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2 days ago

So much fun doing this hike today! This is my all time favorite trail. Just make sure to wear good hiking boots and good mood. Expect to get muddy or wet on the legs. Pretty rocky and fun hopping around. Beautiful scenery will not disappoint you as you put work into the hike. Parking is $5 cash. Would bring truck since the way up is kinda rough. Bring lots of water to drink. Snack may not be a bad idea since it took 5 hours for me and my husband to complete the hiking. Will do it again!

2 days ago

We parked at the unpaved lot / harder side and I agree that it was a moderate hike. My wife had our dog and I had our 4-year on my back. It was pretty much straight up the entire way and got a little sketchy on some of the rock climbing sections. There were many slippery parts from recent rain so be careful (especially if you’re carrying a child). Also, part way up we stopped at some blueberries and snacked on a few. Trekking poles would also have been useful on the way down. The view at the top was definitely worth it though!

It was a little wet, but worth it.

One of the best hikes I’ve taken thus far. The views are incredible from start to finish. Highly recommend to anyone to go the extra 20min to see the glacier. No signs of bears just a few goats. If you’re there mid-August pay close attention to the giant raspberries in the bottom half of the trail, delicious!

9 days ago

This hike was amazing. Beautiful scenery and wildlife. 100% would recommend

This was a beautiful hike, pictures do not do justice to the scale of it all and even though you think it can’t get better, it does as you go up. It’s a challenging hike almost from the beginning, with breaks between short, steep rocky parts, but very feasible. We had poles which were helpful. Only the last quarter of the trail is exposed. We met 4 groups of hikers. Everybody was carrying bear spray, including locals, and we smelled bears twice.

11 days ago

Awesome, quick post-work hike with the hubby and two bullmastiffs. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we had amazing views for minimal effort. We did take the longer, but easier, route from the paved parking lot (on Google maps it’s the “north” trailhead; at the Butte it’s the “west” trail).

Spectacular hike, with amazing views :) When it came to the fork in the trail we went right, which was a good decision for us. It is a bit longer but not as steep of climb! Then on the way back down we came the other way which was nice cause we were cold and wanted to get down faster. Overall it took us 3.5 hours which included a decent break when we ate lunch :) Trails are kept nicely and other than the first short section, the trail is nice and open so no chance of running into bears.

Easy trail with amazing views of the mountains and glacier.. lots of super cold running water.. beautiful flowers along the way..

The most incredible views ever. Super steep hike so bring poles and be prepared to work hard, this is a tough hike and will take longer because of the steepness. Blueberries along the way, gorgeous wildflowers, and stunning views of Kenai Lake the whole time.

13 days ago

Awesome hike but should be rated hard, not moderate. Lots of bouldering on wet rocks so be careful not to slip. Beautiful pools of water along the way and lush green grass. We made it to the first lake and had lunch then headed back down. Definitely check this one out!

This trail was my favorite during my trip to Alaska. We backpacked in to the lower lake and set up camp for the night. Once we set up, we hiked another 20/30 minutes to see the upper lake. It was a relatively easy hike even with all our camping gear. I went with someone who had recently done the trail. If not, I may have found the boulder field a bit difficult to navigate. Lots of people with dogs that made it a day hike. I would absolutely recommend this hike for anyone that has the time.

14 days ago

Awesome hike to the bomber crash

Very well preserved trail with stunning scenery! The trailhead campgrounds are also incredible. A must for any travelers.

August 1, 2018
Foggy but beautiful! 3 or 4 amazing waterfalls and the cabin is super cool as well. Next time I’m for sure going to check out the glacier on the right. No bear sightings and no bear poop

Deep woods walk. We walked into a large bull moose!

Pretty easy going hike with a great view at the snow field! :)

July 27. Awesome hike. When you reach the fork in the trail, I would recommend going right towards Crow Pass for better views.

On this trail you see several waterfalls, the lake at the top, and don’t miss the glacier shortly past the lake. We also saw a black bear in the valley. Great hike.

It was definitely more difficult than I anticipated toward the end. Wanted more switchbacks. But we made it! pack in more water than you think. We ran out.

23 days ago

This hike is SO beautiful. It quickly moved up
to the #1 spot for our favorite hike. It has varied terrain/ spectacular views/ waterfalls and then the 2 gorgeous teal lakes at the finish. We also made the trek up to the B-29 Bomber crash site from our campsite at the upper lake. This trek is FAR from mellow! I would rate it hard! BUT it is worth it.

26 days ago

Amazing trail with scenic views.
Follow the waterfall flowing into Turnagain Arm all the way up to the glacier lake.
Saw tons of Dall Sheep near the peaks.

This is an intense hike, I’ve done this trail 5 times now and it never gets easier. A majority of the trail is hiking straight up until you finally get out of the tree line and head straight across the several false peaks to the summit. It’s a several hour hike and definitely bring water and snacks. The view is totally worth it though! You can over look the whole Valley, all the way to the coast.

I LOVE this trail. The parking is a little tricky and the road leading to it is rough. I definitely recommend taking a truck or something higher off the ground. You begin the train by hiking back into the valley, following a river that eventually leads to a beaver lodge. The trail then heads up a relatively steep incline where you’re met with boulders. The boulders are a little difficult to navigate when wet, but they shake things up and that’s what I like! The lake itself is amazing and very cold! There were beavers there last time I was there which was about a year ago. I definitely recommend this hike to anyone who is willing to go for a lengthy hike in Hatcher Pass.

Let me start out by saying that I am glad I made it to the top to see the lake and the views were okay.
I wouldn't do this trail again unless I wanted to get a great workout. It was close to 8 miles out and back and half of the trail was very thick. It is mid July so take that into account. I was honestly very worried about bears because visibility was so poor. There are much better trails with better views in my opinion.

Good easy hike, nothing too steep. If you do choose to go out on the spur at the eastern point of the loop you have the option to continue on several other trails. Reccomend keeping this app and your phone's location service on during the hike as a quick reference tool as there are a few forks where it isnt clear which way to go. Overall good time and great view of the city if you go out on the eastern spur.

29 days ago

Steep trail for sure. Did not make it to the top! We may have gone the wrong way at a fork and weren’t sure if that was the correct path. Would try again after a less tiring week than we’ve had. Creek falls along the way are really pretty!

Absolutely some of the best views available in Cooper Landing. Great trail too, especially if it’s been wet past few days and the soil is more gravelly and shake so not super slick like Cecil Rhodes directly across the lake from Slaughter.

Keep an eye out as you hit the beautiful overlook at the rough halfway point—basically the gulch/valley floor—for dall sheep over on the slopes towards Coyote Notch. Can almost always find a few sheep grazing along and there are a few nice rams in there if you get lucky on time.

If you hit Juneau peak and just don’t want the views to end—simply keep going. You can ridgeline along to the end where you can easily look down into Resurrection pass, including Trout Lake.

Great hike for so, so many reasons. And one that you can do several times a season and still maintain excitement of what you’ll find—including the trippy little shoe sole someone wrote all over and tucked into a little tomb on Juneau Peak.

1 month ago

Gorgeous! The boulder field was a little more difficult to navigate than I had imagined, but the rest of the trail was terrific.

1 month ago

Beautiful! Pretty easy hike and the bouldering makes it interesting. Went up early July and it started hailing once we got up to the waterfall which just made it more fun.

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