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7 hours ago

Try Kalauao Falls hike or Aiea Ridge Trail if you want something more challenging. The Aiea Ridge Trail has some scenic point along the way.

the most boring trail on all of Oahu. many people use this trail for running... kudos to them. get through it as fast as possible so you can get out of the forest lol. there's one view... of h3.

Bring change of clothes or swimsuit with you.

16 hours ago

Lots of fun. Push hard and it’s a good sweat!! Trail head on the right as you drive up the incline. Look for cars. Blink and u miss it. It’s not in the neighborhood like map indicated.

This was one of our best hikes on Oahu this week, and we completed about 10. However, it does not have some of great views of some of the other hikes. We had a lot of fun and this hike was not as crowded as many of the hikes, We saw about 6 or 8 groups on the hike on the trail or at the pools, including Kenro and his family (see below). The first half of the out and back trail is very easy, however it is about 0.7-miles down to the waterfall pools. This does have some interesting steep sections with lost of roots. I would rank this trail as moderate, although it would probably be very slippery after a heavy rain. There are two main pools that you can swim in at the end
of the trail. Very cool and refreshing.

2 days ago

I took my 17 month old son in osprey. If I can do it you can to just took me little longer then normal.This is an awesome trail. No doubt that waterfall is great. The water was really cold but once you are in you get use to it. The way down is not hard but can be hard after a lot of rain the day before. Everything can be muddy/slippery. It is the way back up that is tough. My leg were done. But I had my son on my back

4 days ago

Was very steep but a lot of fun! It was cool to see the couple different bunkers still up there. Definitely needs water and patience. Thankfully part of the hike is in a little bit of shade later in the day.

Views are great and the hike is mostly easy. Worth the trip.

4 days ago

Great view on Oahu West Coast!

My second hike on Oahu, was fun and exhilarating . Very slippery if it’s rained. Had a friend slip and almost slide off the trail. If it’s muddy take your time to avoid injury’s. Water at the bottom is ice cold, water fall is gorgeous. Would do again! Even so a guy back flip off the ledge into the pool.

5 days ago

I definitely must go back and do this hike again. It's not hard to get to, just follow the signs from the Manana Ridge Trail. I could hear the waterfall as I descended, but it was becoming a bit too steep and muddy for me to continue alone, so I decided to turn around. I want to finish the trail though and actually see the waterfall.

6 days ago

We started out early @ 7:15am. Definitely less traveled at that time of day. It rained a bit yesterday so the trail was a tinsy mushy but doable in durable boots/shoes. The views are beautiful along the path. Be sure to take a few of the small jaunts off the trail for the best views!

Waterfall is beautiful but getting there was very muddy and killer cardio hill.

Amazing view from the top! Be sure to bring hiking shoes and not tennis shoes especially if it’s been rainy. I went and it was extremely muddy but worth the trek to the top

There are a lot of stairs towards the end, so be prepared for a fun and challenging incline! It's worth the effort to get to the top.

Hiked many times, one of the best summit views on the island, both the south east Corner all the way to Honolulu, and valley view North East side out to Kailua and Kaneohe...a must hike! Wet, dry, or tacky trail will as always, will affect the experience...the top half is a bit challenging, with 3 steep hills just before the 400 stairs to top.

We began the hike at 4am and were the only people on the mountain on a Friday morning. It was peaceful but weird hearing all of the noises you can’t see. When we got to the top we waited for the sun to come up and It was actually chilly which was fine by us! Very beautiful and multiple places to take beautiful pictures. I didn’t believe the reviews when it said “you’ll know when you’re at the top” because it only said 3 sets of stairs (there are about 5 sets with breaks in between) but yes you know when you’re at the top because it says “end of trail”. Not a challenging hike just long because we did it with a flash light. 1 hour and 15ish minutes and about an hour or less going down. There are a lot of short cuts you can take up the mountain and down but we didn’t because of the darkness. Did get lost on the way down during the wide open pin needle part, but going up, stay to your left and going down the pine needles, stay to your right! ENJOY!

Awesome hike. The views are great.

11 days ago

We hiked this trail with our 6 year old, and we all had a good time. It’s not too difficult but it was raining a little and the mud was deep and slippery during half the trail. Wear old/resistant clothes and be prepared to ruin your sneakers. Bring some wet wipes in case you slip in the mud. There are three stopping points with benches.

We did this yesterday, 10/5/18. This was my third or fourth hike and absolutely loved this. It was fairly difficult for me as well as my friends but challenging difficult not danger difficult. The stairs are plentiful and the trail itself is well kept. Some of the stairs are difficult for short legs. All in all it was 100% worth every min!!

16 days ago

did this hike last week. pretty easy. gets the heart pumping but nothing crazy. can get slippery and muddy. recommend hiking boots unless you want your sneakers ruined. unfortunately it was very cloudy and had to wait between breaks in clouds to see the coast but it was still pretty awesome when you'd get a glimpse of it. might want to do some research as to when the best time of day is to hike due to clouds. this was about a 4 hour hike for us, stopped a handful of times to rest a couple mins and drink water, spent around 20 mins at top. good shade coverage. husband got bit by Mosquitoes so consider bug spray.

17 days ago

Went with some friends about a month ago. It was a bit of a challenge due to some rain, but when we got to the top, the clouds cleared for a minute, and the view was amazing. It stared raining on the way back down, and we were a mess of mud. Really fun trail.

18 days ago

9/30/2018-Started hiking about 0745 and met 13 groups/solo hikers along the way. The weather was better than expected and not super humid as it has been for the last week or so. The trail was mostly dry but some areas had sticky mud. All in all it was a good adventure!

Beautiful views and gorgeous greenery. But long pants are an absolute must. About 2 miles in the trail becomes severely overgrown where oftentimes you cannot see your feet. My the exposed part of my legs were shredded by the sharp ferns which made for an uncomfortable return trip. Aside from raw shins, this hike was enjoyable but not really comfortable.

22 days ago

Great hike take plenty of water and keep more at the car for when you finish. be ready to get muddy

Not much of a view as the rain came about half way into the hike. Other than that, its a nice intermediate trail to the Koolau as always.

If you cant find parking or denied access for some reason, try starting from Niu valley at the end of Anolani St.

underwhelming. would do for sunrise or if you're already stopped at the blowholes but not as a single destination hike.

This was a great hike with a mini Koko Head at the top of the trail. Best views of the island!

It was the first trail I’ve done in a while but if I can complete it so can you.

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