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Great trail for a quick walk around, only issue I had was finding which route to go. Most if it has a blue blaze telling you where the trail leads but a few quite a few intersections had none at all.

Beautiful Day and hike after the rainstorms. Enjoy

1 month ago

Nice little hike. The western half mile back to HWY 80 is unmarked, but easy enough to follow. Blue blazes are placed frequently enough to make it fairly easy to stay on trail.

nice and easy walk with my dog on a rainy day.

Hiked with my dog and had a great time. It was a bit wet, since we had that storm the other day, great none the less.

awesome trail for dogs!

I went during a snowstorm at the beginning of the year it was beautiful!

Some trails shut down :/. Maybe due to storms we’ll have to make a trip back;)

Don't recommend in late summer. Extremely buggy. Be prepared to walk through walls of webs for most of the trail. Part of the trail is along river which is pretty. rest of the trail doesn't offer much. I recommend this as a late fall or winter hike.

Won’t be back unless the trail is maintained. 10 mins in we turned around because it was completely overgrown.

4 months ago

This trail was "easy" in terms of very little elevation change, however there were several factors that will keep me from returning to this trail. Firstly, it seems to be often used by ATV drivers (saw several there and there were tons of tracks), so the trail is often shredded by tires. There was a stretch of trail with lots of loose, very large stones, which were rather difficult to walk. Midway through the loop, the trail was completely flooded with no way around, so we weren't able to complete the trail and had to turn back. It's also quite poorly marked, we were definitely on the trail as per map and app but we saw very few blazes. We accidentally went the wrong way early on because of this. I was excited to try a trail close to home that I thought my family could enjoy but unfortunately it's not one I'd like to walk again.

5 months ago

Nice little loop around the water. We went on memorial day weekend and wasn't aware it's a state park so there were campers sprinkled along the trail near the end which we totally were not expecting to walk through some people's camp sites. I'm guessing this could be a possibility through out the summer season? aside from that enjoyable hike, places to stop and sit on some boulders long the way to enjoy the view of the water. Wear sensible shoes as theres lots of roots on the path and a couple stream crossings.

I enjoyed the hike and got to train more with my backpacking gear

Nice pleasant woodland hike.

This is a very natural trail with many rocks and tree roots to watch for! We did have a couple spots where you have to cross the stream via rocks. We did not follow the trail as stated but started with the blue/red trail and switched to the yellow trail. This kept us close to the lake and ended at about 2.2 miles.

6 months ago

This is a very natural trail. There are many rocks and tree roots to watch for. There was also some parts you would have to cross the stream via rocks. We started following the blue/red trail which follows what All Trails has. Then on the far side of the lake we switched to the yellow trail which was closer to the lake but off the stated trail. It was a shorter hike of about 2.2 miles, but still very good!

Nice trail and overlook was very scenic. Snapped a few pictures of some vultures flying around. The stone chair is cool as it’s positioned just right to view the overlook. Very nice!

Nice trail. Minimal bugs in early spring. We did see a doe but not any other wildlife.

Pleasant hike, not too hard, nice river and other interesting features, as well as a nice overlook.

love it except for the tick. just left the forest and immediately took 3 ticks off the dogs

Nice variety of easy or moderate trails with lakes and streams. Great place to take dogs or go mountain biking too!

Awesome can walk really fast if u want to

hiked it on Jan 15 following some flooding which receeded recently. It was a cold day, in the teens, but the ice formations in the river and small brooks were beautiful. Nice trail, easy to follow, and we didn't see another hiker

Friday, October 13, 2017

great hike with just enough to make it a challenge without being too much. I only had enough time to hike up to the lookout and back, but I'm planning on returning to hike down to the river and over to the spring. this might be my new favorite place.

I did initially miss my turn for the lookout. fallen limbs and leaves had my head down watching my step more than checking for markers. my own fault. thankful for the maps in the app

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It had a nice little parking area that lead to the trail. I followed the white trail until it met with the yellow trail and ended up on the red trail. It didn't follow the circle stated but it was still 2.9 miles. It was pretty well marked and there was not alot of elevation changes throughout. It was a good hike!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Quiet, very nice. Some places to have picnics if you want.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

This was a simple easy hike. Went on a fairly chilly day and enjoyed it. Easy walk.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

This is a nice easy trail we hike often. This is definitely easy as long as the weather is nice and cool. It is well shaded, but on very hot, poor air quality days, it can be a tougher hike for asthmatics like me.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017


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