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Fantastic views! Lots of neat coves and hidden campsites ;) Great mix of difficulty!

For us this was just okay. There are a few camps close to the trailhead, each with 20 piles of toilet paper and beer cans in the fire rings. The extreme numbers of yellow jackets were also a problem, you couldn't stop for more than a minute without being swarmed. Would be a fun snow shoe I bet.

The hike to the summit and back is actually 3.5 miles. If you continue on the primitive trail you will reach about 4.75 miles. Great hike!

20 days ago

My family has camped at and hiked Bead Lake multiple times.. all our kids and dogs LOVE it!! So beautiful and so fun!!

Took my wife and teenage son and our dog. Great day for a short hike, and the Thimble Berries were plentiful!

I had the app pulled up almost constantly trying to stay on path. There are so many poorly marked trail the split off. It worked out, I was able to direct and dad and young son to a shorter trail that looped back to the start and another couple to the ponds. I also took a shorter path thanks to all the connecting trails.

25 days ago

Beautiful hike along the lake!

25 days ago

I park in the SnoPark lot at the intersection of Mount Spokane Park Drive and N Summit Rd. From there, cross the road to the Trail 131 trailhead. Follow 131 to the Bald Knob Picnic Area and head toward the road on the other side. Cross that portion of N Summit Rd and you'll see Trail 130. Follow 130 for about a mile and you'll come to the CCC Camp.

You'll want to take a moment to explore. From the stone walkway and steps leading to the cabin, to the stacked wood waiting to be burned in the fireplace inside, I almost wanted to set up camp myself.

From the CCC Camp, follow the dirt road until you see Trail 140 on your left. This is your final leg to the summit. One final push and the trail breaks into the parking lot by Chair One and the Vista House.

After taking in the setting sun and my fingers started to stop functioning from the cold, I knew I should probably head back down before dark, beings this is the only trail in my hiking history I've ever encountered a wolf on (most magical moment of my life).

I highly recommend exploring this little slice of Heaven in the summer!

25 days ago

The ridge offers 360 degree views of the Palouse and depending on the time of year you visit, the colors will shift, fade and brighten. The dry side of the butte is your typical desert...which means sun in your face and a chance to pretend it's springtime in the dead of winter. The north side of the butte has been taken over by lush forests...which means the wildlife is abundant as well.

The first 1.5 miles take you up to the ridgeThe trail is wide and the switchbacks are easily manageable.. From here you reach that view. And you can meander the ridge about .5 miles to take in every angle.

I managed to wander off the trail as per usual, so my hike ended up being closer to 4.5 miles, but finding a rock to sit on in the blinding sun while the pup ran through the tall grass made it worth it. I highly recommend staying for the sunset as well - just don't forget the park closes at dusk, so your hike down needs to be a bit speedy. You can return the way you came or take the back loop down to the campground.

My history with Antoine Peak is one of sheer frustration.

1st attempt: Got lost.

2nd attempt: Got lost again.

3rd attempt: Got lost in a blizzard. NEVER AGAIN.

Well, with the recent buzz about the re-vamped trail and shiny new trail markers I decided to give it a go once again. And I am so glad I did.

Antoine Peak's conservation area covers 1,076 acres in the Spokane Valley. It's summit offers 360-degree views of the region - Liberty Lake sparkles to the south with Mount Spokane and the Selkirks towering to the north. There is no shortage of breathtaking sights on this beautiful hike.

Early summer brings an abundance of wildflowers and candy-coated skies at sunset unparallel to other times of the year.

The new and improved trail system offers great signage meaning getting lost should be difficult to do. It also means you can determine how far you want your hike to take you as all markers give distance and direction. My pup and I did the loop from the Brevier Road trailhead. It leads you up to the summit and down around the Emerald Necklace loop along the base of the mountain back to where you started. The sounds of nature were absolutely spectacular...until they stopped altogether and I couldn't help but remember stories of cougar sightings on the hillside.

Don't let that stop you from visiting this beautiful trail right in our backyard though. Just be aware of your surroundings.

July - Summer

Nothing particularly spectacular about this trail. You can get some nice views of Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake, but aside from that, not much else to see.

The trail is very well maintained, and is mostly out in the open. The trail was very hot, and it was very dusty because of this. In most areas it was very wide which allowed two people to walk abreast.

