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great trail but not clearly marked.

7 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous falls. A hidden gem! Far bigger than I expected, and in a gorgeous clearing. Granted it had just rained a lot, so the falls were probably bigger than in dry seasons. Easy to get behind the falls and up on top. The trail is just vague paths made by other people. Be prepared to get your feet wet, you cross the creek 10 or so times depending on which paths you take. It's too deep to avoid wet boots! But very worth it.

From the parking, go past the one lane Bridge, past the bathroom, and down the road 50 steps or so to the right is the trailhead. If you follow the creek, you can't miss the falls. There are many paths, my advice is to take the most straightforward one, even if you have to cross the creek. Your feet are gonna get wet no matter what, and you come to a lot of dead ends if you don't follow the creek closely. Gorgeous hike, not very strenuous. A little over a mile and a half one way.

We completed this hike today. Perfect weather. I think we only encounter 5 or 6 people on the whole trail. We hung out for sunset on Cloudsplitter. Very windy up there, but well worth the view. Dark as all get out going down. Headlamps are a must. The trail was very well marked despite all the leaves on ththe ground. Muddy though.

7 days ago

We took the Yost Trail to the Mitchell Hill trail. Total miles was around 4 miles. We ventured off trail a bit when we saw what looked to be an abandoned car. It was so cool to find this! Would love to know the story behind it. The lake was absolutely beautiful and had picnic tables and benches to relax on, next time we will pack a lunch. Trail isn’t to difficult, just a few steap hills but nothing terrible. Overall we had a wonderful hike and beautiful weather on this December day!

Beautiful trail with a little bit of everything. we will definitely be back when things are in bloom.

Amazing hike! A must-see! That said, I never could have done it without GPS. With leaf and snow cover over parts of it and no markings halfway through, I never would have found it. Two keys: 1) When hiking from Gray's Arch parking (either lot), you come to a crossroad with Rough Trail in 1.5 miles. TURN LEFT. (I mistakenly thought that the unmarked trail to Hanson's Point was off of the "Pinch 'em Tight" trail. It isn't.) Turn left onto Rough Trail. In about 150 paces you'll come to a large fallen tree and the trail bends 90 degrees left. Follow the trail left a few steps, but then immediately after you pass the fallen tree, turn right! You'll see the trail. 2) After some time on the unmarked trail you'll come to a large opening. KEEP TO THE FAR RIGHT. If you stay right, I think you'll be able to pick up the trail again. I hope so, for your sakes. It's amazing!

We went after it had snowed so things were a little slick but if it was a pretty day this trail would’ve been a piece of cake. The arch and creation falls did not disappoint!

14 days ago

This was the most poorly maintained and marked trail I've probably ever been on. I hiked it with two others, we had a map, I hike a lot, and we got lost a ton. Maybe it would be easier to stay on the trail in the summer and spring when leaves aren't covering the ground. It was well-marked in some places, but in other places, we could not find the triangle blazes to save our life. If I had attempted the trail on my own, I would have had to turn back after a few miles due to not knowing where to go. There were TONS of huge trees down blocking the trail, which required hiking off-trail through thick brambles and other brush. It didn't seem like the trail had been maintained in years, in my opinion. They also lock the gate to the trailhead parking area at 4:30, so make sure you start early. It took our group 6 hours and 42 minutes and we were hiking fairly fast...It probably would have taken 6 hours if we hadn't gotten lost and felt like we were hiking "off-trail" for a majority of the trail. It was definitely a good work-out and challenge though. The trail should be rated "difficult" on AllTrails, not moderate, and it's 13.75 miles in length. We took the trail counter-clockwise.

15 days ago

Went hiking a couple weeks ago. It hadn’t rained in a while so the falls were kind of disappointing, I would recommend going not long after it has rained! I would definitely go back to Copperas again!

A great hike -- you get both a really cool arch (a true "bridge") and a waterfall in one hike!

This is probably our favorite hike. Lots of cliff clear views, very rugged. Really shows off the terrain of the gorge.

Incredible view at the end. Very easy hike overall. Reports of the trail being overgrown are exaggerated imo. Certainly tighter in some areas, but easy to follow and navigate.

For safety and maintenance reasons, this park should be closed in the winter months. Tons of trees blocking the trail, leaves covering the trail making it very slippery, and not well marked. THIS TRAIL IS 7.2 MILES. The map on alltrails is not accurate in terms of where the trails lead. Several instances of having to walk through a river so be prepared to have your feet soaked.

It was definitely difficult this time of year. Most of the hike was muddy and slick with all the fallen leaves, but the views of red river were amazing!! My second time doing this trail and will definitely do it again.

my favorite trail. I love cloud splitter. it is all up hill and hard to climb through the rock but awesome hike

Scouted it for horses and it's nice hike but not currently really horse friendly, tree down at the apex that's a little low to ride under and hard to get around. Some areas with bad root holes to watch out for if on horseback. Would be great for a trail run.

It had beautiful colors this time of year. wonderful place to watch the sun rise and set.

The falls are great once you get there. The hike there is kinda lame and the creek crossings become monotonous.

nice trail, gave us a little work out. we went counter clock wise and came out through stlitstone.

nice view and good hike for afternoon with the family. It's a good little hike

1 month ago

Was a fairly difficult hike with a 40lb pack on my back but was beautiful and worth spending the night. October 2018

Good trail but the markings could be a lot better!! If doing the trail counter clockwise your left hand turn is about 50 yards from the trail head!!!

Beautiful hike - Garmin logged in at 6.7 miles (we did the loop counterclockwise - Auxier Trail to Courthouse Rock to Double Arch and the gravel road back to the parking lot).

Love this trail. If you’re in for the work, then this is your trail. From passing creeks to bridges. To climbing rocks and going up inclines, this trail has it all. Good scenery and plenty of trail to keep a hiker satisfied. Hope you enjoy! Be safe, be cautious, and let’s not forget; be adventurous!

on Copperas Falls

1 month ago

I would recommend this hike. This trail is not marked, so we did have a little trouble finding it. The start of the trail is right at the bridge by the canoe launch area. You cross the creek several times and you have to go over multiple fallen trees. The falls are like a hidden treasure & the hike there is pretty cool too.

Loved it. Easy hike, we had to cross the creek about 5 times so plan for possible wet shoes if it’s rained in the last day or two, which is what we lucked into. This is a hidden gem! Didn’t pass anyone on this one, totally off the radar. Been to the Gorge 4 times now and just found this trail. One of our favorites in the area. Make time for this one if there’s been any rain.

I loved this trail!! Did it as a backpacking trail!!

I ❤️ this trail!

1 month ago

Nice hike!

See Chris Seanard’s review. Would recommend close toed shoes for this trail.

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