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trail was so good I needed a cigarette after. it was like eating real spaghetti after eating chicken and squash.

First time and we loved the climb up to the summit and the great 360 views. We had a perfect sunny day so that helped!!

This was a great day hike!! Not too much elevation gain. We went 12/7 and made it to the waterfall, no snow on the trail. The only reason it’s not 5 stars is because the trail up to the falls wasn’t well marked. The last 2.5 miles of the road leading up to the trailhead is pretty rough, lots of sharp rocks and narrow passes if the cows decided to join the road.

We didn’t realize that it was hunting season. Remember to wear something bright!

Great Trail, only downfall is that near the top the trail isn’t marked as well as it could be, the hard rock formations are hard to navigate for novice hikers, multiple times my party had to show other hikers where to go from there. Other than that great trail, my little puppy loved the exercise!

Trail is well marked and in good condition, it’s a road that looks like it’s been recently traveled quit a bit. The road into TH had some decent sized potholes so I would recommend AWD. The hike to the falls is much longer that listed, we mapped 7.4miles roundtrip. The falls are gorgeous!

When I was a kid my mom made a squash, chicken and spaghetti noodle casserole. I didn't know any better, so I ate it. She made this particular dish multiple times over the years. I hadn't experienced anything better and so I ate it everytime. I have since had a decent meal, and never touched that casserole again. This trail is squash, chicken, spaghetti noodle casserole.

Great hike for kids snow was Amazing and great sledding hill as well

I live close, so I run this trail all the time. I wouldn't drive more than about 25 minutes to do it though. It's pretty easy to get disoriented in there if you're not familiar with the trails. It's rather overgrown in some places so running in shorts can be a bit uncomfortable. The horses have destroyed much of some portions of the trail. I don't understand why horses are allowed on the single track trails. They absolutely ruin the trail and it's soft and sandy and eroding in many places. But this is a big equestrian trail apparently. I would prefer the horses to stick to the roads! Otherwise it's real pretty in the woods with lots of different terrain and different views along the way.

It was ok hike. Like others have said, it is poorly marked. A lot of the signs that you do see have been vandalized so they can't be read. The ones you can read are confusing. If you follow the main trail signs you will just go back and forth between the signs. Glad I had All Trails on my phone.

nice easy walk super pretty a great shorter hike

2 months ago

Short. It’s a pretty trail, but I wish we had more close to Pullman. If you go, go in spring- the wildflowers are incredible!

Beautiful in Fall

We parked at the Sargent ave lot and there was broken glass everywhere at the trailhead. There was also trash (literally busted open bags on bags). We did a mile long loop and basically had no idea where we were going the whole time due to poorly marked trails. There was also an off leash dog wandering pretty far from its owner and kept storming up on our leashed dog. You can also hear the highways clear as day. Although the landscape and view is pretty, this park needs some serious TLC.

great quick hike. my 5 yr old daughter has no troubles on any of the trails, and trails are well defined. we go here often!

It’s absolutely stunning in the fall. 10/10

this trail is so beautiful at the moment! the fall colors are incredible. it's a nicely varied trail and a comfortable work out. I loved the views of the north side! we cant wait to bike it.

EDIT: previous commenter is correct about the distance change. close to 6 miles

3 months ago

Easy local hike. The summit trail dead ends and you are forced to turn back. Dogs are not allowed on the primitive trail just the main loop.

Great trail with phenomenal views of Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake and into the Prairie.

Great small hike for some views of the Palouse. Take the primitive trail for a longer hike.

Nice trail. Kid friendly. All trails isn't completely accurate on distance. The 4.6 mile loop would be challenging to do w kids as the original trail is overgrown. We followed the loop past that and it cuts back down to the all trails making it about 6 miles. Still worth it. Very beautiful.

Great trail! Fantastic views and well maintained. Bead Lake is beautiful.

Very nice trail. Easy to navigate and great for beginners.


Quiet peaceful hike with no signs after the first. Recommend late spring or early summer and bring your tent. First 200 yards or so up steeper hill.

Nice walking/running trail. Nothing to write home about but love it for the convenience of location.

Beautiful trail. A little dry in August. I would of loved more maps trough out the park. But the maps that are there are vandalized :( other then that enjoyed this quiet gem.

5 months ago

Really good hike, variety of terrain, and beautiful views.

Fantastic views! Lots of neat coves and hidden campsites ;) Great mix of difficulty!

For us this was just okay. There are a few camps close to the trailhead, each with 20 piles of toilet paper and beer cans in the fire rings. The extreme numbers of yellow jackets were also a problem, you couldn't stop for more than a minute without being swarmed. Would be a fun snow shoe I bet.

The hike to the summit and back is actually 2.5 miles. If you continue on the primitive trail you will reach about 4.75 miles. There is another loop that's 3.5 miles. Great hike!

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