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Not a hike trail. Not recommended for walking. Just bike only

Narrow path. But awesome scenery. I prefer taking the clockwise route so the river can be seen on the way back. Gators and turtles are seen every time we go and the dogs are nice and exhausted by the time we’re finished.

Hiked this trail this week with my mother, and thoroughly enjoyed it! It took us 5 hours, but only because we stopped about once a mile to just sit and admire the scenery for a while. If you kept a brisk pace with minimal stops, you could easily do this trail in 2-3 hours. Would recommend to anyone who wants to see the real, natural Florida and its wildlife (we encountered lots of water fowl, song birds, squirrels, turtles, and one massive alligator!). We didn’t see any bears this time, but came across bear scat a few times

I love love loved this hike so much wild life and just a great time you get to climb over roots and walk on board walks I absolutely loved it and so did my dog!

Nice getaway if you’re in Disney area looking for relief from the madness. The trails can be muddy and closed, even in winter/dry season. Call the Preserve in advance and check on the status of the trails.

Loved this trail! We didn’t intend on walking the whole 7miles. But it was so beautiful out there we had to keep going. I’ll be revisiting this trail many times. We also learned that there is one camping spot available about halfway through the trail.

Great hike for sure! Terrain varied throughout and walking alongside the river was nice. Completed under 3 hours! Will return!

Beautiful trail. Short walk but very scenic.

My favorite trail in all the area. Always see new flora and fauna.

Amazing trail. Scenic, tons of wildlife. Even on busier days, it's still quiet and clear.

One of my favorite trails in central Florida so far! We did the whole loop! We saw gators, snakes, raccoons, and more! The scenery changed from one mile to the next, and my dogs loved the different terrain!

Very quite, peaceful trail. A lot of open-field views. Saw a doe.

We decided to try hiking all of the trails near us. This was our first one. It was ok, wanted more of a terrain. The walking trails are big and it has plenty of signs so you won’t get lost, just not much to see. There was also plenty of cover/shade.

We will definitely be back for mountain biking- because that looked like fun!

First longer adventure, 6 year old made it with minimal complaining, was dry and cool in the shade looks like it would be pretty swamped out in the summer. Trail is elevated so the veiws are great lots of different terrain. Good wildlife sightings, very big alligators.

Loved this trail. This was the longest trail Ive done so far and I loved it. Saw a baby rattler, baby gators and an 8-10ft gator. Beautiful trail. Cant wait to do it again.

This is a great hike! did this one in the rain, make sure you wear hiking shoes for this one! Did this one twice in 5 hours in the rain. Was nice and challenging.

Very unique and beautiful trail! You feel tucked away in bald cypress and swampy streams. Lots of wildlife (including 1 8ft gator basking in the sun). We walked about 2 miles in total to the banks of St. John’s River. Trail was well maintained with lots of roots and some small hills. Would love to visit again. ❤️

This trail (& the palmetto trail) are part of a nature preserve - as such, be aware of the hours the preserve is open.

These trails are very well-maintained - a mixture of grass, sand (packed down, won’t get in your shoes), and typical trail underfoot. Prone to flooding- bc of this the palmetto trail was closed today - which really limits the distance for your run (unless you want to run several loops).

Great “in the middle of nowhere” feel just miles from the bustle of Disney

My husband and I enjoyed this beautiful trail, We were fortunate to photograph, a mother alligator and 2 babies, limpkins, a snowy egret, as well as great white egrets, ibis, anhingas, turkey vultures, a great blue heron, and bear scat! Although we were not fortunate enough to see a black bear. Maybe next time. We will definitely do this trail again!

I think everything has been said about this trail. We are visiting from Canada and hiked it 12/26/18. It was my most favorite hike yet. It is super easy if you are ised to climbing mountains - there are none of those down in Florida - but it is stunning. We saw many birds, a turtle and an alligator. I would go back any day.

Started the hike around 10am and finished it in 3 hours, even with a 15 minute break about 4 miles in. Didn’t see much wildlife but a great hiking trail nonetheless. A lot of roots on the trail which may make walking difficult. And I did have cell service throughout the whole hike.

First checked out this trail about a week ago and went counter clockwise until we reached the river. Definitely a moderately difficult hike, which required us to turn around due to poor preparation. Went back the next day well prepared and completed the 7.1 mile loop in about 3 hours. Absolutely beautiful! Saw many beautiful bird species, an 8 foot alligator basking in the sun about 30 feet from the trail, a very cute little river otter, and lots of bear prints and a few piles of bear scat. Didn’t see any bears, but will be going back soon! Favorite trail yet!

mountain biking
1 month ago

My absolute favorite place to ride in Central Florida. Ridgeline trail is an absolute blast and worth the visit to this trail system on its own. The new parking lot is awesome too, and let's you get into the trails much quicker than the previous trailhead.

Didn’t make the loop. They were doing a controlled burn so we doubled back. Ended up walking about 10 km. At the end (also the beginning) we went for a swim in the Wekiwa Springs. Gin clear water.

This was an incredibly good surprise. Well marked trail and not challenging (although probably more difficult in summer). In three hours, I saw three Florida Black Bears (there’s only about 4,000 of them left) and 6 gators. The bears were extremely close, bringing into play your bear awareness training for sure. Beautiful wetland and forest scenery - and more wildlife than you will imagine. Don’t let anyone tell you Florida hiking is not worth it...

@swamp_stompers had a great time today hiking this beautiful scenic trail. Lots of people out today taking in the sights. We went to the left first and got to come back with a lovely breeze from the water. Didn’t see any bears but spotted a Pygmy rattler and a cottonmouth. Very rooty so your feet end up hurting by the end of it all. Well marked and easy to navigate.

This place is way overrated. It shows up as the most popular trail in FL when I search, but I can think of no less than 5 way better. It's alright, just basically a jaunt through the woods.

1 month ago

Terrific Florida trail. Lots of wildlife including; gators, deer, squirrels and diverse waterfowl. Highly recommended.

I love this trail! It's basically impossible to get lost since its just a loop and its great for wildlife sightings. Just yesterday we saw a black bear just off the trail around mile marker 5. I think I've run into at least one pigmy rattlesnake almost everytime I've been on this trail so be careful of that. Definitely watch where you step.

My family had a very pleasant walk. We saw a lot of wildlife and enjoyed the surrounding woodland views.

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