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God forbid there happens to be a single drop of rain. They close the trail?!?! Seriously?

Creds: AllTrails Pro for accurate GPS real time location and mileage. 7.3 mi. 1,260’ El Gain. Went clockwise for both loops. First loop trail closed half way through, had to back track / go around (reason why mileage more then 5.7 planned).

Aside from closed section, rest of trails in great condition.

3 stars for terrible parking. Park only has slots for about 10 cars. Street parking ‘permit only’. Easy to miss. So I pay $1,000 dollars in city taxes a year to live here and people who live right next to park managed to get rid of public parking on this wide street I helped pay for. Wow. Amazing to me people buy a house next to park entrance and get upset when people park there?!?!

Beautiful hike with gorgeous views of Pacific Ocean, Catalina Island, and lots of whales.

Done and fun! Great socal hike. Desert mountains overlooking the ocean. Good climb too.

Great hike with good incline/elevation gain as well as stretches of flat ground. Trails are dog friendly and must be kept on leash- unfortunately many people dont pick up after so that is one issue. Be sure to bring plenty of water and follow the signs as there are many different trails

fun trail to hike solo or with the dog(s). Couple of things to note- not much shade and can be pretty rocky. Be sure to bring plenty of water and if an older dog consider their paws/joints. overall a lovely hike with great ocean views

13 days ago

Closed. Fire.

Beautiful trail and so many birds to watch on the way. There’s also a cool little koi pond about 800 feet from the start. Great incline and jaw-dropping views.

Hiked all the way down . So hiking back up was the challenge. We had to do this to get the full experience rather than just doing the 2.7 miles. Overall it was a very good one. There are two toilets only and gross! so make sure you have unloaded before you start

Very easy walk paths with a couple of tangents to the rocky beach. The lighthouse is only open to the public on the 2nd Saturday of the month, if you plan to visit inside. Great trail for dogs (on 6ft max leash) as there is a water fountain at the half way point

16 days ago

Nice views and an easy trail to hike.

Easy/mod. Beautiful views

Nice walk with great overviews.

Nice trail with beautiful sweeping views of the pacific!

Great place for a short walk through the wilderness, If you stay on the trail you won't have to much fun. several breaks in the trail were you can venture off and get "lost". Before it was antonovich it was just walnut creek and was the easiest way to cut through san dimas into Via Verde.

Beautiful views

Such a beautiful nature I love the area

Omg!! The views!!! Amazing! Definitely doing this again. So many trails to choose from. Easy to hard. Love it!

mountain biking
18 days ago

Fun and a well groomed trail!

18 days ago

Lots of graffiti, lots of creek crossing with small boulders, lots of abandoned man-made/industrial items, walking along a chain link fence. We made it about 3/4 of a mile before turning back in bitter disappointment. Avoid.

Easy hike, great viewes.

Really like the area and overall the hike is nice and long. The parking was easy to find and lots of dogs! I took my dog and it was a nice walk for him with great views. Started to get cold and windy towards the evening so try and get out there earlier.

There ARE a lot of options for hiking here. Based on someone's comment below I took the far left trail going up rather than walking up through Caballero Canyon. The far left trail which doesn't seem to have a name (it's the trail left of Little Hectic) was steep and challenging to be honest. A bit more than I wanted to do. Not impossible but it took some work. I was hoping to hike 6 miles so the plan was to hike up the un-named trail, do the figure 8 at the top, and come down Lower Hectic. I ran out of light for an unknown trail and came down through Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway. The trail to the far right, the one west of Caballero Canyon, is beautiful, not too hard, and fun. And I highly recommend taking the time to hike out to Farmer's Ridge Trail overlook. The view of Santa Monica and Catalina was fantastic.

Love this local trail! It’s currently under construction last time I went was 12/17/18 Beautiful trail fairly easy a couple crossings but water isn’t high.

Fun for the family.

Nice Christmas morning hike. Rangers said no dogs allowed but several large piles toward the top so watch out for those. (Hikers with dogs who don't pick up after their pets are just jerks)
Other than that, very well-maintained and well-marked trails. Beautiful scenery at the top
Rangers are friendly and helpful. All in all a very nice hike.

24 days ago

We hiked from the nature center to the radio towers. The route is a dirt road and is uphill all the way up the towers. It’s a good workout all the way up with a cool chair offering a resting point. There’s also a few other routes you can take along the way up in case you don’t want to go all the way up to the towers. The views of Burbank and DTLA are great!

25 days ago

Don't really care for the lower part near Oak Mesa, but I don't mountain bike either. Upper portion near Marshall Canyon parking area is a big spider we of trails, but after enough visits, it's easy enough to figure out how to get back to where you parked. Definitely more crowded once you cross over to the Claremont side and into the Claremont Wilderness park. Most of the bikers here seem to be real good with their trail courtesy.

26 days ago

Great views when you get to the end. Easy hike with some uphill walking on the way back. I took my 5 year old and he loved it and kept up the whole way. Definitely a good starter trail for novices and young ones.

I wish these trails opened early than 9am. during the week Native Oak Trail is lightly trafficked.

Pleasant walk along the beach. Perfect for all ages.

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