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Was only about 40 degrees today but felt lots colder at the top in the wind. Beautiful day, great hike!

4 days ago

Fantastic views. Very crowded when we went on a Saturday. Buzzard's Roost, on a short trail a few hundred feet away, has some awesome boulders to climb onto for a nice panorama.

Nice trail with good views. Not worth it to go all the way if you just want a great view of the Cove. Only need to go to the second power line clearing.

Decent hike with an okay view. Upon entering the trail, it was difficult to know whether to go to right or left. Thankfully, we went left.

The hike was challenging but the view was worth it!

Love the hike up to the top and the view was magnificent!!!

We hiked connecting from McAfees Knob trail and it made for a beautiful vista as well.

Love this hike, it’s waterfall after waterfall. Just Beautiful!

Hiked to Tinker Cliffs on 10/31/18 and trail was in great shape including the 2 bridges. This was my first time hiking this trail and I was very impressed with the trail and the view from the top. Took me about 1:40 to get to the top and it was worth it! I’d recommend walking another 5 minutes to the left when you get to the top for maximum view.

An ABSOLUTE MUST. Awesome trail, and a lot of fun! If you don't hike the loop there's a side trail to the right (when looking up) you can walk back down, it's extremely steep though. The view is well-worth it. Bring lots of water, and a couple snacks. This is a day hike if you're planning to climb to the top.

Love the trail. It’s a great place to explore. It’s shaded and cool for hot summer days. The first big waterfall can be used as a water slide! It’s right before the boardwalks, and at the bottom there’s a big pool with a steep climb back up to the trail. It may look like there are sharp rocks in this waterfall but it’s pretty safe and smooth!

This trail is awesome! And the view from the marble yard is insane! But be warned it is extremely strenuous, I honestly have no idea how people bring children on this trail. The trail is very rocky and at times extremely steep. Not easy on the knees, but if you can take it, the views are totally worth it.

15 days ago

Very nice trail!! the scene when you got to the top was amazing! would do it again!

19 days ago

This was me and my boyfriends first hike, we’ve never hiked before and wanted to try something adventurous. We started around 11am and got to the top around 12:05. It’s supposed to take 1 hr 30 min if your walking at a decent pace but we walked a little faster due to the steepness of the hike. Don’t be fooled this hike is very steep and will wear your body out if you are not used to hiking or long walking. But I will say the view is absolutely stunning and I am now in love with hiking and can’t wait to hike more. This will be a hike that I want to do again for sure soon!! Normally you should hike something a little moderate if your not used to it I’m sure but it was so worth it. Will be coming back for sure, we loved every second of it !!

22 days ago

Nice area to camp, hiking was easy. Trail around lake (Panther) was not maintained, ended up on road.

This trail was amazing, and the rock scramble was a blast! It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be, but it’s no walk in the park. The trail hugs the side of the rock scramble tightly and is pretty narrow and steep with lots of loose rocks. I will definitely be taking more trips out that way to spend more time. The scenery was beautiful.

24 days ago

A great warm hike. Don’t be deceived by the short distance!! This hike will get you breathing hard and everything pumping... A great 360 view at the top.

Awe inspiring...a sleeping beauty!

Amazing view! Steep climb, but totally worth it.

BRIDGE IS OUT! We tried to do this hike this morning but the bridge about .7 miles in is washed out (probably by hurricane Michael). We will try again in a few months.

First so no one else wanders around aimlessly looking for the trailhead, it begins across the Parkway and just a little bit north. Good trail, although a little rocky

A great weekend trip. We definitely underestimated the number of river crossings. I suggest water shoes or be prepared to stop and take your boots off and put them back on once you cross. The crossings were an inconvenience but they made the trip interesting. I will do this one again.

Not really a hiking trail, more paths for walking than to hike. Not maintained at all, just a short loop by a lake.

2 months ago

we came completely unprepared with our 1 yr old and 3 yr old. our 1 yr old was carried by her daddy 98% of the time and our 3 yr old walked up it all by herself. she got carried on daddy's shoulders for half the way down.
we didn't bring any water except the 1 yr old bottle that me and her big sister took a drink of at the top of the mountain.
regardless of hardly being able to move today because I'm out of shape for the last 10 yrs. and because I forgot tennis shoes so I got a pair at dollar general that were 1/2 size to big.
it was still worth every step. so beautiful.
wish I would have got this app sooner to record our progress which was roughly 3.5 hours!!! lol :)

2 months ago

The Natural Bridge is absolutely beautiful and so easy to get to. Just 130+ stairs and a short walk to incredible beauty. Continue on for a leisurely walk along the river, on a wide path and eventually to a 3 tiered waterfall, which is so mild and gently flowing. What a lovely Park to visit and if you have time to take in the Caverns too, I highly recommend.

trail running
2 months ago

Love this trail and how close it is to my house. Nice trail, with a good overlook of the Cove in the Winter. I'm not sure you have to pay the $3 if you park on Hollins side and don't actually enter the Cove. It is a nice 2.5 miles to the top of the ridge and back down to the parking lot.

2 months ago

what a hike. coming back was easier its very nice

$3 land fee!! REALLY!?!?! Fucking va. Sucks!! Hate this state more than any other!!!

Worth the trip and time. A few really good views before you get to the top. Good way to spend an afternoon.

The hike isn't too bad and the view is absolutely beautiful. The only downside is the sheer length of the trail that is made up of fist to head sized uneven rocks. they don't make much of a challenge on the way up, but are murder on the ankles on the way down. Hiking boots are heavily recommended.

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