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23 hours ago

Great views of Valley and Downtown on a clear day. Hike is fun an with options of making your hike strenuous or moderate.

Went after rain. wide trails, peaceful, some coyote pack sighting.

This is a wonderful hike! Total hidden gem! Pretty easy peasy, and the property owners gave us no trouble at all. Quite friendly!

Good old reliable cheseboro

Excellent ! We enjoyed in family!

1 month ago

Nice afternoon hike. Not many hikers and a couple of bikers. Trail is in decent condition but not as overgrown on the loop as I was expecting. No wildlife seen other than birds.

You can't complete the loop unless you have poles because it's ridiculously steep. Just FYI

Beautiful trail. Challenging but yet doable for most people will definitely be coming back plenty of times

Most of the bikers were friendly, but some of the trail was very narrow and the bikers go so fast that it’s not the best place to hike with dogs. But it was a good hike.

1 month ago

Very pretty

Up, up, up hill

1 month ago

Great trail. Most of it is well maintained. We do this hike regularly and love it. No cars or traffic to deal with.

1 month ago

Went yesterday, was a hot day, but inside feels great since shady. Had to walk around the gated community at start to get to start of trail. It's not easy to get there since new community blocks it all. The hikers ruines the rich peoples views :) Also hard to always sty on the trail (at 2 points) so remember where you come from, and when you turn around. don't do so too late.

This trail is definitely not for beginner hikers. The incline is pretty intense and there is almost no shade. That being said, I personally enjoyed it although it was a little challenging! If you’re looking for a good workout with many beautiful views, this is the trail for you! It provides almost a 360° view of our beautiful cities and when you reach three trees, there is a nice bench to sit (in what’s almost the only shade on the whole trail!) and enjoy the amazing views.

This was my first time at this park. I hiked the equestrian trail loop, going counterclockwise from the parking lot. It was beautiful and peaceful, and perfect for someone like me who is trying to get active again after being out of shape for a few years—slightly challenging without being too difficult. My route was just under a mile from start to finish. There were other trails that branched off from the one I followed, and I’m excited to come back and explore more of them!

2 months ago

Shady but a lot of ticks.

Moderately strenuous hike with some steep inclines peppered along the way to give you a good sweat. Would absolutely recommend, but remember:

Wear appropriate footwear
Bring at least 72 ounces of water
Practice “Leave No Trace” etiquette
Ascent has right of way
No one wants to hear your music, keep the speakers in the car and be courteous of others who are trying to enjoy themselves

Beautiful view, clean trail, hiking up hill not difficult, excellent for everyday hike.

Moderate at times a little steep.

Fun little trail in town.

2 months ago

Great local trail. Just wish scumbag pet owners would clean up after it takes a crap in the middle of the trail system. Far too many dogs off leash here. I clean up after my dogs and keep them on leash at all times.

Not too bad of a trail. Lots of people hiking along. Few mountain bikers.

2 months ago

Park on Poema Pl and walk up Bella Vista and you will find trail on the right of Bella Vista just before the entrance gate to the community. Look for brown wood fence. Not a bad wild trail. Very few people. Some bikers said they have seen bears on the trail. Lots of shade and small side trails. Mostly dry this time of year, but had a few puddles for a dog to drink. We went about 4 miles in, it was all quiet.

A quiet hike. Not many people. Annoying that there are no trail markers. Makes finding the connector trails for the loop hard to find.

It can get really steep at sections. Get ready to burn close to 1,000 calories in less than 90 minutes! It was nice today after the light rain we got. First mile is a nice easy warmup through the park.

Just enough ups and downs.

trail running
3 months ago

Been coming here since I was 8 years old. I love this trail. So many memories. Remember. Clean up after your selves And please pet owners pick up after your animals Be kind

3 months ago

Great trail
Lots of bikers on weekends
Too much horse poop to give it a 5

Nice hike, gets hot even in November. We took a wrong turn and ended up on cottonwood drive, walked the streets back to the car. Over all about 5miles round trip. If I do come back, it would be in spring.

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