The trail is mostly flat, but there is some elevation gain as you approach the peak. As some other people have noted, the AllTrails loop isn’t entirely accurate anymore, as one of the sections we followed clearly hadn’t been used in a long while.

Parking is free and is quite large.

Remember to bring water! Especially for the dogs, there is no water access on this trail.

As I usually say for this type of trail, not something I’d go out of my way for, but definitely worth checking out if you live near by.

Sometime in JUN JUL 18 this trail was decimated. Appears Mt SPOKANE Ski resort has added several new ski runs on that side of the mountain. If switchbacking turn after turn in very recent clear cuts. huge swaths down that side of the mountain then this your hell on earth. Concrete poured for the lifts. Bicycles have turned this into a talc like dust bowl. Views? You betcha cause all those ancient old growth trees are gone. If you’re a skier rejoice. Bikers should have it to themselves cause nobody in their right mind would waste time hiking here anymore. Gave 2 stars cause it’s close to the house. Be interesting to see how cougar deal with all this loss of habitat.

26 days ago

Took two middle school boys on the full loop hike and it was awesome! The views of the fields this time of year are breathtaking. The hike was super easy. It says moderate but we barely broke a sweat. The trail is really well maintained but a little dusty in places so keep that in mind when you pick your hiking shoes. Also, be mindful of the rocks that are sticking out of the ground. They are perfect to catch a toe on and down you go.

has a little bit of everything, including an alternate rustic path up to the summit. great views of the Palouse landscape. the bedrock is quartzite--metamorphosed sandstone....sand from an ancient shoreline. pine trees and prairie flora. would recommend!

great little hike. nice shade, and well groomed. definitely hike again.

Lots of trail markers but this hike in red doesn’t include the whole loop. Technically the necklace expands above what’s mapped out here if you follow trail markers and not this app. If you go off the red trail here your distance increases from 4.6 to closer to 7 miles.

We hiked this trail mid-day on a very hot afternoon in July. This Trail offered very minimal shade. It is obviously not maintained. It has literally zero signage. The trails are very confusing. There is no obvious begin or end to this hike. We were lost many times on spur trails and unmarked trails. The trail was a good workout but I will not be back, Ever! Please, don't waste your time.

1 month ago

This isn’t a hike, but a drive. You can park the car at the bottom and walk up the road, but it doesn’t feel like a hike at all! The view is beautiful, which is a plus.

Great hike, nice bit of a challenge for beginning hikers or a more chill hike for more advanced hikers. The front is pretty exposed so don’t go when it’s too hot but the back is nice and shaded.

Gorgeous views! Being a Colorado native I can be a bit of a hiking snob, but this was a wonderful hike. Not too difficult, but enough to feel like you get a work out and get your blood pumping with various options to shorten or lengthen depending on how much time your able to commit. There’s also a cute little park for the littles that my 1 and 3 yr old boys loved. Absolutely stunning views- this will be a frequent repeat!

it was a dope hike, flowers are blooomin

The Emerald Necklace loop is a beautiful hike with trail markers making it easy to follow. There are lots of wild flowers and birds. There is even shade on the hike.

This only shows a portion of the Mt. Kit Carson Trail to summit that starts at Trail 100. I accidentally deleted the recording of the majority of the trail. Regardless, this 6.1 mike trail is an out and back trail that is dog friendly and traverses through dense forest to arrive at a 360 degree view from the summit!

Most of the trail has only very slight elevation gain, the only exception being the initial section as you ascend Trail 110 where this recording took place and then another section near the summit.

This trip took us 3 hours, including a 10 minute rest at the top.

A great half- day hike!!

Attempted to hike this yesterday, headed out at about 3:30pm made it halfway before we decided the overgrowth was not worth it. Much of the trail is covered in weeds & tall grass making it very difficult to see all of the snakes running beneath your feet.
Went to go give my dog some water & counted 18 ticks despite her wearing a tick repellent collar, oil & spray. Hiking partner had 3 on him, very many snakes along the way. My dog decided to make "friends" with a rattlesnake & licked & sniffed it as it rattled in the middle of our walkway. One of its friends was watching from a feet away rattling as well.
On other note, wildflowers were beautiful, the road there is dry which makes avoiding the once water filled puddles much easier. The cows on the trail are very nice as well and the calves make for some cute company! No shade so pick an overcast day or bring LOTS of water!

