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Nice little climb, did get very hot towards the end of the morning plus very crowded.

14 days ago

nice easy hike. At the end of the hike there's huge rocks and boulders you can navigate through to take in the beautiful views that stonewall peak has to offer.

Very hot! Would be best early am hours. However it was a very nice work out.

18 days ago

A nice workout. It could get very hot by 12noon. Start early. Nice views at the top!!!

We started at the Sorrento Valley Rd Parking lot, crossed over to the North Trail at the Wagon Wheel Crossing and stayed on the North Trail until the Carson's Crossing when we returned back on the South Trail. The waterfall wasn't much of a waterfall due to lack of rain recently, but the area was still pretty. There is a lot of wildlife to see - all kinds of birds (even saw some hummingbirds in the trees at Carson's Crossing), lizards, butterflies, dragonflies, and scat from a bunch of different animals that reside in the Preserve. There is some shade, but not much so be sure to bring lots of water, a hat, sunscreen, and clothing to shield you from the sun. It is an easy hike with minimal inclines. The trail is a mix of loose sand, packed sand, hard dirt, loose rocks. There are a lot of unmarked trails connecting to the main trails so make sure to bring a map to keep track of where you are. The bathroom at the parking area is a single portable toilet. Signs at the trailhead indicate the area has ticks, but the paths are quite wide in most places and easy to stay on the trail - doesn't hurt to use bug spray just in case. We went midday on a weekday and only saw a few other people (some on bikes and some walking) - however, I can see how this can be a busy trail during peak times.

26 days ago

absolutely beautiful to hike for sunrise. no shade so earlier morning hikes are best in warm months. and youll beat the giant crowds.

27 days ago

Attempted to hike this midday during the heat, but due to the temperature and lack of shade on the trail we ended up detouring to Ramona Overlook and then back to the parking lot. Make sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen/hat - for the two of us we had about 5L of water and consumed most of it on our 4+ miles. Once you leave the small area of trees by the parking lot there is essentially no shaded areas on this trail. The views are beautiful! Would definitely do this trail again either earlier in the day or on a cooler day. There are non-flush toilets in the parking lot.

28 days ago

Very easy trial. Small incline at the beginning-maybe a tenth of a mile and that’s about it. Lots of switchbacks and the views all the way to the top were amazing. Loved the stairs leading to the summit. However huge infestation of termites at the summit. So definitely didn’t hang out at the summit for too long. They flew and landed all over my friend. The views at the summit are definitely worth it. It was beautiful. We went early enough we didn’t see any snakes at all but we were definitely definitely wary and watching out for them. Definitely do this hike. You won’t be disappointed.

Easy hike, good for after work, which is exactly what we did.

Great hike with an awesome waterfall to play around or near. Fun little "pool" area at the base of the falls to cool down in. Our dog loved it too. If u do bring your dog go early because of the heat....and plenty of water for you and your pooch. Hike back wasn't too bad, the last .5 mile back was probably the hardest. Only saw one snake..

So hot!!!!

on Iron Mountain Trail

1 month ago

Amazing trail. Well mark.

Beautiful views. Make sure to purchase a permit. One permit for 5 people. Bring plenty of water and food. Don't forget your hat and sunscreen lotion because there are no shades. It was easy on the way down to the water fall. Yet, on the way back was a challenging. There was a little snake in the water. Be careful. I was there last week, July 1st.

Great little hike. Plenty of shade in the am hours. At the peak monument there is a huge infestation of termites, pretty gross!

1 month ago

went to the peak during sunset. also the full moon was rising opposite the sun. it was wonderful. went at the end of june. temperature was perfect.

1 month ago

The straightaway in the map is a series of steep incline and declines. The curvy portions navigate around the elevation to make it easier to work with.

Didn’t get to the falls (couldn’t get a $10 permit) but nice hike nonetheless

Hiked 6/18/18 on a Monday. It was a nice hike to Lake Ramona. Beginning shaded and flat. When you reach the end of the tree line is the last of the shade and you will also start hiking on a gradual incline. It does get steeper towards the top. When you hit the asphalt the incline is more challenging. There are nice views along the way and at the top but what we all didn't care for was the water station, the power lines, the electric station, and the guard rail at the top. I understand they are necessary, it just took away from the beauty of nature. Bring your water and sunscreen. parking not a problem and easy to find.

one of my favorites, a nice cardio climb.

Did a full moonlight hike up this trail! Was beautiful!! Lots of jagged rocks to step over at the top. But all in all a great hike!!

Love this hike! Good amount of parking, scenic mountains on the way down and decent work out on the way back. Wear a bathing suit and pack a lunch and hang near the water for a bit. I swam before hiking back to help beat the heat. There is zero shade besides down by the water so be smart. I went last week and there really was just a trickle vs a waterfall but definitely still worth the hike. Oh and get your permit - they checked mine at the tent before entering and then again after I had already done ~2 miles.

2 months ago

I loved this trail. It was a good, solid work out, with the reward of amazing views at the very top. I highly recommend it.

I started at Tecolote Nature Center and made it as far as Balboa Ave. The portion of the trail between Mt. Acadia Ave. and Balboa was new to me, and I liked it a lot. Large trees, views of the stream, and pretty even terrain - nothing like the steep hills between USD and Mt. Acadia Avenue parallel to the golf course. One thing to note is that at one point the trail doesn’t match up with the map. From a fork in the trail, you can only go left (walking north), as the right is closed for revegetation. A short distance after that, the trail turns sharply right, away from the trail drawn on the map and joins up with the trail that was originally the closed one leading right from the fork (see my screenshot of the map). Not a big deal though, since this part of the trail is well marked, and off-limits areas are cordoned off.

Good hike, not too difficult. A little cloudy when i went but the views i saw were still gorgeous.

Watch out for the fire ants, i was stung while minding my own business sitting on a rock at the top. The rock was clear of ants when i first sat down, those buggers came around after a good few minutes of sitting there

Great hike with beautiful views! Not super long but there are a few inclines so you still feel like you're getting a decent workout in.

Trail head is non existent, the best part was on the south side of the tracks which was hard to find. I only found it after a biker showed me where it was but construction there limits truly enjoying all of it. The best part is off of Gennesee south side of tracks otherwise you may end up on the north side and miss it due to the tracks. Plenty of wild flowers even white poppies?

One of my favorites. My favorite in chula vista

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2 months ago

Highways for days

Great hike. Loved it. Good parking.

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