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11 hours ago

Sunday's are quiet & peaceful, good cardio spots. still a favorite no matter the weather.

15 hours ago

This was one was a surprise for me. I had no idea it was here. Great amount of hills. Pretty little creek. Nice forest/canyon setting. Decent amount of distance. Although it was longer than advertised. My biggest complaint is that it is not the most secluded. You can still here cars and construction equipment. Decent signage throughout. Easy to follow trail. Dog loves this one.

1 day ago

Decent trail- was foggy so maybe would have rated it higher if we had a view. This was a bit harder than moderate imho. Also we clocked over 1,500 feet elevation gain between peak and car in lot.

Hiked this on Thursday. No blow downs...all removed! Trail in great shape. No mud or water on rail. Light traffic. Rock Hopper.

This is good for a one-way trail. The start of the trail closest to the freeway almost looks like it’s next to an old landfill. Walking up the trail into Milton it looks like every home developer chose to have their water drain flow beside the trail which takes away from the beautiful nature. I wanted to do this trail because I thought it would be good for rollerblading, but the surface is a little too rough and a lot of roots are already pushing through on the lower half.

3 days ago

The dog, the boy(11 years old) and I hikes this on Saturday 1/19/19. The trail is very muddy, not impossible but boots you don't mind ruining are a must. The trail itself is very flat, not a lot of hills hence the easy rating. No trail head markings or signage along the way. We missed the "Ghost Town" entirely and ended up walking along the river until we hit a road(about 5 miles). Then we turned around and came back. Lots of nice views of the river and beautiful forest. We saw 4 elk in a small group. A good time was had, but I don't know about the ghost town aspect.

bridge out
4 days ago

OK trail. Great for being so close to home. The north side has more bridges and water crossings that make for great photo opportunities. The south side is a better workout. Not too many people on the trail during the week. Wet and muddy, but not bad considering the time of year. Trail between two bird viewing areas is closed. Looks like a mud slide took a footing of the bridge out. Hikers are creating their own detour.

This was a great trail to bike and not have to worry about cars. I went mid-day to take advantage of the warm weather. There were quite a few walkers close to the towns, but I had the trail to myself in between, passing a handful of bikes going the opposite direction. Beautiful scenery; very well maintained trail.

14 days ago

Quick, steep hill to get your heart rate up

14 days ago

Good off season workout trail. Plenty of pitches to get your heart working. Some nice views of the evergreens running up the draw on the other side of the creek.

Easy walking on fairly level paved trail. It is best suited for biking or running. Parts of the trail we're less appealing as it feels like you are walking through the neighboring houses backyard.

Hiked it today, 1/5. I drove from Wilkerson and drove over the bridge, parked, then walked over the bridge to the trail head. You have to step over the guard rail to get to the trail. It’s a little steep going down but flat once you get down. I only hiked about 30 minutes because it started to get dark. The trail was pretty muddy but not too bad.

I enjoy doing segments of this trail on days that I want to take my cardio outdoors instead of inside at my gym..Lucky that I always pick the right time and is never busy

Great trails with tons of switchbacks! Lots of hikers, dogs, runners and bike riders. Beautiful scenery!

Crazy easy hike but if you don’t have a map - ITS A LABYRINTH! (I had to keep checking my map at every turn cuz there’s so many alternative routes (FYI)

Great walk! Paved the whole way so great for bikes, runners, and power walkers.

Signs misleading. Lost off trail and into a neighborhood. Loitering teenagers.

way too many drug needles and scary people. while this trail is beautiful. its is full of scary, unsafe drug users. do not use this trail alone. and have pepperspray with you at all times.

26 days ago

Love that we have a trail like this in the middle of the city. The trail along the river was pretty easy and rather clean. Several large trees across the red trail due to the recent wind storms. Heading down to and back up from the creek is pretty steep, but not impossible.

We saw a lot of trash along the trails nearest the roads and housing areas. Otherwise, quiet, beautiful, and peaceful.

on Milton Interurban Trail

1 month ago

Several tents right off of the entrance and a crowd of homeless men standing in the parking lot just hanging out. I left.

A fun, short morning hike with great views of the Cascades amd Mt. Ranier.

I guess early December is the season when salmon swim upstream to spawn and die. We saw hoards of salmon struggle upstream, saw white tendrils near the “bubbling geyser” (apparently methane?) and saw two places where geysers are but were not active nor did they even have a hint that they were active in another season, although they might be or maybe they just aren’t active geysers. Anyway, the kiddos enjoyed all the things we saw, and it was a beautiful day! We will definitely return.

This was actually very nice and quite beautiful, also quite peaceful in the December season. I give it 3 stars only in comparison to the other AMAZING trails in the area.

1 month ago

Absolutely stunning hike!
Highly recommend good shoes for this and pay attention to the terrain on the way down as much as the way up, if not more! I had an accident on the way down with a not-so-great outcome, but got some gorgeous photos on the way up, and proud to be able to say, ‘I made it to the top!’

on Melmont Ghost Town

1 month ago

trail was being cleared, and super muddy in areas the equipment was working. nice walk.

1 month ago

This is an easy hike, but be prepared to use a cable with pegs for stability on the way down from the bridge. It's steep, but you don't need to be an experienced climber to deal with it. Look for the bullet hole-riddled speed limit sign to find the entrance.

As of 12/04, the trail itself is very muddy, so don't wear anything that you don't want to get dirty. The Melmont site is unremarkable: the buildings are long gone, but if you're lucky, you may meet some knowledgeable volunteers from the Foothills Rails-To-Trails Coalition who can tell you about the area's history.

If you don't want to talk with any volunteers, you can check out piercecountytrails.org for more information, both practical and historical.

Am I the only one who thinks this a little more difficult than “moderate”? Lol
All in all, a great little mountain to get in a quick workout. There are a number of ways to get to the “summit”. I found the Cal Magnusson trail to be the most challenging. Going up from the lot on Mud Mt. road will give you a little bit more distance.

It was really pretty and had some interesting sights, at one point the intersection was decorated with Christmas ornaments. Make sure to watch out for mountain bikers if you start by going to the left, more than likely they will come from behind and the trail is pretty thin.

trail running
1 month ago

its all paved

Well maintained trail, short and sweet! Great sunny cold day with some peekaboo views.

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