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Started at 7:30am and finished before 10am. Like other reviewers, this is a busy trail. I likely saw about 100 other hikers but still really enjoyed it. Glad I started early. The trail is really well maintained.

A great moderate hike with gentle switchbacks up the mountain and back. Beautiful views of LA city and Catalina Island. This time of year some of the trails were so pretty lined with fresh green grass. Other areas were covered in loose rock so you really have to watch where you’re stepping to avoid rolling your ankle. A lot of traffic today. Loved the views and interesting history at the top.

washed out
3 days ago

Trail is fantastic. Phone died halfway through so it didn't record the whole thing, but no way possible to do this hike in under 10 miles. Took us about 14 miles today total including an extra mile - mile and a half with the road being closed due to the government shutdown as well.

washed out
4 days ago

If you are hiking this during the govt shutdown YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DRIVE RIGHT UP TO THE TRAILHEAD. Please remember that this will add at least a mile each way to your hike. Now let's get down to business.
GREAT hike. Five stars for the hike, 4 for the AllTrails description. Let's say this first: if you choose to take the dirt trail that parallels the fire road for the first portion, this hike will be far longer than 10 miles. It's beautiful the whole way, so it was fine with us until the very end. It rained for 4 days last week, so there were a couple of washouts and rockfalls that we had to navigate carefully on the first stretch (since we bypassed the fire road we did the dirt trail past dawn mine on both the out & the back). Lots of gnarly rockfalls on the road leading up to the trailhead, sadly. Gorgeous clear views thanks to the rain, though. Saw very little wildlife. Not even much scat around, now that I think about it. There were 2 volunteers up there trying to do some rain damage cleanup on the road that leads to the trailhead, but it is going to take a lot of time before they can reopen that road..

Great workout!! 2.5 miles up hill to the railway. Lots of cool things to see & really awesome views. On a clear day u can see the ocean. The only drawback is that it is very crowded. But overall it’s a Fun hike! Beware of the sun! Not a lot of shade at all... great in the cooler weather. Bring lots of water.

This was a stunning trail. It can get cold quickly if a cloud comes over so bring layers! The app got me up and down perfectly (using the pro version) and I was glad I had it as the trail was very hard to follow at times as there are so many interlocking trails up there.

Very fun trail, it's up hill but you get great exercise and very nice views.

Views are great! It's best to head out before 6:30am to avoid the crowds.

9 days ago


Nice trail with wonderful views of LA. Too crowded, though. Get there early to find good parking.

Gorgeous rolling greens trail. Moderate yet muddy when I chose to go last weekend after the rains. Lots of fun off shoots to explore. It was beautiful to see the regrowth coming in since the fires. A total rebirth of the valley. We saw loads of coyotes coming back and looking for meals so think about keeping small dogs on leashes.

Great views! It's also worth branching off to summit Mt. Lowe at the top.

The most being sunsets!

Good trail. Too much traffic for me.

上山走了一个半小时,下山1个小时,总长6.1miles, 很累也很爽

17 days ago

All posted signage refers to this as “Angels Creek” not “Angles Creek”. We hiked this in January and it was great. Views of New Melones Lake for the majority of the hike. The trail was well kept, some slippery leaves/muck. Good mix of flora along the trail as well, with some impressively large manzanita trees! There was a point where you can take a shortcut but it was not signed - having cell service here allowed us to check the alltrails map and choose the longer, flatter route.


This is a good hike. Challenging and not many areas to stop and take a break. There aren’t too many people on the trail, which is great since the trails is pretty narrow in some spots. Seems like the rain has washed lots of smaller boulders onto the trail, so be ready to step over those. Shoes with good tread are a must on the rocky trail.

The trail is very peaceful besides the fact that it is haunted. Suitable for trail running if you're training for uphill portions. I had to mostlt power hike.

Definitely worth the hike. Such a great work out. Switchbacks at the beginning of the trail did not disappoint. Beautiful scenery all the way to the top. It was fun reading the historical placards on the trail describing the old Mt. Lowe Railway. When you get to the top there is plenty to explore at the Echo Mountain House ruins. I could image what it was like at the turn of the century with local Angelenos escaping the city for the peace and quiet of this place. The sunsets are out of this world. Yelling into the Echo phone was fun. Will be coming back for sure. Next time the plan is to make it to Inspiration Point. Another 2 mile trek past Echo Mountain.

As advertised: a steep rugged trail with an unspoiled summit. The views are 360° with all the peaks of San Diego gathered round you like a host of witnesses.

You might consider hiking boots as my ankles took a beating in trail runners. I highly recommend this hike. Took me 2 hrs.

Great hike, great views...

alltrails says 4 miles but when I finished down at the road my fitbit said 8 miles. this trail is beautiful. the views are awesome. the trail along the cliff gets tight at times when u have oncoming hikers that you have to share the path with lots of switch backs along the cliff, and random spots of shade. it's about a consistent 4 mile climb up. challenging but not impossible. make sure to take breaks when needed and bring at least 2L of water. when u get to the top make sure to just stop and take a look around. the sights are awesome. they have a echo phone back along the back towards the back of where the building was that you can yelll things into, u wait like 6 seconds as it travels through the cliffs and then echos back. the way down u can def catch some speed so be careful. otherwise, easy peasy.

Great trail with many views and lots of history to explore at the top. Yelling into the echo device was way more fun than I imagined it would be.

Killer uphill run. Everyone is so nice even when you’re hauling ass down hill, people move out of the way if you’re running. I’ve yet to encounter anybody that’s rude. I love the attitude of everyone the hikes this place! With that said if you’re looking for a solitude run or hike this is not the place. There is usually a ton of people. But if you’re courteous people will be nice back. The view @ the top is amazing on a clear day. If you decide to go to inspiration point it is about two more miles uphill. Be nice and pick up your trash!

Great views with interesting history at the summit, but if you are looking for a quiet hike and some solitude, this isn’t for you. There were too many people- cell phone calls, music, and just all around a cluster.

Arrived at 9am and there were not many people, maybe because it was Friday and it was very windy. Found street parking immediately, maybe a 2-minute walk from the entrance. The first part of the hike was a bit confusing because of the intersection of trails but once that was done, the trail was easy to follow. Took a few breaks during the hike up due to the incline and being a bit out of shape. On the way up you encounter many amazing views and some benches.

The view at the top was spectacular and definitely worth it. There are picnic tables to have a nice lunch break. I did not see any trash bins so make sure to take your trash with you. There are also different spots in which you can take selfies and pictures of the city. I was amazed that you can see the Pacific Ocean from the mountain. You could also hear people’s voices echoing from Inspiration Point. There is a sign with a trail that leads to Inspiration Point for anyone who wants to check that out. I returned to my car at about noon so the round drop hike took about 3 hours (including small breaks going up and eating at the picnic area). Beware, you lose cell signal so plan accordingly.

Definitely plan to return but this time hike to Inspiration Point.

I come here regularly because it's beautiful and has nice scenery and trail, it's a good workout and it's not super long. A normal person can get used to it and get to top in less than 75min by doing it couple of times despite not being an easy hike at first. When you get to top is really nice and has a shady picnic area and couple of benches.

The only con is it's not all the way shady and if it's a warm or hot day it'll bother you a bit. Also after April when it gets hot there'll be a lot of flies and mosquitos so get prepared for it by bringing replant.

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