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17 days ago

Not a difficult trail by any means: I generally do more difficult hikes, but this was surely closer to a “Moderate” for even novice hikers. Hike to lake took a little over an hour, hike back took under 45 mins.

Road to trailhead is not a 4wd road. It was easily drivable in a Prius. Very few spots where more than 4” of clearance is required. I’d recommend it to any vehicle but a Miata.

Adding Bill’s peak and a few other mini-summits to this hike makes it worthwhile and lake Evelyn makes a great easy-to-reach base camp. It is well shielded from the high winds on the neighboring peaks, but also has sunlight limitations for some chilly evenings.

I saw a total of two groups over 48 hours, neither of the other groups spent the night.

A final note: the lake does not have a view of the valley, so be sure to hike up to the nearby saddle for some great vistas.

19 days ago

Great hike with some awesome views near the top. it gets very steep for the last mile to the top. I found the trail to be just over 7 miles round trip. great trail for dogs but need to bring plenty of water.

23 days ago

Dont be fooled this hike is HARD! However the views and scenery on this trail are just gorgeous! As many others here have already written this would be AMAZING as an over night.. possibly 2 nights if you can! There is just soo much beauty up there to bask in! If you are planning on trying this as a day hike then you need to start early! If you park on one trail head and come out at another there is an additional 2 miles of dirt road you will hike. The total mileage of the loop is 18-20 miles. As a day trip this took me a little over 10 hours.

1 month ago

favorite hike in the Fraser valley! tough & challenging but totally doable. mentally, the toughest part is the walk down the road once you come off the trail.

1 month ago

Directions from Kremmling/Summit County - hop on Highway 9 going to Summit/Kremmling (opposite of where you are...) and turn on to Ute Pass Rd towards Henderson Mill. Once you get to the Y intersection at the top of the mill, hang left. Turn right on to County Hwy 32 and follow the signs to Lake Evelyn Trailhead! Slow going from there due to dirt roads and rough road the last four miles but a pretty drive!

Hike was great, once you get through the steep part it’s smooth sailing!

2 months ago

Challenging trail, but the views are worth it! My dog and I did not make it all the way, as (we should have read previous reviews) the lack of water and blazing sun drained us by the time we were 3/4 of the way there. As others have said, bring extra water and pile on the sun screen if you're going to be hiking mid-day. The trail starts off pretty moderate but gets quite steep and more difficult after you pass the Ptarmigan sign. This is the first time my dog has ever stopped and needed rest on a trail. There is a lovely tree in a large clearing as it gets very steep that is perfect to catch some shade and some rest, as well as some great panoramic photos! Glutes and legs were on fire for days after this one! Looking forward to tackling the whole trail next time, with more water in tow!

Go to 5th lake. Its well worth it. Trail kinda disappears but its pretty obvious still.

5 peaks, but the best view is on 1st to 3rd peaks.

Amazing views, beautiful lakes and low traffic after leaving the Adams Falls area. Difficult hike with many steps. But we’ll worth the trek!!

2 months ago

Great hike. What a workout! Almost had the hike to myself and my dog. Steep and steady incline. Gets hot and limited water for dogs so pack in their water. Gorgeous views all the way!!

While the views are great, this is a difficult hike with tons of downed trees and an elevation gain of approx 2,000 ft. Not the hike described. There are 4 peaks and total distance is 4.4.

3 months ago

Loved this beautiful hike outside Frasier. The top affords some incredible views of a number of different ranges, not to mention of Winter Park and the ski resort. We completed this round trip in about 6 hours. The last mile along the ridge felt like a slog, and the first couple hours hiking up the road was a bummer, but the bits through the trees and the incredible views from the top made it worth it. We summited around 10:30 am and began our descent shortly thereafter, and the clouds were rolling in quickly. Be careful with weather in that exposed high alpine terrain!

7/8 road to the trailhead is closed due to fires in the area. Beautiful drive up to the road closure though, abundant wildflowers with a few Columbine!

3 months ago

Day hiked the point-to-point CCW on 7/7/18, 9.5 hours total. Please read carefully:
1. The mileage is wrong! It's 16.5 miles point-to-point, or 18.5 miles if you walk the road between Roaring Fork TH and Monarch Lake TH.
2. Arrived at Monarch Lake at 7:15, lot was 80% full.
3. The first mile along the lake is nice, but the next 6.9 miles up to Gourd Lake are boring and not really photo-worthy.
4. Gourd Lake is pretty, but its best views are from beyond it, looking back down. Also, this is the most enjoyable portion of the loop, route finding up to Island Lake.
5. Island lake itself wasn't very photogenic though.
6. Took us 5.5 hrs to get to the [Cooper?] Pass, 9.9 miles in. That included snack and photo breaks.
7. The view West down into Hell Canyon, Upper and Stone Lakes, one of the BEST VIEWS I've seen in Colorado.
8. The descent was very steep, 1,200 feet over 0.5 miles! Took us almost an hour, and each of us was bloody by the end. Scree, boulders, and patches of meadow. No snow though.
9. The upper canyon and lakes area are superb. Wish we were camping overnight, would have stayed here. Side note, the other pass (north of Hiamovi Mountain) looks enticing for another occasion.
10. The 600 foot climb out of Hell Canyon was a little pesky after all we'd been through so far. Some good views though. Easy to lose the trail, tempting to aim low and left of where you should be, may have to backtrack.
11. The last 4 miles of Roaring Fork after the saddle feel like retribution. Again, not much to look at or enjoy.
12. Overall thoughts are that there were 5 miles of wonder, 11.5 miles of boring. And would strongly encourage going clock-wise unlike us. This puts Cooper Pass only 6.6 miles from TH (in case you turn back), and you'd ascend the steep rather than descend.

