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Great hike...the climb is not easy but it’s worth it...I stopped once for a snake :) and twice to catch my breath!!! Beautiful 360 degree view at the top!!!

Great workout. I prefer this to Camelback. The difference may be the 300' vertical elevation difference :-)

I like the views and people sharing the trail seem to be pretty friendly. Great fun for an after work hike.

Coming from 620’ above sea level, this was a real challenge. Glad we had 1 day in Flagstaff before making the trek. Had to make lots of stops along the way, in total took approx 7hr 4min (including stops). Well worth the hike, beautifully breathtaking. Would do again in a heartbeat!

5 days ago

Hard but definitely doable hike if you pace yourself. Lots of friendly people on the trail. The first time we went in June, it was super windy at the top. The most wind I have ever experienced. But last weekend in September, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. September is the month to go. Beautiful views even though there was a fire near Sedona that clouded up our views for a bit.

5 days ago

I did this trail, and summited for the 8th or 9th time, a few days ago. Perfect weather day. Trail is in decent shape. Wet roots and rocks at about miles 1.25 to 3.00 make for slick conditions. Strong winds and extreme cold past the saddle; at least the winds kept the black flies away. Warm clothing including neck, head and hand gear will improve your comfort level. Too many dogs off leash for my liking!

6 days ago

This hike can be as hard as you make it. I’m not in the best hiking shape but I made it to the top. I hiked at a pace that I didn’t get too winded or burn my legs out, in other words very slowly. 5 hours up, 3 hours down. Lots of roots, rocks and people on the trail but everyone was friendly. Enjoy the highest peak in Arizona.

7 days ago

6 hours from snow bowl to summit and back amazing trail and definitely deserves the Hard category

8 days ago

Great hike. Clearly not the easiest. Last time I did it, it was almost winter and got lost in the snow. This time around, path was really clear.
It does get hard when almost at the top, due to the lack of oxygen. Next time, i will bring one of those portable oxygen little bottle.
Trail can get crowded, but if you go early in the morning, it is usually good.

8 days ago

I can’t say I really cared for this trail much. I’ve literally never seen so many people on a trail in my life-ever
The hike itself was ok-nothing great. I don’t think it was difficult or overly strenuous at all. The only difficult thing I found was moving to the side of the trail to let people go by that were coming down as I was going up. I must have moved 100 times. I won’t be going back, this isn’t a trail I would recommend going to.

9 days ago

Did last saturday. i took 4 hours to go up and 3 hours to came down. it's pretty neat trail and had awesome experience.

11 days ago

Although not the longest in terms of miles nor the highest peak I've climbed, I found this hike to be the most demanding and toughest to date. From the Snow Bowl trail head I took the Humphreys Peak Trail upon entering the woods you immediately encounter the terrain you'll be hiking for the next three miles or more which will consist of lots or rocks and step-ups, tree roots and a continuous climb through the forest until you hike above tree line and reach the saddle (where the Humphreys Trail and Weatherford Trail meet. You are completely open and exposed to the elements at this point. Be prepared, dress in layers and bring additional clothing such as gloves, winter hat, jacket, wind breaker. From the saddle to the summit you'll follow the trail along the ridge (look for wood poles marking the trail). The climb gets steeper and more rockier as you encounter multiple false summits. Press on, take frequent rest/breathe breaks and keep hydrated as you continue your trek to the summit. Trail head to summit - 3 hr 10 min - 4.91 miles and I'm a a 63 yr old, fit male. Tips: Sign In and Sign Out - The Humphreys Trail register is about a 1/2 mile in from the trail head. Go at a pace that is comfortable for you...the summit will be there when you get there. You want to finish the race. Eat something before the hike as you'll need the energy, bring snacks to eat along the trail or at the summit for the hike back down. Take your time and watch your footing heading back down from the summit to the saddle or for that matter till you get back to the car which could not come soon enough. It's all worth it. Enjoy your hike and the views from the summit.

trail running
13 days ago

Hard core- have to power hike on the way up anywhere north of 11,000 ft. b/c THERE’s NO AIR at this altitude ! Good times though!!!

on Humphrey's Peak

13 days ago

Amazing hike, perfect weather. My wife and I hiked the trail for the first time and carried 6 liters of water between the two but ended up consuming only 1 liter. It was chilly and extremely windy at the summit. But overall it was absolute fun. Will surely hike it again.

