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Pretty great! Lovely views of the lake and lots of beautiful trees around a river.
I really enjoy the hills in the unpaved section.
There was in fact quite a bit of foot traffic.

Excellent easy and very accessible park. God’s for family with all ages.

2 months ago

Tried to hike in Clemmons State Educational Forest but discovered it's closed from December 1 to March 1, 2018 for trail maintenance. Skirted quickly over to the Legend Park Trail, which is primarily for mountain bikes with lots of ups and downs and all arounds, but still good for hiking when the bikers aren't using it. During winter there are lots of leaves covering up roots and rocks and not very safe for bikers. That being said, the lower yellow trails are probably the easiest for biking with gentle slopes and flat boardwalks. Going to the upper trails, I would think Little Big Horn is the most fun as it has the smoothest runs and big sweeping turns with some big hills. Magnolias is for intermediates but uneventful. Larry's Loop is a challenging spur off of Little Big Horn. Nearest the entrance is Hucksville with some really extreme technical ramps suitable for flips, some huge jumps and a really cool banked track - for experts. I enjoyed the four miles around all the trails - it was a good workout with lots of variety. For biking it has something for everyone. Also great for trail running.

Good trail but very busy. It's nice and wide but wheelchairs may have difficulty with the second half as it's very steep. Elevation increase may only be 242ft but it does it up and down two or three times.

I cycle here and I really enjoy it. it's nice to not worry about traffic.

3 months ago

Nice walk. Combined with Macedonia Lake Loop.

This trail feels more like a walk in the park than a hike. This trail does have a lot more natural terrain than the other loop. There are some nice views of the little lake. Not much incline or challenging areas, but a great place to escape for a little bit that's close to Downtown Raleigh.

4 months ago

Good for locals, but wouldn't drive back here. no parking except at strip mall at walnut end. recommend adding the pond .

Very nice trail through the woods, follows the lake edge the whole way. A few areas not well marked, but overall easy to follow. Excellent parking area, restroom, and playground/picnic area.

4 months ago

great fall hike. easy but farther than my usual city pond loops. great if you don't mind the nuclear tower.

Definitely a strolling area for families w young children or adults beginning exercise. No pets allowed

Quick easy access for routine exercise, but usually busy & not particularly friendly crowd. Very much a city walk.

Convenient walking/exercise for quick access, but usually busy, sidewalk sidewalk experience in the woods.

More isolated hiking than very busy Lake Johnson or Umstead. A few intense grades, but pretty level hiking with less of the eroded roots & rocks of Johnson & Umstead.

pretty wooded area close to town. a few inclines but mostly easy. dirt trail.

4 months ago

Great trail walk, lots of elevation changes. A little confusing in a couple areas on the unpaved side. Highly recommend.

The trails are great. The steps however are terrible. Would give it a higher rating without steps. Should be mentioned in the description.

I combined both of these trails with the Beech Tree Cove and West Hemlock Overlooks. All the trails are very well maintained and great for families, especially when combined with the nature center.

Super easy 3 mile loop. Love taking my pup out here for a great morning of exercise!

No good water features. 1 tiny creek. Pretty isolated except for a few spots where homes have backyards backing up to the trail.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Seems like a good trail.. Although we weren't able to go much further than a mile with two fairly inexperienced children. I would say more for someone with some experiance and not for suitable for younger children. Lots of obstacles, large tree roots, bendy paths and up and down small steep hills. Can imagine a dog would love a good run here! We will go back without children.

Also, as someone else has mentioned in a review, it is not very well signposted as to where to walk/ride. We rode around for a few minutes and found a small gap in the the trees, which looked like it could have been a well trodden animal path. There was a small sign, about 3 ft high, that said 'Entrance. Ride at your own risk'. Also not signposted along the way as to which route to take. And we couldn't find a map anywhere in the test of the park to tell us this was a place to ride or where to go. Sure we'll work it out next time.

5 months ago

great place to hike and for nature programs

Great hike, easy and nice views. Our pup loved it!

Fun trails, lots of which way next fork in the trail.

Perfect longer hike for a beginner like me. Nice to see the historical things lake, power plant and more. Very shady and relatively flat.

This park is amazing. I absolutely loved this park and the trails.

6 months ago

Great hike with my wife last weekend. Easy and well marked. We really enjoyed it.

Nice place. Great for kids.

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