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Wife and I climbed Mt Major this morning. A beautiful day to be outdoors. Temps were in the Low 40’s with sunshine. Wind made it a little chilly at the summit. Always remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather. Just poor choices in clothing:). Took us 1.5 hours up and 1 hour down. Recommend some sort of traction cleats or crampons as well as trekking poles. Approximately 6 to 8 inches of snow throughout most of the hike. A little slippery coming down the blue trail. All in all a very blessed day.

Great day hike and close to home.

Great day for a hike:) Mount Major did not disappoint!

14 days ago

Did this hike from shaker hill road while I was in the area. I would say the hike was very manageable for a hiker and a dog. The views weren’t great, even kind of disappointed ting from the top of the tower. The trails were easy to follow and there were a lot of sub trails all around that I was able to take. I would do it again.

Loved this loop, went with dad. Easy and rewarding.

Good hike, dogs welcome!

Hiked the boulder loop and brook trail today. It was beautiful and the foot traffic was very light. weekdays seem to be an ideal time to hike Mt Major. The summit was freezing and windy, but the fall colors were still beautiful.

28 days ago

Love this trail. Did it 2 weekends in a row. 9.75 miles from trailhead to summit and back.

trail running
1 month ago

Great day. chilly winds but beautiful views from the summit. pompelly is an easy to moderate hike. sharp elevation gain at two major spots but managable.
note to self:Brooks Cascadia trail runners are miserable!

1 month ago

We took the fur kid on a little “camping” adventure. We found a cute little place w a tiny homes. This seems like a nice place to take Max. He can b a bit skittish and the reviews said that not too many people used it. We like taking him places he can go off leash! The first 100 ft or so we weren’t sure where the path was. But we finally saw the pink trail markers on the trees. Initially is was a bit confusing, it didn’t look like the trails were used very much. But then it became easier to see. It was a little chilly and the canopy was thick so there wasn’t much sun, but I’m sure when the weather is hot the shade would b nice!! There was some moving water, which we prefer for Max if he needs to take a drink, so it isn’t stagnant. We came across a bridge w a pretty view. After the bridge the it became more steep, we weren’t in the mood to go overboard so we decided to turn back. It was a nice quiet walk. So if you’re looking for somewhere where u don’t feel like running into a lot of people, just want to b 1 w nature, or u have a dog that is part chicken this is a good place to bring them!!

One of the best hikes in the Lake area. It is definitely more on the easy side, but it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding lakes with minimal effort.

1 month ago

Did Pumpelly for the first time today and I’m in love. It definitely requires endurance and very good traction but it’s well worth the work, and not just for the summit. Once you hit the first vista about halfway up, the views stay with you for a good 90% of the remaining hike, and they are unbelievable. Today was sunny but it had rained the day before, which made it really tricky through the woods where it was muddy and slippery, especially the steeper rocky parts on the descent. It wasn’t a problem at all on the more exposed upper half of the trail, though. I had so much fun scrambling and rock hopping up top. It took me about 4.5 hours including lots of pauses to take pictures (which will never do it justice!), and a stop for lunch. On a beautiful October Tuesday, I only encountered two people on the trail, and maybe 6-8 folks at the summit. Perfect day!

great trail

Very rewarding hike! Please bring Trail App with GPS or Map Note: at times Trail is difficult to identify ,We hiked when it rained and it was very slippery at the top! Would do it again...

1 month ago

Great trail. Was 9.5 miles for me. Lots of rock scrambles. Weather was perfect. Pretty busy at the peak. And a bonus, I met a Pompelly when finished the trail. Granddaughter of the man who founded the trail. How cool is that.

1 month ago

This is a wonderful trail! Up Piper, down Hammond and Weetamoo in 6h (with a nice break at the top.) 360-degree views with fading blazes once above tree line (but a few well-placed cairns helped us navigate, plus this app.) No real scrambling per se, but the open rock when wet requires some caution. Saw our first ice of the season today, and snow on the distant summit of Mount Washington!

Took the yellow trail up which was awesome for the dog lots of flowing water and big rocks to make it easy to climb up. After reaching the summit looped back down on blue, which was shorter but much steeper with a lot of smooth rock. To say the least it was not as enjoyable back down but the way up was great

1 month ago

This trail is closer to 9 miles. The first section of the trail is easy with basically no elevation gain. The rest of the trail gains elevation pretty moderately throughout the summit. The most challenging aspect of the trail was that it was wet and slippery, making the rockier parts take longer than they typically might. I completed the hike on Columbus Day, and I hardly saw any other people on this trail until I got close to the summit (even then it was still not very crowded given the weather). Unfortunately there were no views during the hike due to the thick fog, but there was quite a bit of exposed ridge line that would probably have great views on a clearer day. Even with no visibility, it was still a great hike and a good way to train hiking in slippery conditions!

Beautiful views for minimal effort. Don't expect any challenge unless you are a very new hiker, the trail should be rated as easy. Gorgeous though!

our family of 5 started at 10am this past saturday and ended just after 4. what a great hike. though the summit was in the clouds and chilly, the hike up had great views and though challenging in spots, everyone had a great time . mt. chocura may not be one of the higher peaks, but it certainly stands up to them for its long. range views and variety of terrain/conditions. can't wait to go again

Great trail! Easy to find with good parking. Decent workout with multiple spots of incline. Some serious muddy spots but the dog loved it!

Started at the Jesus Valley trailhead. Took Snowmobile (red), then Main (blue) all the way up to Straightback Mountain. This trail well earns it's name. As soon as we started on the trail it was a mile straight up. The first 2 miles took us 2 hrs. At the top of Straightback we took Main (blue) over to Brook (yellow), then back to Snowmobile (red) to get back down to the trailhead. It was super foggy the day we went but I'm sure the views would have been pretty nice from the top. I will go back but I would not take the blue trail up again.

I was honestly not as impressed with this hike as I thought I would be. We took the blue trail up, which was slightly steep but was also pretty slick on the rock parts. We went down the yellow trail which was either all mud or flowing water. Towards the end of the hike there were crowds of people starting up the trail. The view at the top was awesome and worth it since the hike was decently short and easy but not as difficult as I expected

Very good trail for hiker enthusiasts. Semi difficulties at some rocky spots. The view on the top is amazing. Will do again

Really pretty hike, great views. Any age can climb. Takes about 1.5-3 hours.

Great views from the top and a few spots on the way. We went up the blue trail and came back the yellow. Very crowded in the lot but not terrible on the trail. Assent was rockier and more difficult than I anticipated but loved it and totally worth it.

Ahhh what an amazing view at the top! This hike is a must! We went up the blue trail which was pretty rocky but made it interesting and on the way down we went with the yellow trail which was way more relaxed, not rocky at all, it follows a pretty stream down (definitely easier in your knees)! The loop took us 3 hrs with some time at the top. I wouldn’t recommend hiking this with a baby on your back unless you did strictly the yellow trail... after hiking all season with my child I was glad I didn’t have her for this one. Overall very nice hike... fall time is busy but we went early enough where we didn’t really get stuck in any crowds... however when we got back to the parking lot it was full along with each side of the road with cars for about a mile - it was crazy!

trail running
1 month ago

First couple miles is moderate then starts getting pretty technical the last 2 miles to summit. Fantastic 360° views from the top highly recommended for a day hike!

nice and easy trails that lead to a beautiful waterfall!

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