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5 hours ago

Been riding these trails for like 30 years. Something for everyone. Can’t get lost...

Beautiful bridges and lovely nature ! Trail is well paved too

It was nice walking this trail, but I wish there was water.

An amazing trail to lose yourself but not really ever get lost. The trails are marked very well, the walk is pleasantly follows beside the creek with cold fresh water to cool off in, it’s not deep but it gets the job done.
We hiked to the double lake and back. Restrooms and water fountains were provided. Along with trash cans.
You can swim in lake.
It’s out in the middle of no where, which is exactly what I like. You should try this one. Wear long pants. ✌

Flat, easy trail that’s well trafficked. Great for a stroll with your pups. The best part are the falls at the very end of the trail. (Don’t settle for the “falls” at the halfway-ish point). The falls at the end create an oasis where you can swim in CLEAR WATER (not greenish-brown) and even lounge around them to catch a tan. The area is usually pretty busy in the summer and you can catch some friendly puppers and their humans taking a dip before beginning their trek back.

Water was dried up for the most part, some at the end of the trail! Really cool ending and it was pretty flat all the way!

I truly felt the burn on this perimeter! I like it.

11 days ago

Mandy, I too logged almost 10 miles on this trail, even though in several different sites it's listed as 6.1-6.8. it is a lovely trail but be prepared for the distance. also wear big spray..I spoke to the ranger at the gate and asked him about the distance, he said no, the trail is not 6ish miles. but I love hiking in this park. Trails are well maintained, and, as a solo female hiker, I've always felt safe.

13 days ago

I think this is my favorite hike of the summer. Stunning upper lake, it was empty when we were there on a Thursday afternoon. Lots of wildlife, and great weather.

Love this trail!

Great trail, way , way to many mosquitos!

Nice trail, not overly crowed. Stream was drie so no waterfall.

Fun hike for the family... kids 3-6 handlers it fine!

Did this trail today and I had such a good experience. Got lost once or twice due to some unclear markings but I managed. I was however the only one there. Very peaceful!

Loved this trail, great views and a couple nice waterfalls at the end of the trail! Plan on going back more often.

The hike was to easy for me, but still enjoyed swimming in the Creek and taking in the scenery. Wont be back for hiking though.

Beautiful hike but Creek was dried up

my favorite place in Texas <3 great views and easy trails. plenty of places to cool off too.

Very nice trail and very clean.

Very peaceful walk. You can almost forget that you are in a suburban area. On today’s walk, I spotted a large red headed woodpecker, an armadillo, that completely ignored me as he dug around for his breakfast, a garter snake, and swallowtail butterfly that danced around me for almost two minutes. And I heard a Mockingbird somewhere in the wood trying to trick me.... lovely visit to the wood.

Pretty hike but the waterfalls have dried up. Not sure if they’ll be back for the season but the creek bed was completely dry.

29 days ago

Secluded forest walk along nice trail with views of mature forest and river floodplains/swamps. Lots of indications of wild hog rooting, and we found several ticks hitchhiking on our clothes. Speaking to rangers this trail is pretty well known for its ticks, so bring repellant and do your tick checks!

This was a really well, maintained trail with plenty of shade along the way.
We are beginners but enjoyed the challenge. Elevation was nice, not too hard with roots and turns along the way.

We didn’t bring enough water, lesson learned. It was a great way to connect with nature and found great respect for the peace and beauty of it all.

Towards the very end of the trail we got turned around and took a trail that led to a dead end. We called the park officials and they were kind enough to point us in the right direction. ☺️ We didn’t get a chance to swim but will definitely come back and camp next time.
Very happy trail!! We had the whole place to ourselves. ✌

1 month ago

nice hike, measured 7.5 on app. quiet and in sync with the birds and nature.

1 month ago

Hiked to the lakes again today. I love these lakes, especially the second one. I've hiked this trail at least 10 times (or more) over the last 5 years. Second bridge is closed, but I got by it- on the way up by taking off boots and socks and finding a safe place to cross the water. I have a big mountain dog who helps me across streams. On the way down, I went ahead and walked across the wood bridge. Be careful! Five stars for this trail due to the lakes, not the trail itself. Good hiking people! Enjoy.

Great spot to practice or go out with friends. The bike paths are not challenging, but you are going to encounter a fair amount of sand patches in which you can slide/fall if not paying attention. Great park overall.

1 month ago

Very pleasant trail. Took me awhile to get the hang of the signs at different trail intersections but a great loop around with lots of nature. I saw a lot of tiny frogs along the path. Just remember to bring lots of water!

Great trail!!! Make sure to go to the second lake. Rangers will tell you second bridge is closed and not passable... we had no issues getting across!

Lovely location specially for walking dogs and family relaxing. Beautiful

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