kids.

beautiful scenery and sounds

Great trail for my family and my 6year old:) no rain so falls weren’t happening but still a nice hike:)

Very Easy trail great for a quick walk. There are many very beautiful bridges that follow a wonderful stream. The 30foot waterfall is Definatly the highlight, but there are a few other small gems along the short hike. An observation deck is along the side of the waterfall, great for picture snapping.

Trail Video

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great new trail section @ model plane airport. Airport south, east, and west trail heads all right there. All three trails cover about 9 miles or so and and back. There is also Haul trail that I haven't had a chance to run or bike on

My mom and I went on this trail for a quick hike this morning. It starts in a brutal open field that is not very well maintained, but if you follow the map on this app, you’ll find the trail head eventually at the top. Once you get into the woods, it’s a pretty decent trail for about a mile and a half. But then you’re right back walking on the paved trail with all the bikers. I’d go back, but I would rather do the perimeter trail and hopefully be in the woods for the full trail.

1 month ago

This trail is gorgeous and is a little more of a workout which I liked. When you pull into the parking area take the gate furthest to your right, you walk that trail and will come to a Kennerdell trail sign, follow it. Eventually you will come to a fork with 3 paths but only 2 signs. One will say Iron Furnace Trail to your right and the center trail currently has no sign, you can follow that center trail to the overlook which is an easy hike. You can continue on to hike the Dennison run trail which is clearly marked by yellow on the trees. This is where you will encounter the declines, suspension bridges, and inclines. If you follow this trail it is a loop and will bring you back to the original fork with the 2 signs I mentioned. Torwards the end of the trail when the ground starts to level off you will come to a "T" to stay on the trail loop take a right. We hiked this with our dog and had no issues, we do hike regularly.

Great place to explore and get a little nature in the city!

My hiking companion, Chloe the Collie, and I, are new to Western PA. We found this hike a lovely walk through the woods. Initially, the trail was well marked, rectangular white with an orange dot in the center. Even tree roots and rocks were spray painted white. We were always close to roadways, and picnic pavilions (some abandoned and overgrown in vines). Then we found ourselves on the trail marked with white rectangles. Here the trail was narrower. There were rocks to dodge and mud puddles. Still, we never left road noise and/or sight of a roadway. The moderate rating seemed accurate. We hiked about three miles in 60 minutes. Met a few dog walkers. Nice trail.

Nice trail. Waterproof shoes a must if you take the Ravine trail. It takes you over the water several times. Very scenic.


Great hike on a short loop. I went right first to Tolliver falls which is small but has a little beach and pool area if u want to cool off. Then upper falls that you can go on and has a nice vista view down river and a little down the river a nice view back upstream at it. Lower falls after that then nice rocky hike to muddy creek falls the biggest of the group.

Nice easy hike for families. Good shade cover and near streams. 50 or so stairs in the 1st quarter of the hike

Very nice. Too short. Well maintained.

Didn't see much. Too busy fighting bugs and spider webs. Been on many trails and use plenty of insect repellents. Not sure why this one is cursed. Won't be returning.

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