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Great fun

If you stay to the right and follow the white dots, drawn arrows and pink trail markers when you get into the ridge line, the trail is somewhat easy to stay on. It is super easy to take a wrong turn and end up off trail, so pay attention! Amazing views at the peak! If you don’t like climbing rocks/boulders and scrambling straight up, this trail is not for you!

Also: there is a $5 mandatory parking fee! Wish I would have known this ahead of time!

awsome views of the valley!

Perfect for an afternoon hike!

Great hike. Awesome views.

Hiked in early September. I lost the trail about a thousand times on the way up, but made it anyway just by climbing over boulders and trudging up the sandy mountainside in the general direction of the summit. It’s cold and windy at the top. Wear gloves. Total time just under 5 hours.


Great hike

11 days ago

Very easy hike! It had been quite a while since we went hiking, so it was a good getting-back-into-it trail. My dog seemed to like it too. Probably was too easy for him... Really nice views!

Very hard hike but incredible views. Lots of slick gravel areas and rocks to climb over, but worth the effort.

15 days ago

Easy access and a good simple loop hike.

21 days ago

Good partial day hike, took about 2.5 hours to do the loop. Perfect to wear the dogs out and make sure I get a goodnight sleep as well. There were quite a few people but it was also Labor Day. The road there is mostly paved and gravel in some spots, any car could easily get out there tho. I think it would be perfect for kids as well, maybe plan a little more time tho.

Just amazing. I went up Varney Creek for four miles in the afternoon and camped at Como lake. In the morning I stashed my bag and took just a day pack on the Mountain Lake Trail loop, counter clockwise. At one point I left the trail and crossed over a stunning boulder field before meeting back up with the trail and descending to Lake Harriet. finally I made it back to Como Lake to finish the 10 mile loop, pick up my bag and head downhill the final four miles back to the Varney Creek trailhead by early evening. Late August so no mosquitos, cool nights and perfect hiking weather. I saw eight lakes and only one other person. UNREAL. Except it was real ;-)

did 12.1 miles with my dog on september 1st in 3hrs and 10mins. there werent any bugs that day which i was thrilled about. i was expecting to have the trail to myself based on past reviews but i did pass about 6 groups. i guess it was labor day weekend. pleasant forrest hike, mild incline, pretty lakes.

Beautiful hike. Did take about 5 hours round trip. Lots of people hiking. Very easy to see the trail.

29 days ago

Great trail! Follows the PCT. Well-groomed, easy hike for all ages.

Trail is easy to get to... no 4WD needed.. and well maintained.

1 month ago

My 1st time there. Took my dogs and did about 5 miles. Beautiful options and lots of trails, i’ll definitely go back and figure out the trail system better because we went a bit off course on accident and that always makes me nervous!

Exceptionally beautiful Trail, I didn't do the whole thing as I'm trying to build up endurance in my children. We made our own 3-mile loop ( you can see in my recording), which goes off trail and connects with the other side of the main loop. Definitely give this trailer shot.

My wife and I hike this almost daily. There are many trials and a road that circles around.the mid point of the hill. There are great views of the rogue valley and the surrounding areas.

1 month ago

Great hike and view of the Rogue Valley/Medford area. Make sure to find the small path to rocky ledge area when you get to the top for the view. Great sunset views and even if you get locked in, there’s a number to call so rangers let you out lol

follow white dots and stacks of rocks on way up

1 month ago

Drove up to do this trail today and the road was closed due to the Hendrix Fire

trail running
1 month ago

Super secluded so you’ll probably have the trail to yourself. Totally worth the drive up the mountain to the trail head. Some seriously cool spots along this trail.

trail running
1 month ago

Beautiful views! Can’t wait to go back

Wonderful hike! Easy access. The views from the summit are worth the climb. Interesting manzanita trees with red bark were viewed along the way.

This specific trail head is no longer an active trail. There is no trailhead and the trail itself is no longer kept by ODFW. There is a closed fire road with walking access, but it is supposed to veer off to the left and hit the trail. We followed the GPS for 2 miles where it says there is a trail and there was none visible. Completely overgrown.

1 month ago

amazing hike!! killer on the the legs but well worth it. spent the night in my hammock at around 8200 ft super Smokey and windy. got up around 4 am to summit and to see the sunrise. I highly recommend this trail it will treat you right!

New trails opened. 5 additional extending East!

2 months ago

4 points for the hike itself, but 2 for ease of following. The hike is gorgeous, but the places it diverges from the PCT are not marked and involve some steep bushwalking. The trail description should point this out.

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