Great weather today. I'm from the valley so I'm not use to the cold so a jacket was perfect. It was 106° today in Phoenix but 49° on Humphreys. I also stayed the night in Flagstaff to acclimate a little to the altitude. The hike wouldn't be difficult if it weren't for the altitude.

Very tough but good feeling afterwards!

It was basically straight up to the peak. It's a tough trail especially if you are used to some flat spots. Otherwise, I enjoyed it! Probably a mistake to hike it at 100 degrees in the middle of the day.

This was a difficult hike. Kicked my butt. I started out early in the day and took my time. Pima canyon itself is beautiful going down. The views of the canyon are stunning. HOWEVER! The pima canyon trail going down is very overgrown for the first 2/3. Really difficult to see the trail for most of it. I lost my way several times. Only my GPS app helped me finally make it to the bottom. Otherwise, I'd come back and do this again.

16 days ago

My big tips! Get there early (before 7am), dress in layers, and waterproof yourself.

It was my last day in Flagstaff and I decided to take on the beast. I got to the trail head later than I hoped, around 8:30, and was back to my truck before 2:30. It was overcast when I started. The hike up was easier than I thought. Lots of zigging and zagging through the forest. There were a few spots (less than expected) to stop and check out the view. The trees are pretty dense. Once you get to timberline, the views improve. Unfortunately, due to the storms, I didn't have the nerve to stay at the summit very long. It rained, hailed, snowed. Wind was minimal though thankfully. The thunder up there is loud and the lightning is pretty frightening. Crazy adrenaline rush. I really had the whole mountain to myself and didn't pass a single person on the way down, which was helpful since I was just about running to try to get ahead of the next storm. The return hike through the woods was not my favorite... it took forever and was challenging on the joints. Not much to see on the way down either in terms of views. At some points I even questioned whether I had gone the wrong way because it seemed to take so long. Next time I'm in Flag, I hope to conquer Kendrick!

17 days ago

Perfect, proper hike! I left at 6:50am and made it to the top at 9:30 am. Back down took me two hours. 5:10 hours total. Lots of rocks! Toward the top was all rocks! I got lucky with excellent weather at the top. Poles were a plus but no need for gaiters. My AllTrails app totally sucked on this hike! Went wonky around mid-mile 3. My map shows me all over the place. And it showed me hiking only 5.5 miles. Sad face. Loads of super nice people on the trail!

I call this trail the stair stepper..my absolute favorite. go to the tip top!

My first official hike. My goodness, it’s was difficult but determined to make it to the top, plugged along. Great views from the top and along the way too. Very jagged rocks to climb from bottom to top. Almost slipped twice which could have been very bad indeed. One large bottle of water was sufficient for me but would encourage more. Gotta have good knees to make it down safely too.

By far one of my favorite hikes in Arizona. Did it yesterday for the first time and I’ve lived here for 40 years. My two dogs it with me and it was very enjoyable. There’s a dichotomy of whether it starts out cool at the bottom early morning warms up midway and then gets cold up top with hail and rain and thunder and lightning. That’s this time of year though. As I’m told and I probably will do it anytime little late September for a couple months is an ideal time in probably around the spring time as well. Definitely recommend it. Bring plenty of water sodium and carbohydrate.

Awesome! Wear your best boots and bring bug spray! Enjoy!

21 days ago

Best scenic safe trial.

21 days ago

Best hike in Arizona and worth doing every year for Flagstaffers.

Hard! Imagine being on the stair master on high incline for 60 min.
Amazing views. Very busy tho so get there early. Big accomplishment! Will def do it again

23 days ago

I finally made it to the top this time ! It is 10.5 miles round trip and it took us 7 hours . Glad I had a hiking pole as there was so many rocks and tree roots to trip over . Very cool and windy up at that altitude. The views are so worth it !

28 days ago

Was a really good hike overall, much more rocky than expected. We started at 0640 and reached the top at 1000 with 4-5 stops on the way up to rest and get the dog water. Spent about 30 minutes up top, and made it back down in 3 hours. The views above the tree line were amazing, especially from the saddle onwards.

love it.

1 month ago

Went on August 19th. The weather was perfect. The views are amazing. Some in our groups really suffered from the high elevation. Because of this we had to go pretty slow. The view made everything ok!
I’ll be back soon!

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