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12 hours ago

very nice trail have been out twice and looking forward to many more trips out and this is a good section for practicing and condition for some longer thru hikes I'm planning. it very peaceful and everyone ive met on the trail is nice.

1 day ago

Beautiful park, trails marked very well. The only downside was the amount of ticks. I go on many trails with my pups and make sure to check them before getting back in the car, they have never had more than three ticks collectively and today after a 4 mile walk I found 8 ticks on them, and we stayed on the trail. Aside from that it was very pretty, and volunteer at the front was friendly and helpful.
Update: I lowered to three stars, I have found several more ticks, be careful on these trails and check yourself thoroughly after.

This was our first trail in this area. We did the North Loop. We did not see another hiker until the last mile. Really enjoyed the pine forests and elevation changes. Looking forward to hiking some of the other trails in the area.

We hiked the loop A or North loop to the crossover. Great day to hike. We saw two deers. Took some time to visit the civil war cemetery. Great loop hikes that will help you prepare for hikes outside of Florida.

Great local trail. Downloaded the GPS and had no problems following the 9.7 mile trail.

lots of shade covering most of trail, good direction using the app, decent amount of trail markers, clear path, only ran into other trail goers every 10-15 min, saw a few deer, luckily did not see any gators though I'm sure they're in there, trails could easily flood so don't go right after any heavy rainstorms

2 months ago

The A Loop(Northern Loop) is probably the more traveled of the three loop hikes that start at Tucker Hill but yet,...you may not run into a single soul. The trail is rolling through mostly pine forest and is easy to follow. Hike it either ...clockwise or counter. I prefer clockwise. Along this trail you'll come across the infamous Peace Sign and an old diggings area(good place to take a break). Get an early start and you'll have a good chance of seeing wildlife. Today, lots of woodpeckers and deer. And...this time of year all the wildflowers are blooming. This is one of my favorites hikes.

Grassy, padded, easy hiking. Cool breeze in the shade. Almost no bugs. No benches. Classic natural (awesome) Florida.

2 months ago

2 nights in #23, pull through, water & 50amp electric. Short non-paved section slightly dusty, minor tiny potholes. We’ll be back here often.

2 months ago

The C Loop is the southern loop of the three (A,B, & C Loops) stacked hiking loops. The loop is well marked and easy to follow. The terrain is mostly rolling sand hills through pine forest and oak hammocks. Along the route you'll come across a diggings area that will strike your interest and will more than likely give you an urge to take a closer look. You'll also have to walk a short distance through a hunter's/horse camp. Just keep a good eye on the blazes and you'll find your way through it. The newly extended Good Neighbor Trail cuts across the trail twice, now. This make this trail a little less appealing to me but, it might not bother other folks. Overall, it's a nice walk in the woods.

The view was amazing and I saw 3 deer.

good place to see wildlife and enjoyable ride

We picked up a map at the start, it has an equestrian trail and hiking trails. We were really looking forward to a nice hike but we had to stay on the gravel road heading toward the rc airplane field because there were no actual trails. I'm sorry but I'm not hiking through swamp lands and nearly waist high grass in Florida, in the summer with all the water moccasins. Check the pictures I posted. Definitely a wasted trip.

Wonderful place to find gopher tortoise walking about.

Nice trail. Very primitive. Grass was very tall but manageable. Very wet and soggy from rainy season and had to cut the hike short due to water on the trail. Still had a great time. LOA Event.

Nice place

4 months ago

Thank you brother Jim for the tracking polls they make the hills a whole lot nicer. The yellow trail goes into the orange trail. I didn’t do a loop someday I’ll have the time. Who drives on the forest roads I wonder?The Northtrail opens very shaded not a canopy but just lots of small Oaks. Then opens up in the Pines Pines in more Pines. You see lightning damage on the Pines. You see fire damage, a little tiny Pines very interesting not wet at all. I did see raccoon tracks in the sandy area is. Very interesting I love

Great ride into nature but the path could be a touch smoother.

Fabulous! A trip through different ecosystems- each one a true treasure. And if you don’t want to cross Morris Bridge Road, I suggest you sign up with AllTrails so you can get detailed maps and info on the numerous small trails accessible off of the Main Trail loop.

great place to hike and bike. one of my favorite places to go.

Walked this trail with the family yesterday. Yellow blazes turned to orange early on so we followed those. Came out of the woods on Croom Rd. at the A-B crossing (6 miles East) instead of at the parking lot. Do yourself a favor and download the map, otherwise your 8 mile hike will turn into 15.

The trail is beautiful and dry(!). Not much wild life to see but the kids had a great time running down the hills. We'll definitely do the trail again, only with a downloaded map, since there is zero cell coverage.

Nice easy trail. Lots of deer. A little swampy on some parts of the trail but manageable.

not a lot of single track trail. mostly Jeep trails. it is isolated, without a lot of variety so you get to be alone. a lot of open spaces, so you are sure to see wildlife.

My favorite trail in Pasco County so far. Tons of trails you can take the paved bike trail, which is for PEDs and bikes, and is a straight a hot to Suncoast trail. Or you can take the nature trails depending on what makes you comfortable the hiking trail loops have a 1.9 loop and a 3mile loop and has plenty of signs. There's an equestrian trail, corrals, and a campground for those who have never been. also a small nature trail near a playground for the kids. pretty decent walk can be there for hours.

7 months ago

Saw turtle. Dog wanted to mark turtle. Saw hawk. Great hike.

I would go back. Make sure to take someone with you if your walking. (To remote).

First time out. Once I found the main hiking trail, it was nice hike. Planning on coming back with my bike to explore more.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Great easy trails. Suggest you download trail maps from the SWAMP maps provided on the website. A lot of fun and very well maintained.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Great long runs. Mostly flat singletrack trails. Excellent way to get into mountain biking for all skill levels. Excellent way to build up your biking health and shape.

Good trail. one of my favorite!

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