Tough but beautiful hike almost every step of the way. Steady steep incline but the views are spectacular. Creek was dry on July 4th so bring plenty of water!

3 months ago

Incredible, went fairly unprepared for the length of the hike, all went well.
Vertical, unmarked up high, zero trail where you might want it most. Snowfields that required kick steps, wish we’d have had ice axes to self arrest and glissade. Flowers out the wazoo the right time of year, highly likely depends on snowpack. Only drawback as a day-hike is taking it all in, wanting to do a summit or two.

4 months ago

Great hike! Gets pretty challenging around the halfway point. Also want to mention that we did see a cougar near the top where the last few switch backs are so those who bring dogs, make sure they’re leashed.

4 months ago

Only complaint i have was finding the trail head. If you want to summit snow mountain read this. You will first sadly need a YMCA pass or pay the 20 dollar day pass since a staff member made me turn around .3 miles up the trail since i didnt have a wristband. Turn onto. CR 53 to enter snow mountain ranch. Follow the signs to the bike shop and programs building. Im pretty sure its the first stop sign to the right if i remember. They will give you a map with instructions to the trailhead there but ill tell you anyway. Head south on cr 53 from the building and turn right on meadow ln. then make a left onto blue ridge road. The road curves south soon after that and then follow the signs south east to the reservoir. Park south of the reservoir by all the canoes and there is the trailhead. They tell you there are 3 peaks but i kept hiking up the ridge anyway and found out there are actually 5 peaks. I found the 5th peak sign and everything. Overall it was a great and easy hike before work and i recommend it. I didnt realize that there was a fee to be there so thats why its a lower review.

Killer views the whole way. Loved walking through the meadows, aspen groves and high alpine terrain. Took us about 4 hrs round trip. The top gets steep so bring good boots!

Did this trail yesterday (5.27) up to lake verna. Had tons of family traffic up to the inlet, but after that I saw maybe 10 people all day. The trail winds it’s way up to the lakes but has a gorgeous river that parallels the trail the majority of the way up, making it impossible for you to run out of water. Lone Pine Lake is where you start seeing some snow on the ground, and you sort of have to wade here and there through previous post holes, so I would definitely recommend waterproof boots until early June. First time doing the inlet trail, won’t be the last.

Beautiful hike! Snowy at the ridge, but clear all the way there. The last mile is challenging—wear good boots and bring a warm layer.

on Byers Peak Trail

5 months ago

Great hike! Good workout, cold up top though!! Needed gloves. Dog friendly.

If not for review from Cam McNair would have never found the trail. Excellent place to camp better than to hike.

Went up there today and the trail is now closed for the season! You can walk past the barrier up to the actual trailhead if you want but it's a good 10 miles to the trailhead.

10 months ago

Like everyone else has mentioned, views are incredible. Most of the trails are covered in snow now but definitely still worth the effort.

11 months ago

10/23. Amazing trail, well maintained.
Lots of snow, which made it very challenging, but worth it every step, and every slide. Took me 3 hours on the way up, 50 minutes on the way down.
The summit is wide open, great view, but the wind... be prepared!

Friday, October 06, 2017

really great hike! it’s perfect for a hike to almost prepare you for a CO 14er.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Really beautiful trail. rating is accurate. uphill steeply at least 3/4 of the way and the last 1.75 miles are the biggest climb. aits worth it at the top though, especially when the fall colors are at their peak.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The 2 miles on the service road is kind of a bummer by foot. But it is worth it. The rest of the hike is absolutely breathtaking. Some bouldering and tough elevation gain. For a rather inexperienced hiker and lowlander like myself, we figured it was roughly 2.5-3 hours to get to the top, and a solid 2 hours to get back. I will definitely do this one again, but next time will mountain bike for the first 2 miles and lock my bike up at the rack. Oh and a vehicle with 4 wheel drive is recommended to get to the trail head--I made it in my Honda Accord, but went less than 5 mph for the last mile or two of the road. Would have felt more comfortable in my SUV.

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