1 month ago

This hike ended up being close to 8 miles and is integrated with four other trails: Indian Cliffs, Plummer Creek Fire, Shoeffler Butte and Mullan Road Trail. It's possible to make this as long or as short of an outing as you like. Hiking an Easy incline on the "road" up with well marked trail signs, plenty of shade, and a variety of plants and animals. For more active individuals, this would be a better mountain biking or trail running area. Great place for dogs. Definitely stop at the Visitor Center and get a free map. Also, there are three parking areas to access the trail of the Coeur d Alene's biking trail.

We hiked the Big Sky Loop as described in Rich Landers' "Day Hiking Eastern Washington." Don't try to hike any trails here without the park map, as out on the trail, there are no signs with trail names, directions, or distances. Trail junctions simply have a number, which corresponds to a name and path on the park map. Overall, it was a great hike. The single track trails were very lush and thus very overgrown. Orion's Path (trailhead not marked at all, but about 50 yards down the paved road from the entrance parking lot, on the left, with a post with a dirty reflector on it) had seen a lot of heavy equipment work, presumably to clear blowdowns, and it sometimes was difficult to follow. The rest of Big Sky Loop was spectacular. Beware, though, that the part of the Big Sky Loop trail, to which the Penstemon Point half-circle loop attaches, is virtually impossible to find. It appears all the foot traffic just goes to Penstemon Point. Going on Big Sky Trail counterclockwise, you could see the Big Sky Trail by a post with a red and white marker on it, just off the heavily used trail, to your left. Coming clockwise, the junction is pretty invisible. It was marked with a rock cairn, which has been knocked down, and you may miss that if your attention is drawn to another red and white banner/marker on a tree just a few yards farther along. (Following that portion of the trail requires well-developed trail finding skills.) There are only a few of these seemingly new red and white tape/banner/markers wrapped around trees (they weren't there several years ago), and they simply indicate to you in which direction a numbered trail junction lies, nothing else; not the trail you're on, not the name of the trails at the numbered junction, not distances either way. Having the county trail map is a must, and having a reliable compass, and knowing how to use them together, helps a lot, especially as there are a number of unnumbered offshoot trails not on the map. Keep your eyes up. Some number posts are not right at the junctions; e.g., clockwise on Big Sky Loop, post numbered 12 is farther along that trail, just visible, past the junction with Powerline Trail. It appears Veronica's Prom trail, which would have been at numbered post 4, is no longer used. It shows no sign of usage, and a red and white marker on a tree with several junction directions indicated has a cross or "X" thru/over a depiction of marker 4, sort of like an international "NO" symbol. Again, overall, a beautiful, lush hike with easy/moderate elevation changes, and some great views from the northern sections of Big Sky Trail and Penstemon Point. There is water available at the camp/picnic grounds, and at the clockwise beginning of the Big Sky Trail.

1 month ago

A very fun hike, especially if you start from the bottom at trail 110. The trails are very well groomed and the top is totally worth it.

trail was nice but TICKS LIKE CRAZY! stopped to get the dogs a quick drink of water and they were both COVERED with ticks. make sure to do a flea and tick treatment before going and possibly bring a tick remover for before getting back in car. trail is amazingly gorgeous and will go again but LOTS of ticks at this time.

Great narrow trail with steep hills.

This is a nice little hike close to the city. There's a very gradual incline in the beginning and it's all flat or downhill from there - quite easy and would be a good family hike. The South facing side of the hill is open and hot with little shade. The trail is very wide like a road. A lot of the grass was already dead with a few wildflowers hanging on. We were disappointed at the top - there are several loudly humming cell towers and an obstructed view of Spokane Valley. However, once you start descending down the north side of the hill, there is a beautiful view of rolling hills and trees and everything is suddenly lush and green. The trail narrows and winds along and down the hill. We found plenty of mating beetles, dragonflies, bees, and wildflowers. This made up for the first part of the hike. I would go back to explore some more. We came after work around 5:30 and leisurely hiked this in two hours - 5.4 miles. There's a sign at the trailhead saying that they are moving the trails around so it probably won't match the route here on AllTrails.

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