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easy and enjoyable

Some very pretty views. $10 to get into the park for 3 of us. The trails are easy to hike, but they are smoothed with sand. So make sure you have shoes that have good grip. The same shoes we have been loving hiking in were slipping and sliding all over the place in the the sand. Made for some sore ankles after.
Pretty. Easy. But not sure it is worth a return visit.

A beautiful trail with minimal interference from wildlife. There are an abundance of butterflies and dragonfly’s which is lovely at first, but can become a nuisance. The trail is safe and conveniently shaded from beautiful trees. There are adequate benches to rest your legs or stretch them. There are bins for recycling as well. My only complaint was there were no trash bins for our cups or snack wrappers. I enjoyed walking the trail with my family and look forward to walking it again in the future.

This is a beautiful walk/hike all times of the year. These trails are obvious and easy to follow, but not well marked, so you don't really know what color trail you are on. There are plenty of parking options at different points of the trail system. You can see and hear a lot of different birds. This is a great birding area. There are a lot of deer, so it is best to keep your dogs leashed if they are prone to chasing; the roads are still relatively close. Nice views of the water. The trail is all shaded. This blue loop is beautiful. I call it the fairytale forest.

I walk this trail often and love it. On average my hiking app shows it to be 1.7 miles. There is enough elevation that it gives me a decent workout. If you want more distance, hike it twice. It is a rocky trail so I do caution anyone to keep your eyes downward to prevent a fall. The trail has a solid canopy too, so no sunscreen is required.

trail running
1 month ago

Nice, lush, fairly flat 5k loop. The deer in the area are not afraid of humans! I was able to get so close to one, I was certain it was a large lawn ornament!

This trail is well maintained and well marked. There are a couple good overlooks and a lot of wildlife to see. I hiked this with a friend and we even spotted a young male deer.

More rugged than I expected. Nice hike.

1 month ago

Great place to take the dogs for a walk!

I’d say this is so far the best marked trail I’ve been on. Even though it’s 1.5 miles id still bring some water (we didn’t) would do it again

on Land Trust Loop

1 month ago

hey guys this is not kid friendly I am not very happy this took a very long time it is not fun if you are strong enough to then go for it I am just giving you all a warning it is very hard I can almost not catch my breath

The back end of the trail is poorly marked. I know the end of trail is to signify you can’t go in this direction any further and if you turn around you see the V go back the way you can or finish the loop. I use the gps and record my trek with all trails so if I do get confused I can just follow the dotted line - pretty awesome - I suggest a stick for this one if you are not sure footed

Nice walk in the woods well marked - there is lots of poison oak so I didn’t get to go on some of the deviated trails due to my allergies

Easy walk. Mostly shaded. Great for kids.

Good easy hike with the kids!

2 months ago

Decided to take a break on our road trip and stopped here. Got to the gate to learn there was a small fee (cash only) to get into the park. No big deal, but we didn’t have cash on us so we drove down and took the road entrance. Easy trail. Really well marked. Lots of stuff to see along the way with great views. Nothing overwhelmingly spectacular but definitely beautiful. Overall solid trail and fun experience!
Definitely would be great and easy with kids as well!

Nice walk through the woods on blue trail from campground over to the lodge and marina and back. 4 miles. This is a great stay.

3 months ago

A great place for family, kids or a nice walk. I don't recommend for hiking, as it's mostly just a stroll through the woods.
Very beautiful place. They have bathrooms, a pavilion with snack machines, grills and different events from time to time.
Again, I don't recommend for hiking but it's worth visiting!

Gorgeous trails on the loop. Have many options to make it as easy or hard as you like. Definitely one of my favorites.

Well marked, beautiful trail. A must for Huntsvile hiking.

4 months ago

Very well marked. We took 4 kids, ages 4-8, and I wore a baby on my back. They navigated a lot of the trail for us by looking for the blue marks on trees. The middle of the trail is on the side of the mountain, so make sure the kids watch and have them stay to the side of the trails great walking!

Very well marked. We took 4 kids and i wore a baby on my back. They navigated a lot of it for us by looking for the blue marks on the trees. The middle of the trail is on the side of the mountain so make sure you have kids watch and keep to the left. It was a great walk.

love this place!

Had a blast on this trail. There are definitely spots when you have to take your time to watch your footing, but the experience was worth it!

5 months ago

Love this trail just watch where you are going

5 months ago

Well marked trail with lots of View points. The waterfall was a nice bonus.

rock climbing
5 months ago

A great hike, even better location.
And some nice V0-2 boulder problems off the main trail, if you're into that.

Easy, flat and to the point. Nice trail if you wanna get a good walk/run in. Lots of overlooks along the way and marked really well.

trail running
5 months ago

Easy, short, and relaxing

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