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The trail starts on a dirt road and once you are going down the mountain there are 5 or 6 smaller trails that finger off. At the destination it’s really small and disappointing I would never do This hike again

Beautiful and fairly easy hike. Four stars simply because I prefer trails that don't allow motorcycles on them. Bikes are ok. Views from the top were excellent. Also, nice that it is near Pocatello. Nice wildflowers and didn't see much wildlife.

Other than being confused most of the time about which direction to go, this is a pretty nice hike. This site says it's mostly a mountain biking trail but I didn't see any. The trail is mostly an ATV road and has a lot of forks. That being said we ran into A LOT of ATVs. There were even some kids who had driven down to the dam and were shooting guns in the direction of the hiking trail.. we had to yell and scream to make ourselves known. If that wouldn't have happened I would have given it 5 stars because this is a fun area to explore.

16 days ago

Absolutely beautiful! Rough road but as long as you’re in a 4 wheel drive you should be just fine. We had two kids with us and it was a blast. The lake was fun for the kids to swim in and cool off. We will definitely be back!

16 days ago

We couldn’t even make it to the hike! The trail to get to the hike requires an ATV or off road vehicle. We parked our SUV at the point where we could no longer drive the trail (about 1.9 miles from the beginning of the trail), and tried to hike in. It was fairly steep, and so many mosquitos that were constantly attacking, even though we had on bug spray. We didn’t even make it to the trail head! (We had 4 kids with us). I’ve been told there is another way to get in, but it doesn’t show on AllTrails. Unless you have an ATV, don’t try this.

Nice, quick trail. You’re pretty much exposed to the sun the entire trail though. Great for summer evening rides and nice views

Great climb and fast down, overall great cardio!! Best part, no else around!!

Fun and easy hike! Snow is gone and there are lots of bugs, but it was a great evening hike and didn’t take long at all.

I’m not sure why this is saying the hike is only one mile??? We tried the hike on Memorial weekend and couldn’t go past a mile because of high water. We did encounter one moto biker. I think during summer one could cross the creek and make it up to the basin. Not sure how far that would be. We did hike up Driveway Canyon for a ways but not far enough to be impressed.

I LOVED this trail. Beautiful area. It's a fairly easy hike on the way to the waterfall. However, there were a few points where the road would fork off and we weren't sure which route to take. If you have the whole day it would be fun to explore, but if your limited on time (we did the hike late in the day) I would suggest using the map Alltrails provides to get there quicker. I would like to note that this trail is also utilized by dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, etc. It was pretty quiet when we went, but I'm sure it gets busy with them bc the trails were pretty awesome. Also, the hike back was primarily uphill. If you have younger kids, it gets a little tough for them. But overall it was an awesome hike and we plan to go back again soon

Beautiful view, just thought there would be a spring, but nope!

Really a fun trail to hike. I would suggest going in June or July. I went in mid April and there was still snow on the road up, so I had to hike an extra 1.5 miles just to get to the trail. Also, around the loop it gets hard to see where the trail is, just FYI.

DONT GO HIKING HERE YET. We made it most the way up the mountain but the whole way up, there’s was still TONS of snow even though it was 75 degrees outside!! It looks deceiving haha, it starts out pretty dry but then get snowy real quick. We didn’t make it down to the lake, but from the view we had of it, it looked frozen still. We also had to park quite far from the trailhead because there was a huge puddle covering the road and we couldn’t drive through it in our little Subaru crosstrek. I’m sure this would be a great hike in July when the snow has melted but for now I’d hold off unless hiking through 2 feet of snow is your kinda thing! There was a beautiful view at the top but I don’t think frozen and bleeding legs from repeatedly sinking in the deep icy snow is worth it.

3 months ago

We got 5.4 miles away from the trail head in our little Toyota Camry and there is a large hill that is basically a mud hill. I went half way up but started to slide. Maybe I’ll bring a 4x4 next time

This is a fun little trail and it's a pretty good workout. There are a few things you should look out for though. It gets MUDDY, so don't go for a few days after it rains, and the trail is pretty hard to distinguish in places because of washout and fallen trees so make sure you really know where you are.

The hike there is beautiful, it's a little difficult to get down to the lake but worth it. There was quite a bit of people there already when I went (during summer of 2016)

Well marked and completely clear. Beautiful view of snake river. A great fall hike.

10 months ago

I've hiked this one with my kids twice, and neither time did we run into any other hikers or ATVs.

The trail is mostly shaded, and can at times be quite dusty. In the dusty sections, watch for animal tracks (deer, moose, coyote, and black bear).

The route shown on the description is different from the one that I take. Where the map shows the trail following the 226 road, you can actually continue on straight, and approach the summit from the West.

mountain biking
10 months ago

A fairly easy trail. The portion by Moody creek and the falls is on the green and shady side, and provides some nice single track.

Started hiking a few miles before to make the hike longer. Beautiful scenery and very clear water. Watching the bald eagle fly by was the icing on the cake!

off road driving
11 months ago

Kind of interested to know where the name Thousand Springs comes from. Didn't see a single one. Although there are probably some when the snow is melting. Also, the castle lake, the supposed climax of the hike, was a small beaver pond, most of it crowded with grass. On the bright side, we did see a beaver. I believe that the trail shouldn't be labels for hiking. It is a four wheeler trail. The hike though, despite some of its disappointments, was nice, especially the second half. The wildflowers were also very pretty. I wouldn't recommend it for hiking, but I think it would be an enjoyable motorized vehicle trip.

11 months ago

This is a nice trail but it is an ATV trail so keep that in mind as it is mostly used by atv's. I prefer to hike trails that atv's cant go on and do this one on an atv instead. Also keep in mind that castle "lake" is a small marshy pond so don't expect anything huge. Nice scenery along the trail however and there is a bathroom at the trailhead if needed.

11 months ago

The lake is pretty and you can swim in it if you can stand chilly water. However, if you don't have an all wheel drive, I don't recommend this trail. You'll have to park at bottom of the hill and it's at least a couple miles up a rough road to the trailhead without much scenery.

Watch for snakes. Friends of mine scared a good sized rattlesnake off the trail right at the bottom

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fun trail, steep in places, pretty lake at the end of the trail.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The trail is a OHV trail, so it has a lot of loose dirt and rocks on the trail. Getting to the trail head can be a little tricky and shouldn't be done with a non-4x4 vehicle. There was a lot of mosquitoes so be prepared for that.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Solid hike with the only real hard part at the end when climbing red butte. If you don't like having dirt bikes, atvs, side by sides on the trail with you then you won't enjoy this trail. Great meadows and awesome views await.

trail running
Thursday, July 06, 2017

FUn and fairly easy run. Gravel road the whole distance that is well kept and well used. Very beautiful route and the river portion of this run is gorgeous.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I love this trail! Great for adults and older kids, my younger ones needed carried some. Beautiful, excellent hike!

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